How soon can you tell if a dog is pregnant?

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I have a toy poodle and she mated with my mother-in-laws 11month old yorkshire terrier. It was his first time mating and this will be her second litter. She was breed 11/28/06, more
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wait for her teets to drop. cheaper than a vet
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  • ruthie answered 7 years ago
    It takes 63 days from conception until delivery of puppies. Usually within a month you can tell if your dog is pregnant. Oh, dogs heat last 21 days. They usually will not breed until the last week.
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  • Mrs. Shamanistic answered 7 years ago
    A typical canine pregnancy is about 63 days. It could take three weeks to a month before you can feel anything in her belly but be carefull pushing. You can hurt the puppies.
    The best thing to do is to have an x-ray taken. The vet can count the skulls/spines and tell you how many she is going to have and if they are going to be able to fit through the canal. The skulls won't show up until they are calcified so the x-ray needs to be taken at about 45 days after breeding.
    Price really depends on the vet that you choose. This isn't an emergency so I would take the time to call around and find the best price. Even if you don't get the best vet, you still get to look at the x-ray and you can count them yourself!!
    Hope this helps and good luck with the babies!


    vet tech
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  • warn_terr answered 7 years ago
    Wait a few months and if she has puppies, well, there ya go.
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  • casey s answered 7 years ago
    If you don't want to take her to the vet you may not be able to tell till about the 4or 5th week of pregnancy, Which will be soon. Her appitite will increase and she will start getting thick around the middle.
    Why would you let two different breeds mate? The shelters are full enough of mutts for you to bring more into the world on purpose. Please get your dog fixed.
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  • ? answered 7 years ago
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