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How Do I Treat Blistered Heels & Bruised Toes?

Due to a problem with my running shoes, I now have weeping blisters on my heels and bruised toe nails. Any suggestions for treatment? I am thinking of getting a new running shoe half a size bigger in order for my feet to breath and move properly.

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    Don't think about getting a different pair of shoes to run in - get them.

    Never puncture a blister. Let your body reabsorb the moisture on it's own otherwise you risk infection. The best thing you can do at this point is to go barefoot as much as possible to let your feet heal. Use Neosporin or another type of antibiotic cream on your blisters to prevent infection and cracking as they heal. Your toenails will have to grow out on their own.

    If you aren't sure of what size shoe to purchase, it is worth it to go and get fitted properly. There is nothing worse for a foot than being forced into a shoe that's ill fitted.

    Enjoy your running, but get some good shoes before going after you heal.

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    Blistered Toes

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    I've tried a few things to make my heels more comfy. There are these great ball of foot cushions at drug stores made by Air Plus or Dr. Scholls that help a lot, as well as cushions they sell at Nordstrom and at drug stores for the back of your shoes where your heel would rub up against it. That eliminates two of the problems spots. To avoid blisters, try wearing your new heels around the house for an hour or so and then when you take them off, notice where your feet are red. Those are the places where there is the most friction. Remember those spots and put Band-aids on them the next time you wear your heels and it will keep them from rubbing and should avoid blisters. Of course, you could just wear flats, but that's not as fun :)

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    Yes bigger shoes. Until then where flip flops or bigger shoes so they have time to heal. Keep them lubricated also and clean so they are free from infection.

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    yes that might help, but need to soak your feet in hot water, as hot as you can stand, get you an avon book and order the foot

    treatment kit, because their are guys out here that love pretty


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    New shoes, have your dude rub them and suck your toes. This will make it feel much better!

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    New shoes. and soak your feet in epsom salt

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    1 decade ago shoes will do the trick, and ice ur feet in a bucket

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