How can I improve my public speaking? Please advise me. Thank you.?

I am working in a big organisation and I am required to do a lots of presentation in front of 30 people or more. Some of attendees are boad of directors and they keep asking questions. I sometimes get nervous when talking.

I appreciate your advice. Thank you.

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    You can join Toastmasters, which is a nonprofit group that meets in cities where people practice public speaking and critique on another in a positive, supportive way. Best way to become more effective public speaking is practice. Also, try improving your eye contact. You want to make brief eye contact with people in the audience, especially with those who ask the question. You can practice this by speaking on a topic that interests you to pieces of paper you stick on the walls of a room at different places. just hold eye contact with each piece of paper for a few seconds and move about the room. Then do this with people when you speak. Also, try moving when you speak, just walk and gesture to make points. This animation makes you more believable and persuasive as too many speakers just sit there and talk monotone. Try moving and putting some animation up and down in your voice to make points and you will have more impact on your listeners, along with eye contact. Then, of course, study your material so you know it cold when they ask questions. Also, humor helps make impact. Try building a joke collection by using sites searching on "lawyer jokes". I find those most funny and also readers digest jokes and jay leno. Try to get to where you "think funny", then humor gets easier for you to include in your speaking. There is a great book that explains this called: "You have to be believed to be heard".

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    1.) Practice, practice, practice. Nothing like being prepared to curb the butterflies a bit.

    2.) Breathe. Write that word on a place where you can see it during your presentation. Never be afraid to pause and collect yourself with a few good breaths.

    3.) You're a big deal. Remember that you wouldn't be asked to present if your ideas weren't worth your colleagues' time. Step up there and take command of the stage, dais, podium, etc.

    4.) Collect that nervousness and make it yours. You can use that energy, those butterflies, to help energize your presentation and fluctuate your voice. Those butterflies and nerves are meant to help you, not harm you.

    5.) When asked a question, take the time to make sure you've understood the question by rephrasing it, or just by pausing to consider it. Pausing is never a bad idea when your in front of people. It'll make you look thoughtful and give you time to consider a question thoroughly without stammering out an answer.

    6.) You're a rock star. Admit it. Somewhere deep down, you love all that attention on you.

    Source(s): Experience on-stage.
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    Be yourself. Don't expect to know all the answers to all the questions. If you don't know an answer then honestly & enthusiastically tell them "That's a great question and at this time I don't know the answer to it but I'll be sure to find out and get back with you." You may be sabatoging yourself by trying to obtain so much knowledge ahead of time and trying to figure out exactly what everyone is going to expect of you. Now I'm not saying to go in and fly by the seat of your pants but be educated on the topic and find your self-confidence in that knowledge and in preparation. Try to take the focus off of yourself and focus on the people there. Realize that they aren't there to be entertained by you or to judge you. It isn't Americal Idol. They are there to obtain knowledge on a given subject and you have that knowledge to offer. Also, the more you do it the more comfortable you will become with public speaking, you will get to know the attendees better and the more knowledgeable you will be on the subject.

    I hope this helps a little.

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    every body gets nervous in situations like this but try this;

    when you start talking don't focus on any one.don't make eye contact.

    when some body asks a question, give your self a space to breathe and preparing the answer by ; for example; "

    1- look at that person with a confident smile and give a quick comment like " thank you" ; " It's a good question" , " OK" , "Well"

    if you can't find the answer fast try to repeat the question in public while you are searching for a clue, also you may go back to what you were saying earlier pretending that you weren't finished or that you remembered something then go back to the question

    but remember;

    Be confident of your self,

    Always give your self a space to breathe

    Don't make much of eye contact while talking

    i hope i did you any good. Good Luck and merry Christmas

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    Practice in front of a mirror. Also take classes such as, public speaking 101 for starters. Have friends/family/neighbors gathering to help you practice speaking in front of crowds. Also, you can try a different approach. You have low confidence? Esteem? try taking a course that helps with that. I am currently studying to be a model. Talk about your confidence and esteem boost.

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    i think of it quite is. I remember back in intense college (consistently, relatively), I had a undertaking with public conversing, in spite of the shown fact that it appeared to shrink as I grew to grow to be greater nicely familiar with the persons in my training. It just about disappeared, and everybody knew I had problems with it nonetheless, so as that made it greater handy. Then I went to college. My undertaking seems to have intensified. My public conversing skills are basically atrocious now. What consistently helped me replaced into basically listening to people (because you're an introvert and shy, taking the initiative and astonishing up a communication is possibly no longer likely) whilst they spoke, and basically attempting to development off of them. I additionally basically stare at one person/ merchandise or concentration on a small team of persons, because it makes the class seem smaller. everybody feels disturbing and apprehensive from time to time. good success with overcoming this difficulty.

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    One of the easiest ways to overcome nervousness in public speaking is to continue to give many presentations. One of the best ways is to join the local Toastmaster's Club--a free organization dedicated to developing effective speaking techniques in a non-threatening environment

    Source(s): former meber of Toastmasters
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    First, you should make sure you use correct grammar.

    One way to make talking to a group easier is think of it as if you were talking to one of them. You probably wouldn't have any problem talking to one. They are all ones.

    Know your subject so you will be able to answer their questions. If you can't, ask the others and make sure you tell them you will find out what you can and make it a point to get back to them.

    Trust yourself. If it was one of them, they would feel the same way you do.

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    People approach public speaking in different ways. I found this information that you may want to check out.

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    Give talks at churches or retirement homes

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