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  • What handguns have a smooth action like an M9?

    I've had an M9 for years and its slowly getting worn out. I like the look and feel of glock's but I don't like the slide. In fact I have noticed 90% of actions on handguns are like this. I don't like barrels that aren't fixed (and even arc up when the slide goes back). I think this is one of the reasons the M9 is one of the most accurate handguns ever used in service. I know not everybody likes it. But its action is butter smooth. And I find it frustrating that when I go handgun shopping, the majority of handguns don't have this butter smooth feel to the action. Thoughts?

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  • Is it safe and non-damaging to put a car on two jacks one side?

    Typically you put two jacks under a car on the fronts or rears. What I essentially want to know is whether its damaging to the vehicle to list it onto one side with two jacks at the front and rear of the left side only?

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  • Why do I wake up faster when I go to sleep super tired?

    So I could spend time trying to go to sleep and then sleep for 10 hours. But if I do something relatively less usual, like getting up at 5:30am and going to bed at 10:30pm (I am super tired and fall asleep in seconds) I usually wake up in about 5 hours excited and ready to get up if I don't force myself to go back to sleep.

    So the question is; why is it when im super tired I wake up much earlier and much more energetic than usual?

  • Where can I have HTML code proof read?

    I am very frustrated because I am actually happy with how a website is turning out other than random glitches depending on what browser its being used in and I have no idea how to get a simple couple pages of coding proof read or adjusted? Is there any convenient way to do that online?

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  • Is there a reason people often treat you dumb when you ask a question on here?

    Especially mechanical questions! I repair a lot of things myself very successfully. And I find the biggest educational tool in knowledge is FAILURE! So why is asking a question often treated as idiocy by people on here. Especially car questions with responses like "why you should have taken it to a mechanic in the first place..."

    I have virtually learned how to do most of things I ordinarily do myself through failure and asking questions. I don't see why this is treated as such a negative thing.

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  • Messed with Fuses to fix High Beams... Now won't Start?

    I have a 2012 Jetta 2.5. It functioned fine. I downloaded a fuse diagram and replaced the high beam fuses since they were not functioning. However suddenly the car cranks perfectly but does not start. I meticulously checked every single fuse (non-of which are blown) and triple checked they were all exactly in the right spot. Nothing... But I find it a hard to be a coincidence this happened right as I messed with the fuses. But now I am stuck and can't start the car! What could possibly be wrong???

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  • Why will my second graphics card not display anything when plugged into a monitor?

    So I have a two graphics card setup. They both show up on device manager. But any monitor that is plugged into the second card is undetectable. I have narrowed the problem down to the card itself. And usually I would presume that it means the card went bad but it shows up in device manager just fine, fully updated. What is the meaning of this? Why won't it activate any monitors plugged into it?

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  • Why does my M1 Garand immediately attempt to lock into battery without release?

    Despite many examples to the contrary; I have noticed that my M1 Garand bolt will attempt to lock into battery (the moment I load full clip) without waiting for me to release pressure. Not only does it cause a higher risk of Garand thumb... but I have noticed that not all of these rifles seem to operate in this manner as demonstrated by many Garand experts. It seems to be a topic of huge debate but I have watched a few of these rifles wait for release after the follower has been completely compressed into the magazine. Is this something wrong with my rifle? Is it simply built differently? Or am I doing something wrong?

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  • Why do surveillance camera's look like they're raining in infrared?

    I have 3 outdoor security camera's that switch to infrared during the night. They are motion detected so its extremely annoying that they detect what looks basically like heavy rain at times... but nothing is going on outside. I am not sure what it is? Is it just invisible dust only Infrared can see? Other outdoor cameras don't have this problem....?

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  • Is it legal to setup surveillance camera's in your own room of a rented place?

    I live with two roommates. I had a feeling one of my roommates goes in my room without necessarily my knowledge. So I bought a safe, locks on my stuff, and a motion activated, text, camera in my room ONLY. Not a week went by and I've already seen him go in my room and take soda's out of my fridge and stupid trivial stuff like that. Hes unaware of the camera or of me being aware of his activity in there. But he likes to manipulate the legal card whenever possible. Can I legally be doing this in a rented place with roommates?

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  • Dizziness, Faint, Brain Fog for days?

    For going on two weeks now I have had daily bouts of dizziness, feeling faint and just having brain fog. I am 27 years old so its unusual to have higher concerns but it has created anxiety at this point.

    I went to the doctor and was given a regular physical with a blood panel. The blood results came back great with good liver, kidney function, etc. But the fact is I am still having symptoms and the anxiety of it only enhances it I would imagine.

    Motion can often encourage it. If I am moving about or say looking upside down it further encourages the sense of imbalance and disorientation. And I don't think it could be an ear infection because I neither have ear pain nor was anything seen in there by the doctor...

    I would like to think its dehydration but all the water in the world doesn't make the now daily symptoms go away. I feel best, and most normal, first thing in the morning when I first wake up but, of course, the symptoms naturally occur throughout the day. I am afraid its a heart issue but I also would like to think a general physical would have detected that.

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  • Is there such a thing as drinking too many fluids in general?

