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    Thretened to be kicked out if i dont get the covid vaccine? ?

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    Y’all a bunch of greasy cock suckers she’s literally asking for advice and y’all be rude asf give her advice who’s gonna trust a vaccine that was made in a year like y’all don’t know her situation so before being rude ask her what’s going on be ******* nice and helpful asshats **** ya mom 

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    How to get a girl out of my head..?

    There’s this girl I’ve loved and known for about a year now...honestly I could go on about how much she means to me and could tell you all about her but I should get straight to the point shouldn’t I? Oof this is horrible timing since the site will be on only read in a few days and shut down in a month but who knows maybe someone could help me before April 20th...who knows...anyways this girl and I are just friends and she’s in a complicated relationship rn and she seems kinda happy despite the problems and other things I don’t need to get into but that’s all I’ve ever wanted for her...for her to be happy,and well I know for a fact that she will never like me more then a friend...I’ve accepted that and just want to move on but I ******* can’t! It’’s painful honestly...I’ve tried all the distractions I could think and all the hobbies I do and even dating other girls and nothing is working...I’ve even prayed to God and haven’t got anything yet but I just...idk what to’s like shes woven in my heart,I love her and I know I can’t have her and have accepted that but my body won’t and can’t move on...I’ve tried not talking to her for a long time,her blocking me but I just...I can’ mind is draw back to her...I want this to stop honestly,I’m happy for her so why can’t I get her out of my head? Does anyone have a answer or maybe some kind of distraction from haven’t tried?...I’m willing to try anything...

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating6 hours ago
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    My husband said he needs a lot of time to deal with my affair before he comes back home. do I deal with the feelings of intense loneliness?

    How do I cope? I didn’t expect this to happen.. it started off with me just craving a friend after me and my husband were fighting constantly over money issues.. I realized that we should have seen a therapist before it got so bad.. I can’t stop thinking about him and nights and weekends are the loneliest.. I never had feelings for the other man.. just was a way to escape from my stressful finances.. the pain of my husband being gone is so bad sometimes I feel I can’t breathe..

    22 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 days ago
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    Does my wife sound crazy?

    So my wife and I was laying in bed and randomly she tells me if I ever cheat on her she will chop my penis off and watch it bleed.. and she made it clear that she was serious... how should I take that... BTW it's not the first time she has said crazy stuff like that.. 

    13 AnswersMarriage & Divorce17 hours ago
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    My friend still depressed over her husband divorcing her it’s been like 8 months. She act like the man died. Is this normal ?

    Told her It’s been 7 months this is getting out of hand you shouldn’t be crying still you act like the man died and she’s posting crying pictures on Facebook and all that. I told her don’t do that take crying post don’t you don’t want people in your BUISNESS and she snapped at me and told me “ I don’t care about people being in my BUISNESS leant me alone about that.”

    13 AnswersMarriage & Divorce19 hours ago
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    How do i deal with sexual frustration as a 25 year old male thats never had a girlfriend, in good health and can’t get laid.?

    Sometimes i feel like killing myself because its almost impossible for me to get a girlfriend let alone get laid. Am a fraternal twin and my sister gets thousands of matches on dating sites while I’ve been on 12 dating sites for over 9 years and never matched with any woman. This may sound funny to some of you guys, but its really not to me and it causes me pain and depression everyday of my life. Am physically fit, i have good hygiene, i take care of myself, so why is it impossible for any girl to be into me? I live on my own and don’t leach off my parents, but i know guys that still live with their parents and having women chasing them, so what makes me so different that i have to be alone and single all the time. I just want to die because i don’t know what to do anymore. Does anyone here have any advice plz?

    27 AnswersSingles & Dating3 days ago
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    My son just told me he was raped by a priest at my church. What should I do? ?

    I am shaking with rage. I might choke this bastard out with my bare hands. 

    42 AnswersFamily4 days ago
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    what are your thoughts?

    We have been discussing (my husband and I) in a permanent birth control plan. I have been on the pill for the last 20 yrs of our marriage. I am so tired of taking care of the birth control. We planned for 3 kids. Well, we are expecting our bonus baby, I was not careful with my pills, sleep depravation, and raising a teen, preteen and a toddler. I asked my husband to get a vasectomy, which he is refusing because he's masculinity will not allow him to "give in". I don't want to get a tubal ligation, but might as well get it. These are his words and I quote: "I would get a vasectomy only if I knew I was going to be unfaithful and sleep around", like wth?! I've been giving birth to our children, and I thought I asked for what was fair, for him to give in for once. Am I over exaggerating? Or he's just being unreasonable? 

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce13 hours ago
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    My girlfriend just told me that I have to give her a gift every six week to show that I care or she's going to break up with me?

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    Man, are you whipped!  If I was in your shoes, I'd tell her, "There's the door.  Don't let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya!".

    21 AnswersSingles & Dating3 days ago
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    What is wrong with white cops?

    Inspite of the horrible sh#t they do, most of them are married with kids. How can they do tge things they do? And how could somebody live with a monsters like that? 

