I have a problem maintaining my printer connection?

HP Deskjet 3845 on USB port, Compaq pressario 1705 . After waking from hibernation the printer fails to respond till the next re-boot. Any suggestions on how to make he connection wake up with the computer?

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  • Eric R
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    1 decade ago
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    The problem is your Hibernation mode.

    In the Hibernation mode the computer shuts down power to all non-essential devices this includes USB ports. What you can do is unplug the USB cable for the printer and reconnect it, this should force your PC to recognize the printer. Or just disable you hibernation mode and use a screensaver, but do not use them both at the same time .

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    Try connecting it to another computer or laptop so that you know whether its your computer thats gone wrong or the printer.

    If its still not working after that, try getting hold of a new cable, as it could be that your cable is a bit dodgy.

    If none of that works, then theres something gone wrong with your printer. I'd say you should get it fixed, but to be honest it's probably cheaper to buy a new printer

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    Go to the hp website and download a new copy of the printer driver software. Sometimes the driver may develop a corrupt file in the software. If your printer came with a CD that contains the software, redownload that to your computer and make sure that you download it to the Program Files. Usually when downloading you will get a prompt that asks you where you want to download to. Click on the browse button, click on My Computer, Click on the "C" drive, then Program Files, then finish with your download. I hope this helps. Make sure that when you are finished downloading, you reboot your computer.

    Source(s): A college computer course that I got an "A" in.
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