the story about Sang Nila Utama?

i need a story about him because this is school homework ㅠㅠ PLS HELP ME


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    Sang Nila Utama

    Here's the legend of how Singapura was founded:

    Sang Nila Utama was a prince of Sumatra. Wanting to find a suitable place for a new city, he decided to visit the islands off the coast of Sumatra. He set sail from Palembang (a city in Sumatra) in a number of ships. He and his men reached Riau Island and were welcomed by the queen. A few days later, Sang Nila Utama went to a nearby island on a hunting trip.

    While hunting, he spotted a deer and started chasing it. He came to a very large rock and decided to climb it. When he reached the top, he looked across the sea and saw another island with a sandy beach which had the appearance of a white sheet of cloth.

    Asking one of his ministers what land it was, he was told that it was the island of Temasek. He then decided to visit Temasek. However, when his ship was out at sea, a great storm blew up and the ship was tossed about in the huge waves. The ship began to take water.

    To prevent it from sinking, his men threw all the heavy things on board into the sea to lighten the ship. But still water kept entering the ship and Sang Nila Utama, on advice of a ship's officer, threw his heavy crown overboard. At once, the storm died down and he reached Temasek safely.

    He landed at the mouth of the present-day Singapore River and went inland to hunt wild animals. Suddenly, he saw a strange animal with a red body, black head and a white breast. It was a fine-looking animal and moved with great speed as it disappeared into the jungle.

    He asked his chief minister what animal it was, and was told that it probably was a lion. He was pleased with this as he believed it to be a good omen - a sign of good fortune coming his way. Thus, he decided to build his new city in Temasek. He and his men stayed on the island and founded a city.

    He named this city "Singapura". "Singa" means lion and "pura" means city. The name thus means the Lion City. Sang Nila Utama ruled Singapura for 48 years and was buried on Bukit Larangan (present-day Fort Canning Hill). By that time, Singapura had developed into a great and famous city.

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    Sang Nila Utama

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    Actually Sang Nila Utama is the real founder of Singapore as in the past, Singapore is called Temasek (your spelling is wrong it's not Temasik but Temasek). Sir Stanford Raffles is the founder of modern Singapore. Without Raffles, Singapore would not be a modern country by now.

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    You have an interesting subject here. This is my two cents. Sometimes it is very hard to believe or acknowledge what we read in books or see on tv. Sometimes I wonder from where these writers/authors get their information from. Can their info be reliable? Did someone, years ago, wrote something just to sensationalize a story? I agree that we could not cheat history but history can be altered because none of us were there to see what really happened. All those countries that you've mentioned; who really discovered them and to those who altered history; what is their agenda? We can never really know. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

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    prince of sumatra 1300

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