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do you believe in evoultion or creationism??? why?

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    I believe in both. They need not be mutually exclusive.

    Since neither can be totally proven beyond a doubt (one is based upon scientific research principles but remains a theory, and the other on a book written by men long after other ideologies existed (so, relatively recently) that men said was dictated by G-d and was translated who knows how many times into thousands of different languages (understand that translations are never exact, so when you have multiple translations, you'll have multiple interpretations)), it just boils down to deciding what feels right to one's self (for instance, it feels right to me that G-d - as a spritual entity, not as a conscious individual - created the universe of which evolution is a part).

    In the end, one's belief of evolution vs. creationism is not really going to have any bearing on what you're going to have for dinner tonight, although other beliefs may (that means that it's basically a moot argument and good more for personal speculation and lively debate than an actual definitive answer).

    What a fun and fascinating question!

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    Many people don't believe in Evolution because "It's just a theory" but they don't realize that a theory is far from a guess. A theory is a group of observations that are all inner related. Example, man did evolve from ape through genetic mutations. This isn't a guess, there is enough circumstancial evidence to conclude this is exactly what happened beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Now let's look at creationism. No solid scientific evidence AT ALL. NONE.

    So you can look at scientific fact and observation or throw it out the window for something without any evidence backing it. I choose to side with what has been observed and largely proven, but some people hate education.

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    Whenever I ask a question, I look at the evidence. Where the majority of the evidence leads, that's what I'll believe, whether I like it or not.

    Creationism is basically a hypothesis, placed forth by some guys a few thousand years ago, as a plausible explanation for how everything was created. Problem is (to quote Civilization) it hasn't stood the "test of time".

    Science should look at data, then make a conclusion. It shouldn't think of a conclusion, and then bend the data to fit it.

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    The theory of evolution is more scientific. It can be proven eventually. Creationism is an easy way out when people think that life is too complicated to have developed itself. If we were created, where were we when the dinosaurs walked the earth?

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    while I believe in god, I don't think he's so greatly involved in people's lives.

    evolution makes the most sense, because development is all around us. we have one fossil and then another, 1+1=2. simple enough.

    people should stop hiding behind thier religion. the world will seem so much greater when you realize the millions of layers of chance and chaos that have come to be so that life the way we know it can exist.

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    I dont belive in evolution, but i do believe we were created by God.

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    God is the great creator

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