Is there anybody in or near Turlock Ca. willing to rent to a single mother with 2 kids. Section 8. help!?

Need to move the end of October. Have not so good credit. Very low income and section 8. Do you know anyboy here who is an apartment owner, or manager that might be willing to rent to us? My time is running out, and i don't want to end up on the streets again with my two girls.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The first place to check is the Housing Authority that granted you your Section 8 benefits. They are supposed to make a list of landlords that accept Section 8 vouchers available to you. That list will give you the most options. Keep in mind that there is usually a waiting list for available Section 8 housing.

    Good luck with your search for a place to live.

  • emnari
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    1 decade ago

    you should look into property management companies, they may be able to help you ... some places will forgive bad credit if you are on section 8, unless you have judgements & evictions for past rentals. Keep checking the news paper and call everyone to see if they'll take a chance, but make sure you live up to your chance and don't blow it ... section 8 is very easy lose if your not careful.

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