Are there parts of the body that hurt when tattooed more than other parts?

I'm an old woman of 46, and just 5 days ago finally got a tatoo I've been wanting.- a chain of flowers around my ankle. The only pain that i've experienced that is similiar to this was labor pains. Seriously, Is it that i'm a wuss, or does everyone experience pain, but just get used to it. Damn I wouldn't even let him put color into the petals. OUCH!

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    Everyone's tolerance of pain is different. From what I've heard from others, its more painful to get a tattoo in an area of the body that does not have much body fat covering it or has lots of nerve endings.

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    My most painful tattoo ever is actually on the back of my right shoulder. It incorporates barbed wire into the design, and due to lack of foresight and a perceived need to 'balance' my other tattoos when getting this newer one, it ended up right over the shoulder blade. I've long known that tats over bone hurt more, but for some odd reason, it never occured to me that barbed wire would have to be gone over multiple times and would therefore hurt a hell of a lot more.

    Well, suffice to say I ended up nipping on a bottle of Absolut and leaning my head on a nearby tattooed dude while my artist finished my tat. (So THAT'S why he's doing the barbed wire last! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!) He doesn't usually allow such things, but it was also the first time he'd seen a lil tear come to my eye and nearly smear my eyeliner. And he's inked me 11 times now, so he knows I'm not a bleeder.

    In short, yes, some places do hurt more than others. If you have skinny ankles, that is a fairly bony area and it's going to hurt more. You also have to take into account the design, however. If it's something that will have to be gone over multiple times, (chains, barbed wire, solid pieces) you're just hitting already injured skin and of course that's going to hurt. Take an ibuprofen before you go in if it's that bad for you, and get some numbing cream to give yourself a bit of a head start, so to speak. Might make it earlier for you to finally go get that color! Psychologically if not physically.

    Personally, I prefer to keep the pain. It's part of the ritual for me. It's only been that one time that I needed 'help' with the pain. The rest of my tats - no problem whatsoever. Painful? A bit. But nothing I couldn't handle fairly easily.


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    Think about it this way > the more skin there is the less it hurts > the less skin there is the more it hurts. That way you can decide for yourself and I don't have to list every part of the body and rate them. I'd day the foot or spinal tattoos hurt the worst and ones on your butt or stomach hurt the least.

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    Tattoos are extremely painful for most people. Some areas are more painful, but it hurts everywhere. Inner arms is supposed to be incredibly painful for a tattoo. Some people also have a higher pain thresh hold than others, and I believe that it's possible to get used to the pain of getting a tattoo.

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    The reason it hurt so bad because of the place you put it at. I personally have a tattoo on the top of my foot and that was the most pain I have ever been through, but my tattoo artist just said that that is a very sensitive spot.

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    That should tell you something, that you went 46 years without one maybe you dont need another one I am 53 been around the world ,still no tatoos been with people that got them I have set down in the chair but allways backed out.

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    When the tattoo needle hits a bone it hurts. I got a sun tattood on my hip when I was 18 and the pain was like that of childbirth. Go for the gusto and get it colored! Good luck.

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    First off, you're not yeah...?

    Of course, getting stabbed with many needles countless times is very painful. Yes.

    Well, let's go over this...

    tattoos hurt everyone. Everyone feels it different. it hurts some people terribly, and some people barely feel it. It depends on your pain tolerance, the artist's skill, and the location.

    Most painful areas are ares over bone, thin skin, really naturally sensetive skin, mucus membrane areas, areas with lots of nerve endings, and lots of fat...

    (examples...some of the most painful places are, and not limited to: Face, eyelids, fingers, toes, genital areas, tongue, inner lip, tops of feet, palms of hands, upper inner arms, chest, neck, throat, ankles, shins, over the spine,and thighs....etc)

    Um, Get used to it...It dosen't last that long(unless it's big)...or find ways to get the focus off of the pain. I'd get it colored.... If you also put alot of thought into the pain, freak yourself out, worry, work yourself's bound to be bad..worse...


    I usually meditate when I get tattooed. but my body modification is spiritually connected with me, that's how I get through it.

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    # Frist off, at the age of ' 46 ', I'm highly OFFENED that you refer to your self as, 'OLD LADY'! Your posting is very insulting to us people that are far more ,'OLDER' than you are! As we get older,we have our 'MEDICAL PROBLEMS- of all sorts! I saw some time back, a bumper sticker , in a Flea Market,in with was for "SALE", as was printed as follows: BE KIND TO YOUR CHILDREN! SOME DAY-THEY WILL PICK OUT YOUR NURSING TO LIVE & DIE -TOTALY " FORGETTION"! < True Fact!

    Your reply and every one else! Stop and think about it! What you do to "Your Parents--your children will do to you!"

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    it comes down to this: pain is a frame of mind

    and---how bad do you want it? you have to finish or it is going to look really bad with no color.

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