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  • Phone sending weird messages to unknown senders. Is it hacked?

    Today I've noticed my Android smartphone, which is a Motorola Moto G5, which I've had for nearly 2 years now, has started sending weird messages to unknown senders. It's been sending these at times when I would not be using my phone, such as when I'm at work or when I'm driving, so I know I'm not responsible for the messages. The messages also consist of random strings of letters and numbers and other such symbols. Below are links to screenshots of the messages.

  • Leave a lane gap when overtaking a foreign lorry. Is this good advice?

    I do lots of motorway driving. I play football in Maidstone, I shop at Bluewater a lot and my girlfriend lives in Surrey. Obviously I own a car and have a full driving licence so making these journeys is not a problem, but I frequently encounter European lorries on these motorways. I have been told about these when I was learning, and quite frankly it involves much anticipation just to pass those left-hand drive lorries as they cannot see cars to their right, so if a European HGV tries to overtake something, it could end in tragedy. Thankfully I watched an episode of Fifth Gear where the issue is covered, and Tiff Needell says to leave a lane between me and the foreign lorry (i.e. the lorry is in the left lane so I overtake it in the right lane instead of the middle lane). Here's the Fifth Gear episode:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I even overtake foreign lorries in this manner, but my parents told me that it could be classed as lane hogging because I've left an empty lane between me and the foreign lorry, and lane hogging is illegal and punishable by means of fines of up to £100 and points on my licence because someone behind might get angry and start tailgating or overtake on the left. But I am dead if a lorry sideswipes my tiny little Corsa. What's the best course of action? Do I take Fifth Gear's advice or not?

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  • Is this build any good?

    I'm a GTA gamer. Two of my favourites are GTA IV and GTA V (which is coming out on PC this Autumn). I also like to crank the realism settings in FSX up to a level that 20 FPS at 11,000 feet and above would not be possible from my laptop if not for Razer Game Booster. Will this build suit my needs? I don't wanna spend too much so I've come up with it since it only costs £611.11. If you think you have a better build, please do suggest it in your answer.

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  • Cheap motherboards and high end PC components...?

    My brother thinks it's a bad idea to use high end AMD Athlon X4 processors and Radeon R7 260X GPU's etc on low end motherboards. I don't know whether this is true or not. He has built a damn expensive PC for 3D imaging and playing BF4 and Watchdogs, so he's the first port of call for all PC-related dilemmas, but unfortunately not this one. From what I know, the motherboard is just a connection for all the hardware and the GPU and the RAM chips and the HDD and the CPU and everything else. I could be wrong because he's built a PC and I haven't. I'm interested in building a gaming PC to play GTA IV and, when available on PC, GTA V, and I don't want the unit to blow up and take my eyeballs out before I get to type the password, but there again, I don't have as much of a budget as he has.

    So anyway, is he right?

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  • Which gaming PC is the best?

    I am excited about GTA V coming out on PC. I am also annoyed that my stupid laptop stopped being able to run GTA IV for no reason (it used to run it really well despite VERY low FPS) and would also love to be able to play that game again too.

    As a GTA gamer, I know how demanding GTA games are. As it is, my laptop averages 25 FPS when playing GTA San Andreas, but since I started using it to play GTA IV as well, it frequently drops to 4 FPS (I've never had that in GTA IV, the lowest I've had in GTA IV is 9 FPS, highest being 13 FPS). This laptop I am using, just so as you know, is an Acer Aspire 5349 with a 683GB HDD, 6GB of RAM, Windows 7 64-bit and a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron CPU B185 processor. Not good intense gaming gear unless you want your case fan working overtime to cool your burning processor, vomit-inducingly poor FPS and the game crashing too frequently for your liking.

    My brother sent me a parts list for the build I need using Facebook Messenger (he has built his own PC with the purpose of 3D imaging for university):

    I also created a parts list for what was a slightly cheaper build at the time (prices have been going all over the show lately):

    I already have a mouse so I deliberately left that out of the parts lists.

    So which build is the best? Alternatively, if you have a better build, please show me it.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 10.1 possible LCD malfunction?

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 10.1 is having problems with the screen. The digitizer and everything else are all OK, but the icons on the screen are flickering and going all over the place and the colours are really messed up. I've only had it for a few weeks and now this is happening. I don't know if there's a fault with the LCD or the logic board or what, but what I want to know is what the problem is and if it can be repaired or if it is a £300 total loss. It is still within guarantee but the store I bought it from have no advice in the troubleshooting section on their website regarding the product whatsoever, so I'm wondering whether I'm better off driving all the way to the store where I bought it from to find out if it can be done in branch or searching online for somewhere that I know can fix these things. The problems I have with these third party retailers though is that, although they can do the job cheaply compared to the manufacturer, I may void the 1 year warranty so if another fault develops, I'm doomed. Also I run the risk of being scammed if I get it repaired elsewhere.

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  • Eight Legs Of The Law?

