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  • free site that hosts 100mb+ files for aspiring musicians?

    does anyone know a site that will host large files and let me have a page for free or relatively cheap? i mix house/trance and the likes, and im looking for a place that will host my large mixes and let me have a small bio or some minor info at the mixes vary from 6 min to 2 hours, and i need a place that will host files over 100mb...thanks in advance :) anything else you need/want to know ask and ill try to add it on here..

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  • who's about to get hit with snowy weather? is currently showing that its going to be icey and nasty tomorrow with a winter advisory for me (im in maryland) yet when i put in my zip code and check tomorrows forecast it shows sun, and when i do hour by hour to see when it should start rainning as it IS at 90% chance of rain tomorrow, it proceeds to show me a warm and sunny this sh*t just a hoax to get people to go to the store or is it actually going to happen? theyve called for a fair amount of snow this year and so far we've gotten like 4 total inches...

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  • Does anybody from Maryland want to sell their car cheap?

    I need a car to go back to school in the fall and get to a second job. Public transportation isnt possible as school and work are too far apart to be plausible. It is too far for to bike. I am just looking for anything that is reliable, and don't care about looks. Only respond if you can possibly help me out!

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  • How can I make quick money to buy a car?

    I need a car to get to school in less than a month because I am a commuter. Without a car I can't go back. A job is the obvious choice, but it is hard to find a decent job without a car! Internet "paid surveys" NEVER pay so please don't suggest that. Borrowing a parents car is not an option either as I need to be able to get from school to a job and will need the car available at all times.

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