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  • Religious people and atheists, would you be willing to compromise and believe in an apathetic God?

    Even if God is real, why assume he wants to help mankind in anyway? Why would a perfect all powerful God care about who lives or dies as if it affects him? Is it really so hard to believe he created the universe and left us to our own devices? So many people pray for help or answers, anything to acknowledge his presence, and have to guess on what is considered a response. At what point in human history did God ever fix one of our problems? It was always us who had to work together and figure things out ourselves. I can not say with 100 percent certainty that God does not exist, but hasn't he at least proven to be unreliable? 

    I'm not suggesting he's the enemy either. If he was, how have we survived this long? I simply don't think God cares enough about the universe to intervene. Humanity is probably the biggest threat to its destruction, but he hasn't eliminated us yet. Why would an all knowing God want anything from us? Why would he get upset or excited about anything we've done? Is religion ultimately just a poor attempt at feeling important? Why should I believe the human soul is some kind of valuable commodity that God and Satan are constantly at war over? What does the winner get in the end?

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  • Religious people and atheists, when someone is upset with you and they give you the silent treatment does that ever resolve anything? ?

    So many people pray for help, answers, advice, hints, or signs. We are so desperate for God's attention we'll consider something as small as a gust of wind as a response. I'm sure he has many reasons to be upset with mankind, but is that really an excuse to give us the silent treatment? Can he really blame humanity for being lost when he sends cryptic messages and works in mysterious ways? How does he expect us to understand him when he acts like this? We ask God to fix problems but apparently all he does is create more problems then calls them "tests". Why is everyone so convinced that he's actually reliable and I mean like the most reliable person you could possibly count on? How can I convince my boss that I'm his most reliable employee even though I haven't shown up for work in at least 2,000 years? 

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  • Are men allowed to have any emotions in today's society?

    It seems like if a man shows anything other than a stoic expression he will get punished for it in some way. If he's too excited or happy women might think he's gay. If he gets angry, he's being abusive. He has to be fearless at all times, and too strong to ever feel sadness. If he has an interest, passion, or hobby that women don't approve of, it's wrong. If he says he's offended, no one takes him seriously. He can never be bored or tired without getting accused of being weak and lazy. Yet people wonder why men have so many problems with their mental health declining. Why are women encouraged to embrace their emotions while men are taught to avoid them at all costs? How do we get rid of this double standard? Why should I be sensitive towards a woman's emotions if she won't even acknowledge mine?

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  • Why is it so rare to see a woman playing chess? ?

    Is this like a man playing with barbie dolls? Even if chess was a mans only type of board game, this is the 21st century, yet women act as if they are not supposed to play it. Which reinforces the idea that females are just not capable of thinking logically, at least not to the extent males do. Surely, there is a lady out there willing to prove the patriarchy wrong. Golf used to be a man only sport but over time things have changed. Why can't the same be true for chess? 

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  • What ever happened to taking over the world?

    I'm sure at some point most if not all children dream of taking over the world some day. At what age do think kids give up on this dream? Why should they have stopped trying as they reach adulthood? Doesn't it seem like at least some have succeeded in a way? Taking over the world is an idea often frown open but is in essence the heart of innovation. So should we encourage people to take over the world or discourage them?

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  • Is Heaven like this seemingly perfect place that looks like the 1950's until you notice all of the "Christians only Jews forbidden" signs?

    No matter which religion you picked, the afterlife seems pretty segregated. Heaven is essentially a Nazi utopia. Apparently only I and those who think like me will be allowed a paradise, assuming my beliefs are correct. Am I not supposed to care about the others? Does skepticism really warrant an eternity of torture? Is being able to look down on people less fortunate than you part of the thrill Heaven provides for its residents? What does this mean for those who actually desire to be in such a place?  

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  • Religious people and atheists, just because you have a preferred belief system doesn't mean everyone should follow it, right? ?

    Whether, you are, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist, why assume the world would be a better place simply because we all believe the same thing? Just because your religion works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone. This applies to atheism as well. The universe will not be a peace just because we got rid of all religions. Nature embraces diversity. From the smallest subatomic particle to the largest cosmic scale, nature is always at war with itself and feeds off of this chaos. That is how it grows and adapts. Why is it so hard to accept ideas different than your own? 

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  • Why is it so important to women that they get along with the in-laws?

