Where is Fort Knox located?

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    Ft. Knox is located about 50 miles south of Louisville, KY in Hardin County. The closest town to the Vault is Radcliff, KY. Fort Knox is a U.S. Army Training Base. The U.S. Army Armor and Cavalry Schools are located on the base. Directly outside of the base is the Gold Depository. Although not directly associated with the military base, the gold vault is an integral part of the area. Soldiers from Ft. Knox are responsable for the defense of the Vault in case of an attack. The force is called the cordon force. No visitation is allowed in the vault but it is easily visable from the road. It is said the last person to sign the guest register to the vault and see the gold was FDR.

    Source(s): Stationed with 1/12 Cav on Ft.Knox, 1989-1990.
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    Where Is Fort Knox Located

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    Fort Knox is an Army base in Kentucky

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    Fort Knox is located in Kentucky. It is approx 26 miles south of the Louisville City limits.

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    Hardin County Kentucky

    Source(s): I live close by
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    Kentucky I think

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