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  • could she be pregnant?

    so i have this friend that i ve know for quite a time and unfortunately she cant have kids because her Dr told her results showed that her ovaries failed months ago and cant have kids. so she told me that she had unprotected sex with two guys 4 weeks ago and took some prenancy tests and said that they came out negative. Later today in the morning at 3am she texts me saying she couldnt sleep but she had a craving for eggs and cereal (i was like are you freaking kidding me) and not only that shes been having alot of cravings lately that shes been eating non stop. also she tell me that she has been getting migraine headaches alot. i also know that right now she has a cold but idk if her cravings and migraines are a result of this or shes pregnant. i know for a fact that she tends to eat when shes bored so idk if this could be a good reason.

    but are these symptoms a result of pregnancy, is she pregnant?

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  • what would you do if this happened to you?

    so theres this girl that i have strong feelings for and i asked her out but instead i got rejected and she said why. her reason was because she cares what other people think of her like her sisters and friends and me being together as a couple like shes afraid and embarassed of what her sisters and friends are going to say because im not her type and because im ugly. the funny thing is that i already got to know her sisters and friends and they accept me for who i am and have nothing against me. and it really hurts because like i said i really like her and i know she does because of her behavior that gives me hints that she cares for me buts it that dumb fear of what other people are going to say. her and me are FWB but we spend time together and treat each other like a real couple.

    if this happened to any of you, what would you guys do or say to her?

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  • do i have to be friends with her?

    ok so i broke up with my girlfriend last may because shes been acting really messed up to me and would hit me on purpose just for the hell of it and used me. it took about a month to get over her and began to get my things straight. recently last september i had gotten my stuff straight and began college. she had asked for me for persmission that way i could be a job reference to help her out. the F'in nerve after what she did so i said no. but after that we began to talk to say how we are and evetually made up and apologized and started over fresh. but i now i see its begining to be a mistake because shes still acting and treating me the same. after what we agreed on i feel stupid for taking her back.

    dated and now being friends shes still acting the same. i dont know if just to cut of her friendship off and tell her again or just ignore her. im tired of her B.S.

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  • am i right for ignoring her?

    i met this girl recently and we been friends for couple of months but i noticed that she starting to change in a negative way. shes always has this attitude and takes it out on me. shes always criticizing me and brings me down. eveytime i wanna talk or text her she ignores what i have to say and changes the subject. yesterday i though this was really messed up when she said that most of the time when i talk to her she doesnt pay attention when talk to her. and im the one always paying attention to her. ive talk to her about it and other things on her attitude for our friendships sake and she starts getting annoyed and tell me to get over it like if im making it a big deal. i find it unfair and im sick of it.

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  • after a FWB relationship, is it possible to be friends.?

    so me and this girl have been together as FWB but months ago we split because we had a fight. so time went by last august she wanted to get back together. so i said yes (shouldnt have) but now i dont see things the same way before as i used to.

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • i want to lose weight but i need motivation.?

    i want to lose weight and need to because i dont want to have health problems like diabetes. but i dont have the motivation anymore and i wish i did. i used to have alot of motivation when i was younger but i guess i went though alot of crap that just brought myself esteem down. one thing for sure that got to me was my break up with my ex. she broke up with me because of my weight problem. the funny thing is that she herself isnt that great looking because shes on the chunky side as well.

    i need help, does anyone have any motivation words that can help?

    43 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • help my dad has fever and idk what to do.?

    helo my dad has fever from pnemonia. i took him to the hospital and they gave him antibiotics. but he keeps shivering from fevers and sometimes his temperature rises from average and sometimes he shivers with his temp rising. and i wanna know whats the best way to treat this. some ppl told me that a cold shower and keep him fresh works good and a warm shower keeping him warm help alot. but idk who to beliee. someone plz help

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 years ago
  • help! my dad is feeling ill but we dont know what he has.?

    my dad recently got sick but my mom and i dont know what he has. he says that his body aches,he has fever of 102. i think he maybe got the flu but idk if it is, he shows no sympthoms of coughing or sneezing. we would of just taken him to the doctors but we dont have health insurance... if anyone has an idea what he could have plz help.

    4 AnswersMental Health8 years ago
  • my friend wants me to smoke with him. idk what to tell him?

    so i have a friend that smokes weed and he invited me to chill with and smoke out. and i dont know what to do , i mean its tempting and all but i been clean and stopped since last year and i been trying to stop i mean things have been good trying to get my stuff straight. but idk what to tell him. i wanna stay clean but its just so tempting. and also idk what to tell him.