    No one wants a strained relationship with in-laws, however if you try to be friendly with your boyfriend's parents and it doesn't work out it shouldn't be a deal breaker. You'll never hear a guy say "Sorry we have to break up because your mother is a ****". As a man I may want my father in-law's blessing to marry his daughter, but this is the 21st century it certainly isn't a requirement. Women don't seem to understand that. I guess it's not a real wedding without mom and dad's permission. More often than not, she will end the relationship just because she doesn't like the parents of the man she's dating. How is this fair? That is something he has little to no control over and doesn't even really have anything to do with him. Why do 2 grown adults need anyone else's approval aside from each other's to be together? Also when a bride sides with her father and calls off the marriage that's socially acceptable, but if a groom were to side with his mother and do the same, he's the bad guy. Why do we tolerate this double standard?

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  • How is being a black christian any different than being a jewish nazi?

    Why follow the same ideology of your oppressors? What goes on in your head as you pray to white Jesus? Do religions have to be culturally appropriate for them to be acceptable? Can white people be muslim? Kinda hard to believe that an all powerful God would have a favorite ethnicity, yet every holy book claims there are those of us who are "chosen". Is Heaven like the 1950's where everything looks perfect but you see signs everywhere that read "Catholics only"?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 weeks ago
  • Religious people and atheists, why does it matter so much whether or not the events that happened in the Bible, Torah, or Quran are true?

    Why can't we just accept these holy texts at face value and focus in the messages they are trying teach? Is it really so hard for everyone to acknowledge there are both positive and negative aspects in each one? Why is it so important for your religion to be part of factual history? There are plenty of fictional books and movies that have the power to change lives, influence greatness, promote evil ideas, why should i view any biblical story differently?

    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 weeks ago
  • Playstation gamers, how exactly does the Last of Us 2 promote feminist propaganda?

    Warning may contain spoilers. 2 women lose a strong male role model in their lives and they respond by trying to kill each other. If anything this reinforces the importance of men in our society. Notice how quickly things descend into chaos once people like Joel or Isaac dies. Has everyone forgotten how Neil Druckman killed off a little girl in the very beginning of the first game? Why should Joel's death be any different? How many times were you expecting him to get lucky, surviving all of these dangerous encounters? Wasn't it obvious that eventually his past was gonna catch up to him? Do you think Ellie and Dina would've survived in Seattle without Jesse's help? After everything that happened how is Tommy still alive? There were a few minor details I didn't like about the story either but overall I think it's getting way more hate than it deserves. The Last of Us 2 is not a world where all of the men die and the women simply take over. Only a narrow minded person would view it that way. You have to look at the bigger picture to understand what was really going on.

    PlayStation2 weeks ago
  • Religious people, if God exists, why are you asking each other questions about religion on a forum and not him?

    Who better to ask than the source right? Yahoo answers is just a website full of people who will mislead you from the truth. Do you think you're some kind of hero trying to shine light into the darkness? What makes you qualified to do this? Is that what you believe God wants from you? Ever ask him yourself? As an atheist, I come here to learn about the nature of religious people. Most of what I see is not good. It is easier for them to show their true selves when hidden behind an avatar. Yet despite this, some religious people are genuinely kind and informative. It's a shame that they seem to be a rare breed. How can I encourage more of such behavior on the internet and in life? 

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  • Is Donald Trump the living embodiment of everything the KKK represents?

    It's one thing to idolize the Klan but when the Klan looks up to you, that is whole other level of white supremacy that should not be ignored. Yet people wake up everyday and carry on as if this is normal for a guy like that to be our president. If Trump is not a racist why is it so difficult for his supporters to prove he isn't? Donald Trump is basically white Jesus, he is the messiah of the KKK. A win for Trump is a win for them. Is this why evangelicals love him so much? 

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  • You can say it loud, your black and your proud, everyone cheers. How can a white man show pride without immediately being called a racist? ?

    I'm sure there are many valid reasons for this. Black history should not be ignored. However what everyone needs to understand also is that racism will always exist until everybody can express pride in their race without being publicly shamed for it. If you are a black man who only dates black women and has a pure-blood mentality, congratulations on giving the KKK exactly what they want. Your empowerment movement does not make you any better than them. I don't want to sound like an apologist for the white man, but just thought more people should be aware that shouting "black power" is equally as bad as shouting "white power". 

    Every ethnicity has been oppressed at some point in history. So many voices want to be heard at once. As a result no one can hear what anyone has to say. The best way to shut someone up is to actually listen to them. Then you'll finally have your chance to speak and people will actually take you seriously. Is this a hard concept to grasp? The obsessive catering to the black community is arguably what is hurting it. America paints this image of black people always needing help, always asking for hand outs, and it makes them look weak, constantly depending on others to survive. I understand that white privilege is also a problem but it comes with it's share of burdens as well. All Americans whether they are Black, White, Asian, or Latino, feel like they are entitled to something. How do we stop them from believing this?

