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  • Kitten only attacks older cat. ?

    We have a three month old kitten which seems that he came from a home with no mom, or siblings to teach him anything. We have gotten him to the point of which he knows how to act, but we have a disabled 4 year old cat that is always getting attacked (playfully) by the kitten. She cannot defend her self, or do what the older cat should do and teach him because she incapable. What ways can we teach him to not attack her.

    Due to having the older cat, when we first got him he stayed in one room, to learn the smells, get used to the family, learn to eat and use the litter box. When he's in the rest of the house (which he can be out for HOURS) he does not chill out, he will not rest, lay down or anything all he does is attack the other cat or wander around NONSTOP. Honestly we don't know what to do here.  

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