    I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk and, I suppose its somewhat of an addiction, but I always have to have something in front of me to drink. Just sitting at a desk, throughout the day, I drank a bottled iced tea, two small drip coffees, two or three decafs, and a couple tea's. And I just started wondering; is there such a thing as just drinking too many beverages a day?

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  • Is Display Port not compatible with other cables for dual monitors??

    I used to have a couple HDMI's and a VGA converted cable to connect three monitors. Ever since I got a new graphics card with a display port cable, I have been unable to get another monitor to work using HDMI or VGA for them.... If they aren't compatible that is bullshit and I would call Display Port a downgrade.

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  • As an Ex writing to an Ex for the first time in months... would this be okay?

    Basically I found an old picture behind a piece of furniture. And it belonged to the only person in my life I still think about years later. And while I tried to get into contact before I pretty much got shot down. But the person still lingers in my mind every day. And with finding the photo I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on a message like this for the first time in a long time in email:

    "I just found a picture today, behind a piece of furniture, and it made me think of you. Usually I would just get rid of it. But its a picture of you when you were a kid. On old film print. So it doesn t seem right to simply toss it. Do you want it back?

    And since I am talking to you... I know its been a few months, but I was wondering if you would be interested in being friends? I know I can t really recover what we used to have, and that both of us have moved on... But you re still an old friend that I have missed. And I was wondering, maybe, if we could just be that again."


    - JDRhoads"

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    How do you space deck planks on a diagram properly with math?

    So I have a deck with a width and length. I've gotten most of the superstructure diagramed out along with the position of the joists. However I now have to take 50 deck planks and divide it by the width.

    But since the planks aren't 2 dimensional lines without width... how do I insure that the first plank touches the edge and spaces the rest out evenly to the otherside with a small margin in between them?

    3 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • Bluetooth Double Pairing Impossible : sucks?

    So I am not technologically illiterate and I have paired multiple bluetooth devices. But the reason I like cable is because I don't have BULLSHIT frustrating issues like this: ...

    Okay so I have a VW 2012 Jetta. I was able to connect my iPhone to it, via Bluetooth, to play music. But one day I tried connecting my wireless earbuds to my phone. And in the process I told my phone to "forget the device" on my car so it would stop switching over to it. And ever since I have not been able to reconnect my phone to my car. And I can't hardline my car because neither an AUX cable nor the original cable for iphones exists anymore thanks to those ******* assholes. And the VW 2012 has no "pairing" ability. which is beyond my understanding....

    Now... I have decided to pair my wireless earbuds to my desktop. And it was fun. But then I decided to use my earbuds on my phone again. And now no matter how much I put the earbuds on "pairing" or turn off and on bluetooth on either the desktop or the phone... neither will connect to the earbuds. And I am about ready to break both. Both say they are unable to connect to the earbuds no matter how much I try to turn on and off the earbuds, and put them back on pairing... I am really getting pissed off at this ****. First the car... now the computer and my phone... What the **** am I doing wrong? OR what the **** is wrong with bluetooth ?

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    Novice Blueprint Planning Math Question?

    So basically I have this outline of a deck that actually exists. The outer dimensions I am sure are right. The problem is this... After using the obvious tools in the picture to measure out the lengths of the joists... I am left with one extra.

    Essentially there are exactly 33 joists. From end to end. Counting the one at the very beginning... to the very end. So I took the total length of the deck... 27 (paper inches) divided by 33. Which is 0.8181. I measured out the distance and used a protractor compass the rest of the way. I was very happy when it met the end of the deck drawing perfectly. However my frustration lies in the fact that they're are 34 joists. When in real life there are 33 total end to end.... What am I doing wrong? Why is the math coming out wrong when the compass matched the drawing perfectly?

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  • How do I convert 3 Triple A batteries into a plug in power source?

    I m not expert in electronics but I know its possible to, with the right resources, convert something that is battery powered to something that is plugged in. I have three models that light up, but they each depend on three Triple A batteries. Now obviously I cannot run them lit consistently with batteries. So I would like to plug them in by connecting power cables to the ends where batteries would normally connect. Is this possible? I mean it must be... but how would it be accomplished.

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  • Do ex's, particularly ex-fiances, ever really come back?

    I was dating a girl for nearly 3.5 years. She highly sought after engagement after awhile. I can't say I ever felt so close to somebody. I was ready to commit, and settle. On August 1st I proposed, she very happily said yes, and we went to a Green Day concert that following night.

    Two months later she left me. She said I was too sensitive, emotional and immature. And that she had thought about breaking up for a long time but she had hoped getting engaged would make her happy. She knew, from the get go, that I suffered from anxiety that I was medicated for. And I always had an inner feeling in my gut that it would potentially ruin my relationship. She also hated my mom, whom is an asshole. And I tried hard to protect her from. But ultimately she left. And not only did she leave, but she had hooked up with another guy less than a month after she abandon me. She said she was really sorry and never wanted to hurt me.. And it really broke my heart. I have never felt so much pain, loneliness and abandonment. Let alone the betrayal of being replaced so fast and so easily. Its been two months. And I even got the ring back, after some nasty conversation, a stupid threat to file with court, and eventually me apologizing to her after for reacting that way.

    I suppose my question is... Why was I replaced so quickly after committing to marriage? And is there any chance they ever come back? I wish an anxiety disorder didn't ruin the best thing I had...

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