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  • Does any one know any cheatcodes for World of Tanks game?

    if anybody knows i would appreciate it.:)

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games8 years ago
  • she used me, should i be upset about it even after the break up?

    my ex girlfriend talked about our break up and decided to forgive each other and she admitted that she did use me when i was with her by sayin that i let myself get punked out and let people walk all over me which i thought it was bullshit just for her to say that she was the one that was doing that all along and didnt have the guts to say that she was using me because no one else did me wrong at time other than her but i was blind by love. but when we broke up she claimed that she never did, so that was pretty much a lie and i had gotten upset when she admitted it but i did tell her that i was still goin to forgive her.

    she told me that i was making it a big deal that i shouldnt get mad, which is understandable because i already moved on and she still hasnt. but i guess the reason why i got mad is because i used to like her alot and she was my first so i didnt know much and the lie she told me and the fact that she did use me got me upset.

    my question is did i overreact or did i have every right to be upset? even though she did use me, should i still be friends with her, i know its up to me but in anyones situations that they gone through what did you guys do? blow that person off or still be friends with her?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • jealousy and selfishness. are they the same?

    is jealousy the same as being selfish? my ex found out i was going out with someone else and moved on and she flipped and she started saying that that it should of been her and made a scene. she denies that shes not selfish.

    4 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • how to break up with someone without fighting?

    so currently i got to talk again with my ex girlfriend (big mistake obviously) and thought things would change because we discussed on learning from our mistakes and make changes to gain our trust back and start our relationship back again. 2 weeks go by and things go down hill and she begins act all selfish, immature and messed up to me like before and im fed up with it. she keeps shoving my imperfections in my face and of course i do defend myself and tell her bout her flaws but she keeps on instigating an argument. one example last week i invite her to the movies and she i agreed to go but later on as of yesterday night she says her cousins offered her to go with them that they would pay for her and supposibly she no choice to go, to be honest i was disappointed but i understood and told her ok go ahead. today i found out she lied and wasnt true, her cousin told me that she asked her to go with her.she could at least told me.

    my question is, how do i break it off without starting a fight. our last break up was pretty bad and i dont want that to happen again. i know things wont turn out good with her. a good friend of mine said that i should ignore her. is ignoring a good method? also im getting tired of her taking me for granted because she knows im always there for her and knows i really like her but she keeps posting on facebook that she SO sad that shes going to be single and alone forever.

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • is there any books or quotes about liars?

    the reason is im starting to get sick of my girlfriends lies. i myself lie but i dont lie to her and shes always critizing me bout lying. last time i invited her to the movies and later she says that her relatives beg and tell her to go with them. and later i find out that shes the one who told them that she wanted to go with them. which to me is ok that she goes with them but she should of at least told me the truth.

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  • help! does anyone know any cute love poems?

    does anyone know any love poems? plz appreciated if some helped. :)

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago
  • how can i tell and show my girl that i love her?

    so me and my ex girlfriend got back together and told each other that we love each other. also we've been intimate alot everytime i visit her and everytime i do i feel as if im giving the wrong sign that im just using her for sex and i dont want that. i love her and dont want to lose her cause of this. what can i do?

    Singles & Dating8 years ago
  • what does this mean? help!?

    my freinds ask me if this girl and me were an item. what does that mean?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • my ex girlfriend wants me as a reference. should I?

    i recently got an email from my ex ask if i would be a reference to apply for a job. she and i used to be coworkers. but anywho, i feel like i dont really want to because it still shows she hasnt even changed by her selfishness. its been months we havent talked to each other after we had a pretty bad break up and later apologized and agreed on a final good bye. she only looks for me when she needs something. i would expect something like hey how are you.

    My question is should i or shouldnt? im still mad at her for cheating on me and being used.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • my ex wants me as a job refference. should I ?

    i got an email from my ex, asking permission from me to be a job refference. she used to be my coworker til the store closed down. should i let her?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • how do you react when you see your ex girlfriend?

    so basically its been like 5 months that we havent seen or talked to each other. i recently seen her at a store but she didnt see me. i can see that shes done good, lost weight and thats about it. and me ,well im still the same ol guy tryin to solve my problems. my question is how do i react or behave if she were to see that im still the same ol guy? im still losing the weight and working out.

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