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    Do you think what drove The Yahoo Joker/Clown Crusher the most crazy about me was that I played by the rules and he didn't?

    He had dozens of accounts, I didn't.  He blocked people from answering his questions, I never did. He hid his personal information, but I always shared mine. I gave science-based answers and he never did. I think it really drove him crazy that I didn't cheat the way he did.

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    Will global warming go down as one of mankind's greatest hoaxes?

    The undeniable fact is that “carbon dioxide” is NOT a “pollutant” but an absolutely vital trace gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, currently at around 0.004% of all its components. Nitrogen and Oxygen make up 99%, with the so-called greenhouse gases making up the remaining 1% of which CO2 is 0.04%.

    Every climate model predictions have been WRONG. The alarmist climate science has not made it through the scientific method and is thus pseudoscience, backed by government consensus.

    CO2 does not trap heat then recycle it to the surface, with repeated cycles called the “back radiation” loop, the key component of the anthropogenic global warming theory or as I call it hunch. This violates the 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the 1st law deals with the conservation of energy, with the back radiation loop being identified as a “perpetual motion engine” which violates this 1st law. The 2nd law deals with “heat only transfers from a warm object a cool object”. At the top of the atmosphere it is about -50 degrees C, with hardly any air pressure, there is no energy source to enable this rarified atmosphere to rotate down and reheat the surface of the Earth, this procedure violates both the 1st and 2nd law of T, plus a cool object cannot warm a warm object. Does an ice cube heat up your cup of coffee?

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    How do global warming deniers explain this plot?

    The warming follows the logarithm of CO2 concentration, as expected, and the natural variability can be rejected as the cause of the warming at greater than a 99% level of significance.

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    Doesn’t this real world observation totally dismantle the AGW hypothesis and put it into the hall of shame?

    How can this be happening under the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis at this time of the year?  Average world temperatures according to UAH is at -0.01 and even NASA has admitted that the Earth is headed towards cooling. The alarmist hockey stick graph temps have moved sideways for twenty years now.

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    What *won't* you miss about Yahoo Answers?

    Favourite answer:

    I won't miss the pathological lies of Dirac and Georgie.  Even now, Dirac is lying.  But he got what he deserved and I loved seeing that.

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    Do some people think global warming is a hoax because they believe every word America's former president said is gospel truth?

    Favourite answer:

    No, I don't think they disbelieve AGW because of Trump, I think that is one of the reason they are Trump supporters.

    Modern conservatism is delusional conservatism, because it is based on believing conspiracies and rejecting objective evidence. That made Trump the ideal candidate for the delusional conservatives--they reject global warming even though there is massive evidence the planet is warming, they believe in election fraud even though there is no evidence for it. They believe cutting taxes will increase revenue and balance the budget even though there is 50 years of evidence that shows the opposite is true.

    I give Christian Sinner credit for finding a NASA link that at least casts a little doubt on the water vapor feedback, but I wonder how old that link is? There is increasing evidence that water vapor in the atmosphere is increasing with temperature, as the relative humidity stays approximately constant. Also, I question who ever wrote the original link, because the connection between temperature and water vapor content of the atmosphere is obvious to even casual observers.  We all notice the atmosphere being dry during the winter and humid during the summer, so that's pretty strong evidence.

    I don't give him credit for the cartoon he includes with his answer, which is insulting and obnoxious.  I don't know what Christian Sinner does, but if he has such a low opinion of the ethics of scientists, then my guess is that he's not an ethical person himself.

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    Which user accounts *weren't* The Deluded Troll?

    Okay, everyone knows Dirac has socks.  But Dirac falsely claims I accuse everyone of being him.

    Here is my list of assclowns I don't think are Dirac (or are dubious).  But many of you have been here longer, so correct me if I am wrong.

    Dana Nutter.  I looked up him and it appears he went on to bigger and better things.  Before my time, but I can tell he was paid.

    CapitalGentleman.  I never said Dirac was Cap.  Cap actually seems like a nice guy who posts here.

    Skeptik.  One of the nastiest dispositions I have ever seen.  I think he might actually be a nurse in Utah.

    Chem Flunky (see leader board).  I briefly read the content of Chem.  Writing indicates ChemFlunky is a girl.  Correct?

    AJ the Actress.  Just seems like some aspiring/washed up performer in the bay area.

    Lili.  A feminist-communist who is as egotistical as Dirac, but definitely not Dirac.

    The dubious one is Trevor.  His profile doesn't add up.  He's another busy guy who spent all his time here.  His bio just seems like another retarded Dirac writing.

    Was Trevor paid?  I wouldn't be surprised. Or was Trevor just another bizarre Dirac account?  Or just some paid troll?  Or maybe he spent his time here to get away from his wife?  I haven't really bothered to read more than five minutes of Trevor's content.

    6 AnswersGlobal Warming6 hours ago
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    Do you worry about global chaos due to global warming and increased human population almost daily?

    I think about it all the time. Global warming. Will we actually get it under control? Is it actually real? Will the world start dieing off someday in my life? What will happen when the earth heats up too much? We are gonna see problems like we never would have imagined. Billions of people will probably starve and people will be going crazy to survive.  The ecosystem is already getting so messed up and you know I don't even have to go on about it

    23 AnswersGlobal Warming5 days ago
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    Who were the most annoying science denying Eco-Marxists in the fake agw section?

    Dirac and his army of sock puppets (too many to list)

    Hey Georgie

    antarcticice (race baiter)

    capital gentleman


    6 AnswersGlobal Warming2 days ago
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    Clown Crusher (with the cute dog picture) I unblocked your account in a question to which I can not answer, will you do the same for me?

    I wish you well, if you allow me to answer your question it would be appreciated. But it's up to you to decide if you want to bury the hatchet. Either way, you can insult me and accuse me of being Dirac, or you can show kindness, which is something the world needs, especially during these hard times. 

    4 AnswersGlobal Warming10 hours ago
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    Why are people still posting anonymously in Global Warming?

    People would tell me they would post anonymously so that their answers would not get maliciously reported, or something like that.  But hey, there are only 11 days left, what are you worrying about? Come out of hiding.

    7 AnswersGlobal Warming3 days ago
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    Why is the Clown Troll Denier Buffoon always so angry and accusing everyone of being Dirac?

    Poor pathetic little clown troll...less than 9 days to spew your nonsense here! 

    4 AnswersGlobal Warming1 day ago
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    Pollution and global warming?

    I would like to get a job that involved cleaning the earth of pollution the ocean of gas leaks replanting forests and just other things to make the earth safer for future generations 

    4 AnswersConservation2 days ago
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    Who were the most knowledgeable deniers?

    I know, it's something of an oxymoron, but some were definitely more on the ball than others.  Here at the end of YA it's pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Here's how I would rank them--I apologize in advance for all that I've forgotten:

    1. Randall (Didier Drogba)

    2. Dr Jello

    3. Ottawa Mike

    4. graphicconception

    5. Wilds_of_Virginia

    6. Bravozulu (twin brother of JimZ)

    7. Kano

    8. CO2 Expeller (he was so crude, though, it's hard to give him credit for anything)

    Sagebrush, The Yahoo Joker, Daro and Solar Wind are all tied at the bottom.  Special mention to JimZ for being a very good science student in high school and college that is now hopelessly blinded by his political views.

    4 AnswersGlobal Warming2 days ago