What is the formula for vanadium V oxide?

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    Vanadium Oxide / Vanadium Pentoxide Designations:

    Chemical Name: Vanadium oxides

    Chemical Formula: VO, VO2, V2O3, and V2O5

    Vanadium Oxide / Vanadium Pentoxide General Description:

    Poisonous solid. Slightly soluble in water. Vanadium pentoxide dust is the particulate form of a noncombustible, odorless, yellow-orange or dark gray crystalline solid.

    Vanadium Oxide / Vanadium Pentoxide Typical Chemical Purities Available:

    1) Various purities between 95% and 99.6%

    2) Chemical Options Available:

    a) VO= Vanadium (II) oxide

    b) VO2= Vanadium (IV) oxide

    c) V2O3= Vanadium (III) oxide

    d) V2O5= Vanadium (V) oxide

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    Vanadium Formula

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    What is the formula for vanadium V oxide?

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    Vanadium(V) oxide (V2O5), is also commonly known as vanadium pentoxide. That's V (subscript 2) O (subscript 5).

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    V2O5. It's commonly called "vanadium pentoxide." It's used as a catalyst in chemical reactions. For instance, it's commonly used (as a film on a ceramic substrate) as the catalyst to convert SO2 to SO3, in the manufacture of H2SO4.

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    Vanadium has 4 valence states. +2,+3,-+4,+5.

    Have always seen V2O5, but VO, V2O3, VO2 also seem possible.

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