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  • When will the news media start boycotting the Trump Administration Press briefings?

    Trump and Mack-a-ninny will not take any questions and just take the opportunity to spout more nonsense and disproven lies so why do they waste their time on the irrelevant has-beens?

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  • Will Jeopardy survive without Alex Trebek?

    Alex Trebek passed away earlier today at the age of 80 from stage IV Pancreatic Cancer after 36 years of hosting  RIP Alex.

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  • Question for the rest of the world from the USA?

    The vote is not final yet but it is clear that Joe Biden is the winner despite Trump's endless Twitstorm and frivolous lawsuits.  Are you as relieved as we are that our little excursion into fascism is just about over and will you welcome the US back into the international community as a stable partner again?  

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  • Only one state away from 270 electoral votes?

    The AP report puts Biden's total at 248 electoral votes and CNN has just declared Michigan's 16 electoral votes for Biden putting the total at 264 (CNN is not counting Arizona yet for some reason).  It appears that when the remaining votes are counted in Nevada the election there should be called for Biden putting his total at 270 meaning the race in Pennsylvania is irrelevant.  Anyone have any thoughts without using foul or abusive language?

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  • I voted, did you?

    After trying to vote early about 7 times in the last two weeks at the 5 absentee voting locations in the County, I went by our designated polling place this morning around 9:00 am and the line was about 400 feet long.  I went back again at 1:45 pm and walked right in with no line.  I am going back this evening with my wife to vote again.  Remember to vote early and vote often. 😁

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  • Attachment image

    Do you think your job sucks?

    Zoom in on the two guys hanging from ropes up on the steeple.

    (Forest Park, GA)

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