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Hi it's Ashley.

  • Why should I be?

    Why should I be selfless and kind when no one treats me nicely? If no one cares about me why should I care about other people?

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  • How did you cope with the loss of a pet.?

    My mom's dog is very ill and she made the hard choice of putting her down tomorrow morning before I wake up. I'm a mess. That dog has been in my life since I was 10, I'm 22 now. I have no idea how to cope. I've never lost anyone that close to me before. She was my best friend. To try and distract myself, I went to visit my dad who is currently raising my two sisters. But ended up just being sad and irritable while there. I thought about inviting my teenage sister over for a movie night or something so I wouldn't have to be alone tonight. I also thought about asking to take my toddler sister for the night because I love caring for her and I thought doing so might distract me. They don't know the dog they have nothing to do with my mother she's not their mother. I decided against it because I wasn't sure if I would make it to the whole night without crying and I didn't want to make them miserable or sad or confused. I thought about spending the night at my dad's, he lives an hour and a half away so I wouldn't have made it home till probably the afternoon tomorrow, and by then the dog would have been gone. But again I didn't want to do so in case I end up having a rough night. I don't know how to handle this

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  • Do I have the right not to go?

    My mom's birthday is tomorrow, I am taking her out for breakfast. I found out that my aunt and cousin are coming into town and are planning to visit with my but my grandparents and my mom and my grandparents backyard. Problem is they live in a city that has a very high number of covid cases. The town I live in has very few cases. I don't want to be rude and I know it's my mom's birthday but I have made it clear that I do not want to go to this visit. My dad's side of the family has a lot of people that are sickly, prone to catch pretty much everything, or have serious health conditions. I have a few visitations with my dad side of the family coming up, so I don't want to risk being around anyone that is high risk of giving me covid. I rarely leave the house and when I do I am very safe. I don't go around people very often and when I visit my dad side of the family we are generally safe oh, maybe not as same as some people as we do go close to each other and exchanged hugs and such but we do take some precautions. My mom said it was fine but I feel like she actually thinks I'm being rude by not wanting to go and by, she meet earlier she was pretty much saying she thinks I'm ridiculous or not going to go because we're not going to be close to each other while talking outside. 

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  • Is there a way to fix this?

    I need answers right now because I really want to play, so please answer right now. I didn't know that if you eject a game from the Wii when the Wii is turned off the game stops working. I really want to play this game, can I fix it? This happened to a few other games. Each game stopped working after being ejected while Wii was off. Nothing is wrong with the disk and the wii is fine because I have games that do still work. I had to throw out my absolute favourite Harry Potter game because I ejected it while the wii was off. When I put the disk in an error message pops up saying could not read disk.

    1 AnswerNintendo Wii2 weeks ago
  • Does anyone else's cat enjoy this?

    I have two cats. My oldest cat is around 13 and I've recently discovered something she enjoys, it is not something my kitten seems to like much. Whenever she is laying on her side, I gently rest my head on her and she immediately starts purring. 

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  • I'm addicted to food?

    Food is the only thing that makes me happy anymore. Food is the only reason I get out of bed. There is nothing else in my life that os good or makes me happy.

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  • Music suggestions?

    I'm getting bored with my playlist again. So I like romance songs and family-oriented songs but I don't like songs that include tragedy drugs or death. Breakup songs are okay as long as they're not too depressing and songs about sex is okay as well as long as it's not overdone. I used to listen to pop and I only like clean rap. Some artists I currently listen to our Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne. I also have some Rihanna and Brittany on my phone as well so that just gives you like a general idea of the artist that I like to listen to which could help explain the kind of music I like to listen to. Thanks

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  • Which of the three main holidays you favour most?

    Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Also what is your favourite holiday, it can be a main holiday or a small holiday or how they not many people even have heard of. My favourite holiday is Halloween because ever since I was little girl I've been all about the supernatural world. Witches Ghost vampires, all of it. I also have a sweet tooth. So getting to dress up as Supernatural characters  as well as getting to eat candy and watching Halloween themes shows which usually include ghosts and witches and stuff like that  is why Halloween is my favourite holiday. However I also love Christmas because I get to be with my family and spend time with my favourite person in the world AKA my little sister who's 4, and I love seeing the looks on my sister's faces when they open the presents I bought for them, I'm not so much bothered with my presence although it is nice to receive stop. I believe Christmas is just for the kids which is why I'm not bothered about how many presents I got or what I get but of course I am grateful for what I do get. 

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  • How do you think Supernatural is going to end?

    For all of you Supernatural fans, how do you think this last season is going to end? I think in the end Jack will accomplish killing God but something connected to this will cause one of the brothers to die. I am almost positive they will not both make it out alive. I just have this feeling that one of them is going to die in the end for good, I feel like before the very end there will be a couple more characters who will die but I don't have a gut feeling about any characters in particular oh, so I guess we'll wait and see.

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  • Know any places online?

    I need a new microwave and I can't afford one. I can only afford 30 - 40 bucks. The ones in my local Walmart are like 80 bucks at the cheapest. Know anywhere online I  can get a cheap microwave?

    3 AnswersOther - Local Businesses2 months ago
  • How do you do this?

    How do you write beside tables in OpenOffice? I added a table of contents, and I will only allow me to write (or add text if that's the proper way to say it) under or above the table. I want to write beside the table. I'm not talking about adding things to the table. I mean I finished the table and now I want to write other paragraphs beside the table. You know like in a book, on the side sometimes you have a table on contents and then beside the table, you have text.  

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design2 months ago
  • Would you allow this?

    I was supposed to have a friend stay over for a few days, but I said no because the numbers of covid cases where she lives are very high. I have this friend on Instagram, and over the past couple of days, she's posted photos of her meeting her NEWBORN nephew, holding him. Her brother lives hours away from her, so she or he would have had to travel for this meeting to happen. I told her I couldn't believe her brother would allow someone from a currently dangerous city to go anywhere near a newborn defenseless baby. I am so furious. I hate it when children are put at risk. She snapped back at me saying I'm not better because I visit my little sister (who's 4) all the time without a mask and she lives an hour away, and she pointed out that I travel every day to spend time with a baby that I'm not related too. First of all, my area has very low numbers of covid cases. Second, my dad also lives in an area where the numbers are low, and I only see my sister every few months. Third, I am a daytime nanny to that baby I see every day, and I only travel across town. That is my job, I have to be near that baby every day, it is my job to take care of him while his parents work. Anyway, the purpose of the question is, would you allow someone from a high-risk area come anywhere near your newborn baby, related or not?

    3 AnswersFamily2 months ago
  • Why is my popcorn doing this?

    I wanted some popcorn today and tossed one into the microwave. I have not changed any settings or moved the micro wave...and ive never had this problem before. I cooked it using the popcorn option like I always do. Only a small portion of kernels popped. I tried again with another bag thinking the first must have been detected. Okay no big deal it happens right. I cook bag two and same thing happens. I was a litte 😠 at this point. I opened a brand new box and put one bag in the microwave. This time i manually punched in the cooking time giving it an extra 30 seconds. Again, only a small portion cooked. I am now pissed! I am poor and I dont have money to waste on defective boxes of popcorn! They are about 4 dollars a box and there's only six bags in a box. (I only like the extra buttery.) Im scared to try another one not that am still in the mood to even watch a stupid movie now. I dont want anymore waste. I tried putting the uncooked kernals in a big bowl and stuck in the microwave for two minutes but all it did was make a huge mess of still uncooked and very hot kernals in my microwave. Really i should have known better but i dont like waste. Iooked up online what I should do but didnt get any answers.

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes2 months ago
  • How do I lose weight.?