    Today I noticed a spider in a packet of grapes imported from Spain. The spider was completely black and looked poisonous so my only option was to kill it. I then thought about what would happen if a dangerous arachnid, like a poisonous spider or even a scorpion, was hiding in foreign food and you started eating with no idea that danger in a small, eight-legged package was lurking round the corner and then WHAM!!! The startled arachnid attacks you, distributing lethal amounts of venom into you, but medical attention arrives quickly enough to save your life. Would you be able to bring legal action against the supermarket you purchased the offending item from? How much compensation might you be entitled to? Would anyone involved in the production of the product in question accept any responsibility for what happened?

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  • How good is Piriform Defraggler in comparison to Windows Disk Defragmenter?

    I have downloaded Piriform Defraggler and CCleaner from Piriform. My brother thinks that they are malware and that Defraggler is pointless because Windows already has a standard defragmentation program and Disk Cleanup. There are areas which CCleaner misses that Disk Cleanup cleans, and areas that Disk Cleanup misses that CCleaner cleans, and CCleaner has received many positive reviews AND a good rating on a TV programme called "The Gadget Show", so there is no need to worry about CCleaner. Defraggler has also received lots of good reviews. Defraggler scans quicker than Windows Disk Defragmenter, but nonetheless, it detects fragmentation that Disk Defragmenter doesn't. It is also thorough with the defragmentation process, tells you exactly what is going on and has a nice interface. But what I'm asking is, first of all, whether or not Defraggler (or any other Piriform program) is malware and, second of all, how much better (or worse) Defraggler is than Disk Defragmenter.

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  • What's not to like about this video?

    I uploaded this video to YouTube last week and here I am one week later and I've noticed a dislike on the video. Here's the video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I know I misspelled 'intercontinental' but I'm not much good at spelling. Apart from that, I can't see anything wrong with it.

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  • Why does Norton 360 no longer find risks?

    Lately I've been running scans on Norton 360 and it comes up with "Risks Found: 0" at the end of the scan. It is important to note that the type of scan I run is a full system scan. Although this may sound like an excellent thing, it is also important to note that I download a lot of files from the internet, and, when studying IT at college last year, I found out that files downloaded from the internet may have viruses that anti-virus software may not detect. So far, my copy of Norton 360 has detected 8 threats, 7 of which were removed and one was quarantined. With the stealthiness of viruses versus the effectiveness of Norton 360, I don't know if Norton 360 not finding any risks is a testament to the effectiveness of Norton 360 or a cause for concern. What are your views?

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  • Can a laptop charge itself from its USB?

    I just found this video on YouTube:

    Youtube thumbnail

    It shows the ultimate solution to a laptop battery that keeps running out. Basically, there is a laptop charger with one end that plugs into the charger port of the laptop and the other end plugs into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port, since you can plug your mobile phone or your iPod in the USB and it recharges the battery, and if you were to charge the laptop's battery in such a way, you would, in theory, have infinite power for your laptop. Would that work in reality? I know it's Troll Science, but it seems a bit down to Earth to be fake, unlike anything else in Troll Physics.

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  • Why is it that I seem more attractive to women when I'm driving my car or wearing my sunglasses?

    I'm 19. I've had this happen to me quite a lot now. The question is self-explanatory really. I'm only ever attractive to the women when I'm driving my car or wearing my sunglasses. I remember once I was walking down a street and the sun got a bit bright so I put on my sunglasses and then these young women stared at me (they didn't stare when I wasn't wearing my shades). Also they only seem to notice me more when I'm driving my car, cruising down the street with my window down and the stereo turned up loud. The young female students can get a better look at me in my car when I'm driving to and from college and they get a good look at me in my car because I drive slowly in the car park because the speed limit is 5 mph and that car park is a minefield of speed ramps so if I exceed that I risk damaging my car and having my student parking permit revoked. Anyway, why I more attractive to young women when I'm wearing sunglasses or driving my car than I am left to my own devices? This fascinates me. I don't argue with it. I just go with it and drive and wear sunglasses whenever I can.

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  • Which would have been the best way to download Minecraft?

    Earlier this year I downloaded Minecraft for free on Mediafire. I could have downloaded it legitimately from Mojang like you should BUT when it came to entering card details I couldn't see the https:// at the beginning of the URL address because the URL address began with http:// and there was no padlock icon. You need to see https:// and the padlock otherwise you can't trust the site. As a result I just turned to Mediafire and downloaded a copy of Minecraft for free as a JAR (Java Archive) file. I then scanned it with Norton 360 and it was then good to go. It's all very well downloading something and paying for it because it is less likely to have viruses but that is what antivirus software, such as Norton 360 or AVG are for. They can detect and remove viruses but they cannot recover money stolen from you over the internet. Was this the right decision? How would you have downloaded Minecraft in this situation? The legit way from Mojang and risk falling a victim to online theft or the not so legit way from Mediafire and risk something resolvable if you have an antivirus?