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce15 hours ago
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    My boyfriend doesn’t want me visiting my family?

    First I want to start off by saying I’m homesick and I miss my mom and siblings more than a lot. Right now I’m currently pregnant and my boyfriend keeps saying it’s not a good idea to visit my family. He keeps coming up with excuses saying my mom will stress me out which can affect our baby but I know my mom more than him. We both live together and his family is involved in our lives BUT every time I try to involve my mom or younger siblings he becomes upset as if I ruined the mood. My family lives in the next state which really isn’t far from me. I just don’t know what to do at this moment. I don’t want to upset him for visiting my family but I also I want to see them so bad. Advice please?

    33 AnswersFamily4 days ago
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    Would you be mad? I'm furious & don't know if I may be over-reacting. ?

    My husband's friend stayed at our house while we were on spring break with our boys. He literally told my husband we were coming back to a clean house. Needless to say when we arrived home after a long drive from FL I'm vaccuuming and straightening up...and NOT a happy camper. I'm certain expletives were used and I had to "unfriend" him on Facebook to avoid spewing the venom I know would come out..but can't be taken back...

    12 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 days ago
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    Co worker and girls?

    I work in Starbucks. My male co-worker is 24 years old, whom I have the most amount of shifts has has taken fancy to one of the female customers who is a regular face at our branch.

    I had noticed him eyeing her quite a bit a few weeks ago but brushed it off. Now, this particular lady is apparently on his "friends" list when she visits the shop. She usually comes every day.

    While him eyeing her all the time hasn't impacted his work performance as he does focus on his work, I do find it a bit unsettling that he's doing this? I caught him directly today when we were making smoothies for a customer. This girl was picking up a Starbucks cup from the shelves, he saw her, eyed her for a few secs then got back to work. He has been quite blatant lately as our female co worker also pointed out that a week ago, he just started chatting with the same girl in front of her even though he was given the task of unpacking the cups and bottles. He ultimately went on to do his job but not before he sought attention from her.

    Is this unprofessional? Let him have his fling or love story as he pleases?

    11 AnswersMarriage & Divorce19 hours ago
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    How do I tell my wife that she is no longer with her family and they aren't responsible for her?

    I'm a traditional man. Yes, I want my wife to be a stay at home mom and take care of the house. My wife was a virgin when we were together and she was an amazing woman and that's why I decided to marry her, because I knew she would stay loyal and loving. We talked about kids before marriage and she told me that she wanted to wait for a year, so we did that. The problem is, my wife does not follow through with her promises. I work and I don't really want her working. She put up a fight with me and told me that she will work one day. I told her that the year is over and we are going to have a child now. She keeps refusing and telling me she's going to wait a bit longer. She came from a family who were a little violent and very rude. She curses too much and gets mad when I tell her to never curse in front of me. She sits at home all day, cleans the house but never cooks until I get home. She starts cooking as soon as I get home and I don't have anything to eat when I come back. I work a tough job and I do expect to come back to dinner already done and put out. She sits on her phone all day and whines about life and how she wishes she was never born. I'm tired of her childish behavior. She keeps telling me that her family does this and that but I am not her mom or dad, I am her husband and I'm responsible for her and her actions now. I keep telling her that I'm her family now but she keeps putting up fights with everything I say. She never agrees and she keeps telling me that 

    14 AnswersMarriage & Divorce2 days ago
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    How can I convince my step mom and dad to let me get the COVID shot?

    I am 30 and still live with my dad and step mom. For a while I decided I am not going to get the COVID shot because I have seen in the news a lot of people dying from the shot, it won’t help and I am Christian so Jesus will keep me safe. Also my parents and step sister won’t get the shot because of those reasons. My mom got the shot. Now I am thinking that I should get the shot. I told and asked my step mom and dad about getting the shot and they say no. I have to convince them to let me get it. If I just go get the shot by myself they can easily find out that I got the shot.

    20 AnswersFamily3 days ago
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    What is wrong with my husband? One day he's nice, and than he's in a bad mood?

    Its getting on my last nerve because I've been dealing with this for a long while. We've been married for 3 years and after a year of marriage, he started treating me like garbage. There's days where he's cool and collected and spoils me and shows me love, and than the next day, there's a silent treatment out of nowhere. I use to think it was my fault and I kept crying myself to sleep but its constantly happening now so I no longer pay it any attention. When he gives me the silent treatment, I just ignore him throughout the day. And than the next day, he's all over me. Whenever we see friends or family, he always tells them how much of a horrible wife I am and blah blah blah. He talks about everything and compares me to others. He says I'm stupid or slow and that I lack brain cells. I ignore him because I got use to the harsh treatment but I've reached a point where I'm not in love at all anymore. I no longer care for him. I'm actually going about my day like I'm single. I consider myself single and if I do meet another guy, I'll consider going out with him. I find myself daydreaming of a man who can love me better. Am I wrong for this? I do not want to fix anything with my husband. I just want to move on and forget him forever. I'm tired of hearing him constantly being disappointed in everything I do. Is this normal? What should I do from here? I do work but I still don't have much to move out.

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce15 hours ago