Teen Relationship problem, please help.?

I'm 17 and my girlfriends, who is 16, parents think that since I am a guy, I only want one thing. They barly know me at all and they don't want to get to know me. Her mother is divorced and she says the reason she doesn't want to get to know me or want me dating her daughter becuase she does't want her daughter ending up like her. Her dad just doesn't think his daughter is old enough to date yet. How do I get her parents to let their daughter date without offending them? Here are the things I have going for me i'm still a virgin, i'm going to remain a virgin till i'm marred, I think i am a good person at heart and so does eveyone else that I know, I have never layed an angry hand on a woman, and I am respectful to other people and my elders. She is wanting to run away from home over this and I know if she does that it is only going to complcate things. What should I do? Please only serious answers because this is a serious question. Or is it a complete lose?

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    Always respect the parents. If this is as big of an issue as you say, then I would go to the source which would be the parents. Her mom is scared and that's typical of a mom. Try to understand where they are both coming from. Running away is a bad idea. I would try to talk to the parents. The whole secret thing doesn't work very well so if you really like this girl the way you say, you'd do anything for her even if that is talk to the parents.

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    You need to explain to your would-be girlfriend that a sure way to prove her mom right is to run away from her problems, just stick it out if you really want to. Ask her parents if you can go out with her daughter if it is as a group and they can pick the group, that would be at least a start and having other girls stand up for your good nature couldn't hurt either.

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    you are right about if your girlfriend runs away ..plz talk to her dont let her do this it will only make things worse.just be patient.the more you are around her parents the better it will be.maybe they will see what a great guy you are.good luck to you

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    You should give that speech, i think its time. You tell her parents how your really feel about her and Then the dramatic and look deep into her eyes and say i love Kendra or whatever her name is.

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