What should I do, I can't handle being homeless?

I have to move out of my aprtment the 26th of this month. I have no family to help, no friends that care, and two children who I need to provide shelter for. I don't even have a car for us to sleep in, and its starting to get cold out there at night. People don't want to rent to me because of bad references from previous landlord. I'm almost to the point where i want to put my kids into foster care, and basically just give up. Life is so unfair and so full of misery. I live in

turlock Ca. and I am on section 8, if theres anybody who can help, advice or whatever i would appreciate it

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    Start by checking into Social Services. Start poking around the web searching for all those organizations out their who help homeless and kids. Every org that you talk to, ask them to share knowledge on any other organizations out their that you may be able to get help from. You will come out of this, so do not give up.

    In the mean time strip your home and material things down to the basics, just what you and your kids need to survive. Sell everything else, i mean everything. Get on Craigs list to start selling stuff, i don't care if it's a belt buckle for five dollars, sell it all. Hold on to your computer, and only sell it as a last resort since you need it to sell things and find help. Try and think like a survivor, be strong. It may seem like the world is coming down on you and you're helpless, but it's not true, it never is. You'll survive and your kids will learn from this as one of the greatest lessons they could ever learn. Mom was down, everything was crumbling and she kept it cool, she held it together and she was strong. Kids learn by example, this will be a powerful one and you and your kids will be proud when you come out of this. When your desperate you can't see the light, but believe me it is their, be sharp, decisive and don't waste time. Ask your friends and family for help, these are the times you ask for help, there's no shame in that, do it. They may not be able to help in the way you think you need help right now, but everything is going to add up and come together and that's how you've got to think.

    You can do this. Do not give up.

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    Welfare or Cal works has a one time deal whereby they help pay for first months rent and security deposit. Also check with Catholic Charities. Most counties have a "homeless program". Usually with a homeless program you have to be mentally ill. Don't let them turn you away because you think that you are not mentally ill. Depression counts. Let them know how desperate the depression has made you. That it has changed your eating/sleeping habits. Also check with local churches. Seriously, there are resources out there. I just finished working with the homeless program in my area. I had a temp. job for a year and you sound like someone they would've helped. You are in my prayers. Jesus is going to pull you through this. Please message me with any progress you've made. I live in southern California and would be willing to help research this further for you. Hold your head up and try to keep it together.

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    Can't you find a shelter to stay in for a few nights? Do you belong to a church that can help? Where are the children's father/s?

    Perhaps you should stop feeling sorry for yourself, blaming everything on life being unfair and "full of misery." You are where you are because of decisions you've made in the past.

    You've burned bridges with friends, family, landlords, etc. All because of your actions. No one put a gun to your head and made you screw up when you screwed up.

    Own up to your actions, take responsibility for yourself, get your act together and you'll soon learn that life is FAIR and can be full of happiness.

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    my name is cavanoff i just turn 18 and just got out of foster care HOLD on to your kids because my mom did the ssme thing you frist have to have faith in god and put your problems into his hands and believe basically you dont want to lose your kids cause they might think you can never keep a stable place people are cruel and treat kids wrong (im a prime example) keep looking and search and never give up FAITH!

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    This is America. There are ways. Listen to some of your answers given by others in this section. They seem to know what some of your options are.

    Try it and may God be with you. Take Care.

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    Talk to your local United Way. They can point you towards an agency which will help you get back on your feet.

  • most phone books have a section with resources that can be helpful for this type of situation. probably blue pages. good luck.

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    you can't be evicted on section 8.

    call your social worker... or better yet, take your 2 kids and go to her office and do not leave till they have a place for you to go.

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    Social services should be involved immediately. You may hev to make a nuisance of yourself, but make them help you.

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    come live with me :)

    try solving ur probem asking on the net wont do much help.

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