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  • What training is needed to become a counsellor?

    I am considering a change of career and training to be a counsellor. (I'm currently a secondary school teacher, with 13 years experience - I've had 3 or 4 different counsellors over the last 15 years and it has always been something I've been interested in).

    I've found an introduction to counselling level 1 course (10 week course which seems to go up to level 3), Just wondered if anybody could give any advice on what else I would have to do to become a fully trained counsellor with approximate costs of courses etc?

    Thank you.

  • I want to start meditating but am not sure where to begin?

    My counsellor has suggested that I meditate every day, but I'm not sure what this really means. I've tried to do some research on it, but am now even more confused.

    I am attending alanon, which is a group for people affected by alcoholism. It is a spiritual programme. I'm not particulary religious (was brought up a catholic, but no strong religious beliefs).

    I do lead a very busy life with a lot of stress (I'm a single parent and a full time teacher) so I don't have a huge amount of time spare in the day, but want to see if meditation improves my stress levels, (and any other health benefits it may offer?) so I'm determined to find the time to fit it into my daily schedule.

    Thank you.

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  • How to deal with my teenage daughters untidyness?

    My daughter is 15 and although she does cook the dinner (which she enjoys doing) she leaves such a mess everywhere. Her room is an absolute bomb site, she throws her clothes everywhere, and when asked to tidy her room, (it can take up to a month of asking before she actually does it) she just picks all the clothes up and puts them in the wash basket, creating 3 washes!

    She leaves her plates on the floor once she has eaten. I work full time so she is here at times on her own. If she makes a snack she rarely clears up after her unless I moan. Then she turns into an attitute teenager and claims she has homework to do! She is always "going to do it" but in the end I end up doing it myself out of frustration, as I cannot live like this! I'm lucky that she is very hardworking at school, but I feel completely taken for granted. She has a £70 allowance, which I've stopped this month, as part of the condition of me setting up a bank account and card and putting money in was that she tidy her room. Even this is a problem, as although she gets this allowance, she still expects me to spend my money on things she wants, and just wants to save the money!

    My ex used to always say he was "going to do it" but had no intention of actually doing it, and he did absolutely nothing in the house, so I find it incredibly frustrating, as it's like having her dad back again, even though I left him 10 years ago!

    I feel like all I do is moan and nag (which is not the relationship I want us to have) but am exasperated as to how to get the message through to her, that I am not here to walk around clearing up after her. Her bedroom, I just shut the door and forget about it (although I find this hard) but she leaves her mess everywhere! Help!! ??

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  • Are anti depressants the answer?

    I grew up in a house with alcoholism. As a result I think I suffer from depression. I started to take anti depressants a few months ago but stopped after a couple of months then started again and have now stopped. My counsellor says I shouldn't numb my feelings and need to deal with them, but I'm now crying at any ridiculous thing. I do go the gym quite a lot which keeps the depression at bay along with reading positive books etc. My dilema is should I take the anti depressants or listen to my counsellors advice and deal with the raw and painful feelings from my childhood?

    Thank you. x

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  • X factor : who will leave tonight?

    Ok, so I was just wondering who you guys think willl leave tonight ( remember it's a double elimination, so : who do you think will leave straight away, who do you think will be in the sing off, and who do you think will leave as a result of the sing off? ) Also, who would you like to go tonight, and who would you like to win :)

    thanks so much, sorry its quite a lot of questions :) xx

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  • Does anybody know any good songs that are really positive about life in general?

    Feeling very low and lacking in confidence and thought it might help if I put some really positive songs onto my ipod to play but can't think of any? Thank you. x

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  • How can I truly love myself and be content and happy with life?

    My father was an alcoholic and my mum was affected by this. I was shown no love as a child. At 38, I'm still struggling to truly love myself and be happy and content with life. I can't have a relationship and know I need to love myself before I can, but just can't seem to work out how to do it???

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  • Can you break an internet?

    Basically, my 'friend' is accusing me of breaking her internet back in september and i was just looking for a solid argument that i most definately didn't. is it possible to break an internet? if so what you do? she won't or rather can't say exactly what i did to it other than that various people 'saw' me , so yeah im loooking for some key points to form a solid argument that you cannot break an internet.

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  • savoury cake recipies?

    For a cookery competition I need to practice my dish tomorrow. I am going to make a savoury cake with minced beef with onion and other veg .

    anyone have any good recipies ?

    thanks in advance!

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  • Savoury cake for recipies?

    For a cookery competition I need to practice my dish tomorrow. I am going to make a savoury cake with minced beef with onion and other veg .

    anyone have any good recipies ?

    thanks in advance!

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  • My friends pregnant...?

    Basically one of my best friends is about 3 weeks pregnant with some seventeen year old. She's only 12 though and i dont know whether to encourage her to have the baby or to have an abortion or to have the baby and then have it adopted. she hasnt told her parents yet and she really doesnt want to, even though i have tried to advise her otherwise. shes really naughty and smokes and drinks alot. i did try and tell her not to cos the baby will be ill but she wont listen . i really dont know what say to her i really wanna help her..

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