Street Lamp Interference?

I've noticed sometimes when I drive down the street, as I pass under street lights they go out. I've never seen a street lamp go out from far away. Only as I drive past it. The same lights are working again the next night, so I assume they come back on at some point, but I find it strange that they go out as I am passing directly underneath. It happens all the time. I've noticed it happens when I'm driving and thinking heavily about something. Does this happen to you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You have the Shinnin'!

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    lol, its the light from the street lamp reflecting off the top of your car and hitting the light sensor on the light, which turns it off. it stays off for so many minutes then comes on agian.

    it happens all the time but you only notice it when your thinking alot because your more aware of your surroundings. when you get extremley mad, primal instincts kick in and your able to "feel" whats on the other side of a corner this is called ESP or extra sensory preception.

    you detect that the light has gone off by mi-nute changes in the lighting of the area, your car, and your pupil size.

  • even if this happened to me i dont think i would notice..

    the streetlight in front of my house has been out for a while now, so i dont the lights you go under come back on alone, without the city changing them...ya know??

    youre going crazy! and ive contributed...lmao

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes - I always thought that these lights have sensors to conserve energy and that they go on when cars pass by. The reason they go off is because some other car set it off but it expired when I went through

    Source(s): my know-it-all hubby
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  • 1 decade ago

    1. the light senses your headlights, so it goes off.

    2. it is an optical illusion.

    3. you have metaphysical powers that you haven't learned to control yet.

    4. you were born in Smallville during the meteor shower.

    5. you are on drugs, or

    6. you are in the twilight zone

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