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  • Would this vehicle be road legal in the UK?

    I have seen Kill Bill. Being a petrolhead, one thing that sticks in my head well is the pickup truck driven by Buck Hershaft. Here is a clip from the movie on YouTube.

    Youtube thumbnail

    The vehicle is shown at 4:50 into that clip. It is also driven in this music video by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce called Telephone.

    Youtube thumbnail


    As you can see, on the tailgate of the vehicle, there is a slogan that says "***** WAGON" in huge letters. Other people might find this offensive if they see the vehicle but I have seen boy-racers put offensive bumper stickers on their cars. It is illegal to swear in public but what I'm asking is whether it would be illegal to put swear words on your car in the UK. It is obvious that vehicle has never been outside the USA but laws are different in America to what they are in England.

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  • What is the deal with British Airways' Olympic commercial?

    Here it is on YouTube.

    It seems real and at the same time fake too. Like something you'd see on I keep saying it's fake because the plane's wings would get knocked off if they did this in reality. However my brother insists it could be done because there are some wide parts in London. So is it real or fake?

    And another thing. Illuminati people insist that is a warning of terrorism because of the plane passing Big Ben and approaching the Olympic stadium and the market scene where someone yells "Everybody's dead now!" and the backing track is London Calling by The Clash, which is basically about the apocalypse in London. Should I pay attention to that? I've heard that is a load of bilge.

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  • Would James Bond's car be road legal?

    I know I have asked questions about this quite a lot on Yahoo! Answers but at school I have been threatened by a student. He said he was going to shoot me whilst I'm driving. I suppose I could call the police but I think they might arrest me for wasting police time and they might have more important matters like criminals to arrest. I've been thinking of all kinds of solutions. One of which is to create the kind of stuff you'd see on a car driven by James Bond, such as a flamethrower or an oil slick or even guns or guided missile systems. I've seen Richard Hammond and James May modify a Range Rover in such a way in the Top Gear At The Movies DVD (I draw the line at the invisibility thing and all the heavy stuff as this would hinder performance and look stupid).

    Another reason for me to ask this question is that I read in a motoring magazine that the Aston Martin DB5 driven by James Bond in Goldfinger actually had these devices because it was the 1960's and computer technology hadn't been developed enough for the purposes of film production. Nonetheless the DB5 was sold at auction for obviously a mighty high price but how would the highest bidder get home if his wheels weren't road legal just because it has ejector seats, a strange thing that pops out of the centre of the wheel and punches out the tyres of the villain's car, machine guns, effectively fireworks shooting out the front and some crazy other stuff.

    How would such a vehicle get through an MOT test with that stuff? Would it affect the driver's insurance? Would the police get suspicious?

  • What is iLivid and what does it do?

    Many websites advertise it and it has come to my attention that iLivid has had a lot of bad press. I know that iLivid is a download manager but what would my computer be able to do if it had iLivid Download Manager as a pose to if it didn't have iLivid? Is there a reputable substitute to iLivid?

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  • Why is prostitution illegal?

    Prostitution is illegal everywhere in the world, except for Holland. But why? I even saw this debate on SodaHead about taxi drivers in New York being required to refuse travel to prostitutes.

    What's all that about? If someone wants to pay to get off with prostitute why would that be illegal? If they get a deadly STD then they will have applied Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection by removing themselves and probably the prostitutes from society and the gene pool.

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  • How do I fix this STOP Error?

    My laptop is broken. It is showing the Blue Screen Of Death. At the top of the screen, just below where it says "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer", it says "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_ERROR", and at the bottom of the screen the following technical information is displayed:

    *** STOP: 0X000000ED (0X86758030, 0XC000009C, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

    Is there any way I can fix this error or will I need to see a computer technician?

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  • Is something really wrong with my car?

    Today I was picking my younger brother up from a school where he was playing his trumpet in a band. As I pulled up in the car park and waited for him to come someone who worked there said something was wrong with my car. He said it was making a clicking noise when the engine was idling and was due to a malfunction with something to do with the oil reservoir and wouldn't do the big end much good and would annihilate the crankshaft. When my brother was finished in the school he came and said it was "a load of bulls***". The car has been doing this since I first bought it in November 2010. The car in question is a 2002 Vauxhall Corsa. No warning lights stay on after I start the engine so I don't think anything is wrong with it either but the person who pointed this out has had 45 years of experience and has a car with a 1.0 litre petrol engine and mine is also 1.0 litre. No mechanical alterations were made in the two years I have owned the vehicle with the exception of the installation of a new exhaust tip when the old one was getting old and rusty and other stuff to get it through MOT tests (which it has passed). Is something really wrong here? I don't know much about engines and nobody else has made this observation. Not even people like the driving instructor when I drove the car in driving lessons or the examiner when I took my driving test in the car, and these sort of people will know what they're talking about when it comes to automobiles.

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