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  • What to do when we can’t agree on parenting? ?

    I have a 7 year old who is showing strong behavioral issues. He is talking back, getting aggressive and doesn’t want to listen when being spoke to nicely & more then several times. Then finally when I’ve had it because he refuses to listen the correct way and I get loud & firm & strict on him & punish him or put him in time out, his father doesn’t like it and ALWAYS finds an excuse as to why our confrontation/blow up happened all because of me claiming it’s my fault in front of my son. He sees my son start crying after I’ve confronted him & he doesn’t like that of course & his dad will defend him every time and tells our son I am trash, to not listen to me all because I got our son in trouble when he should be in trouble. Dad never lets our son take ANY accountability, or any responsibility. No matter the situation it’s ALWAYS my fault. Dad isn’t even around us more then half the time as he is sleeping or plugged with his Xbox earphones and when he finally hears or sees us arguing he comes and just right off the bat goes toward my son hugs him and tells him to not listen to me. Then I wonder why my son doesn’t want to listen to me everyday when I am the person who wakes up my son for school, get him ready, feeds him, helps him all day with distance learning & works full time from home, cleans all while dad has been focusing on himself going through depression with headaches for 7 months and does literally nothing for our son but come defend him every time my son is wrong. 

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  • Should I take my 7 year old to ABA therapy? ?

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the route I should take for my son. If you have experience with ABA please let me know the pros and cons if any. My son is having behavioral issues such as being very disrespectful, Gets very angry when his cousins play around with him takes jokes to serious and gets very defensive, can’t accept when he’s wrong or take accountability for his actions, talks back a lot and it’s to the point where I have actually started getting embarrassed and appalled by his attitude and disrespectfulness. So I started searching online and found ABA. And I am thinking of taking him to the doctor in which he can deem is necessary and refer him to ABA. But I am worried if there’s and cons to this? Or if I should hold off? I just want support for him. He struggles with ADHD also so I think he lacks patience and gets frustrated also. I am sure he has picked up some of these flaws from me as a mother and I have been working changing myself to be a better parent and watch what I say or what I do but I feel like I need some support for him and don’t think counseling would get through to him or interest him at this time. Please let me know thank you. 

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  • What should I do?

    I am 26, have been with my partner since we were in 12th grade. Only knew each other for a year or less when I got pregnant. We have our 7 year old now. I am seriously in middle of deciding what I should do between Option1 or 2.

    1) leave my partner because he is not very present with me or an active parent to our son overall in these 7 years of his life. Also doesn’t ever see my family although we always see his. Doesn’t want to compromise. Has excuses left & right when my family is welcoming & loving and very family oriented as well as religious with morals. I have ALWAYS gone to weddings, baby showers, family parties by myself and son. Felt like I still do like a single mother.  If we get counseling will be a closer step to consider option 2.

    2) want to have a baby.he always has it was always me the one afraid. Scared to take on responsibility for a baby and primarily for our 7 year old as he lacks as an active parent helping out and interacting with our child, helping with school work or bonding with him. Even tho we are financially stable, rent a house with a lot of room and will have support from grandparents I am afraid to make this big decision and have a child with him.

    If it’s not #2 and have all this issues #1 should I still continue to be with him? Or is it time to move on and find someone else? And have a baby with someone who will be an active parent just as I??? 

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  • My 7 year old is very active Has ADHD, requires a lot of attention. He says he wants a sibling. Feel like I will loose focus on my son ?

    I am scared to have another child while my 7 year old has ADHD and can be defiant not always but he’s a handful. I mean, most kids are right? I guess he’s just a little more handful then your average. I am scared to have a 2nd baby and loose focus on him and feel he Requires A LOT of attention & I feel when he sees I start loosing focus on him, the only child he will become more defiant. Any words of encouragement? Thoughts? Thanks! 

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  • Should I have a 2nd child even though my partner isn’t & hasn’t been very helpful with our son who is 7 years old? ?

    I want  2nd baby. My son is 7 years old and now I want another child. I want my son to have a sibling. Ideally I would have liked to have two kids a couple years apart but I was 19 when I had my son. I feel like I am ready to have another one. I financially have the money, I have grandparents nearby to help, have the space etc., but I can envision my partner Not being very helpful with our baby. He’s always on his phone I promise you won’t let go of that thing. I know for a FACT he will not help out at night. I am positive he will only change a handful of diapers in the year. He doesn’t really interact much with our 7 year old so what makes me think he will be a more active parent with our new child? 

    Will he help financially? Yes. Will he help bring the diaper bag and grab this and that? Yes. Will he help me feed baby or take care of my baby so I can power nap or clean or simply eat? No. I am so concerned. I want to have another baby but I am scared to have another baby and have my other son to take care of. What do you think? Do you think would be good to have another child? Should I sign up to having a 2nd child knowing I will primarily be responsible? Or should I honestly not think of having another child & just focus on my son since I feel like I will primarily do it all with hardly any help & have to take care of my 7 year old too. 

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  • Should we end our relationship? ?

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 8 years. We have our only child who is 7. I got with him since 12th grade, we are 26 now. We were together for not even a year & we had our child. 

    At first I thought it was my bf adjusting to coming around my family. Now It’s to point where he wants to always be isolated from pretty much EVERYONE. We have no friends, gets upset when I go see my parents and stay for weekend since drive is 4 hours & he NEVER wants to go. What am I supposed to do never see my parents because he doesn’t want to go, & doesn’t want me to go either? The only person he wants to see is his own parents which is great we go to his parents every weekend since they live 10 minutes away. I love his parents & enjoy going to see them. But it’s sad he doesn’t put effort to see my family. he has gone to see my parents a handful of times in these 8 years. My family is religious, respectful, have morals But also like to have fun. We have always been Very family oriented. But he doesn’t “like” them I just feel it’s excuses. So now it’s been 2 years since he’s seen my parents. My bf has NOT had argument with my family, they are welcoming and when my parents call they ALWAYS ask about my bf how he’s doing tell him we said hi & it just breaks my heart because my bf refuses to go doesn’t want to be involved, puts me in a messed up sad place. Every Fam. wedding, baptism, baby shower I always go alone because he doesn’t like any of my other family either just excuses. What would u do?

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