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  • Peace means shaking hands with the enemy?

    So if you see a politician being all friendly with a North Korean dictator or a white supremacist Klan member this doesn't automatically mean they are racists or traitors. Yet all it takes is for someone to take a picture of you hanging out with the wrong crowd then suddenly you're being exposed by the media. Why is it so hard for people to look at the big picture or think outside the box? Is everyone who strive for peace simply playing on both sides of the fence? 

    Imagine being put on trial. Your attorney reassures you that he's on your side but you see him talking with the prosecutor, the man who is trying to lock you up for life, acting as if they were best friends since high school. When you confront your lawyer about this he says that he's just pretending to be friends with him to give you the best deal possible. Should you trust him? What if his plan works? 

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  • If Lucifer, God's favorite perfect angel, disobeyed him without eating an apple what chance did mankind have? ?

    Why did God expect us to be any different? Why punish humanity for something we had no control over. The deck was stacked against us, the game was rigged for us to fail from the beginning. Even if you believe Adam and Eve acted of their own free will, why do their children deserve to suffer because of it? Why not blame the tree for hanging the fruit so low? 

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  • Would it be wrong to vote for Trump just to watch America burn to ashes as a result?

    I don't want Trump to win but I also have no love for this country. We deserve whatever shitstorm is coming our way for being so utterly incompetent as a nation. You could get mad at me for being anti-american but honestly, how can I do worse than the people who are already currently in power? Why keep Donald Trump as president when it's impossible to believe a single word that comes out of his mouth? He has zero credibility. Even if you think his intentions are good, what can he do without the public's trust? He could cure cancer tomorrow and it wouldn't make a difference. This country should hate him, he did it to himself with all the racist BS he's proudly admitted to doing in the past. Biden may be a racist too, I'm sure a lot of politicians secretly are, but Trump is essentially the face of the KKK. The embodiment of everything they represent. How can so many people be blind to that? 

    6 AnswersPolitics3 weeks ago
  • Is religion corrupt because there is no oversight?

    The only person truly capable of overseeing religion to make sure it doesn't step out of line would be God, but that doesn't seem to be happening and churches, synagogues, and mosques essentially police themselves or each other. If there is a God I just don't see how it could be possible to be both rich and stupid. Someone with so much power should not be allowed to be dumb. The world is filled with ignorant leaders, some with the best intentions but that doesn't really matter. Even if God exists, history has shown that ultimately humans can only rely on each other for help as imperfect as we are. Is God just an observer who only takes action after you die? Apparently he's very active with people in the afterlife but here on Earth he's literally a ghost at best. If the Christians are right I sort of understand, the last time God was here in the flesh we crucified him. I'd be reluctant to return too if I were him. However this doesn't change the fact that all religions operate without any guidance from a higher power. If we are not on our own, why does it feel so much like we are? 

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  • Christians, why is ok to censor or ban old movies and tv shows but not the bible?

    There are many things in the bible that aren't exactly culturally appropriate but everyone seems to be willing to accept and tolerate it. However when something becomes too offensive for Hollywood it suddenly turns into a huge controversy, even when the story is based on true events. If you don't like what you are seeing, change the channel, produce your own narrative and make it better than the crap you currently watch but don't agree with. Don't ruin it for everybody by getting tv shows cancelled just because it hurt your feelings. If you try to silence the opposition it just makes you look weak. Peace means shaking hands with the enemy, it's not about getting everyone to believe what you do. You'd live a much happier life if you simply accepted people for who they are instead of trying to change them. Censoring films is just as bad as trying to censor religion. Am I right or wrong?

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  • Why are people calling Neil Druckman a feminist?

    The Last of Us 2 tells a story about women who try to kill each other after they both lose a strong male leader in their lives. The people complaining about this game don't seem to be giving Tommy enough credit. Considering what he went through, I'm amazed he survived. He was no push over either, going up against him, playing as Abby in that sniper battle was intense and he proved to be just as deadly as his brother Joel. 

    Anyone could've predicted after playing the first game that Joel was gonna die if the story continued. I don't understand why gamers were so surprised by this? How many times did they expect him to cheat death? Honestly, even Ellie could die just to prove that her immunity does not make her important. I don't think she has plot armor. The Last of Us is story about enduring the pain and heartache that comes with survival, not finding a cure. Yes I am annoyed that men are constantly being sacrificed to protect their loved ones, as if the only reason for a man to exist is to jump in front of a bullet for a woman. It sends the message that men simply have less value than a woman and are therefore expendable. However overall, it's still a great narrative. 

    PlayStation3 weeks ago