    I am fat and ugly. I want to lose 50 pounds. I have no idea how much I weight because I'm too scared to know but I'm def over 180. (im a 22 yo female.) I love snacking and I love junk food especially Burger king. It is a big habbit to eat while I'm watching tv.nIm a big snacked and Ive tried losing weight before but I Just couldn't give up my snacks. I take two walks every night but no-to little exercise aside from that. 

    34 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • Does the Family channel still do this?

    I have two daughters, my oldest is three almost four. She loves Halloween and I feel bad that she won't get to do any Halloween things this year. In my area, trick or treating as well as hayrides and haunted houses have been canceled/banned due to the coronavirus. I was recently talking with my sister about wanting to find something fun for my daughter to do this Halloween. She mentioned that the family channel used to do this thing called monstober. Basically, the whole month of October was filled with Halloween themed shows and moved, even the commercials. However, my sister told me this was a few years ago she watched it as our parents haven't had cable in three years. So, she doesn't know if the Family channel still does this. I looked online but couldn't find the information I was looking for. So, to those who had cable last October and have the family channel, do they still do this? I don't currently have this channel as my oldest is still on tree house and my second is only a baby.

    Halloween2 months ago
  • How can I get my sister to see that this is dangerous?

    I have a younger sister who is in her early teens. She has a TikTok account which is fine. The problem is she often films her videos in the morning after she gets dressed for school. My sister wears a uniform. So, in her videos, the name of the school she attends is often seen. I've told her that she should never reveal what school she attends online, that is is dangerous to reveal your school or address on social media. She doesn't believe me. I've talked to our parents but they failed to see the problem, saying, "oh, it's no big deal. No one is going to show up at her school and kidnap her." Though it's not likely to happen, it could. Since my parents won't help, how do I convince my sister not to post any more videos dressed in something that has her school name? Also, her account is not private. 

    5 AnswersFamily2 months ago
  • Tiktok help?

    If you can bother to answer. My TikTok account won't let me film for more than 15 seconds when I use someone's else sound that's more than 15 seconds. I select the 60 seconds option but it tells me I'm only allowed 15 seconds. Even though everyone else I see use these sounds are able to do the whole sound. How can I fix this problem?

    Other - Internet2 months ago
  • How do you delete a yahoo account?

    I am tired of my questions either getting no answers, stupid answers that have nothing to do with the question, or answers that involve calling me names. I have made up my mind that yahoo answers is completely useless and I want to delete my account. I can't seem to figure out how. 

    Yahoo Answers2 months ago
  • Do they still do this?

    Those who have cable and children. This question is for you. On the family channel do they still do monstober? I'm thinking of adding the family channel for October because I used to love monstober. Every October was called Monstober on the channel and the entire month of October was filled with Halloween themed shows and commercials and stuff like that and it would play Halloween movies every Friday night. Halloween is my favourite holiday and says I'm too old to trick-or-treat and I can't go to parties because of Corona and I can't go to my grandma's because of Corona my only chance of having a good Halloween is if the Family Channel still does Monstober. Please let me know I don't want to pay to add the channel if they don't do it anymore.

    1 AnswerOther - Television3 months ago
  • Having a friend over during Corona?

    I had a good friend reach out to me the other day. She's going through a rough patch and wants to be in the company of a friend, meaning me. I told her I'd have to think about it because of Corona. I have been seeing people, but only in small groups, only family members, and not more than once a week. I follow all the rules about masks and 6 feet apart stuff as does she. I told her I had to wait 7-14 days because I just recently, though it was six feet apart, visited an aunt who works at the hospital. I've been feeling really lonely and in need of some company too. She's even offered to wear a mask while at my house. I want to have her over, and I will self-isolate for 14 days after she leaves. Neither of us leave the house much. Would it be okay? Or would it absolutely unsafe to have over? We don't live in the same area. I will check how bad the virus is where she lives before making my decision. 

    2 AnswersFriends3 months ago