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  • Is it safe to jog on a secluded trail in the morning?

    I live in a very small town with a trail next to my home. When I was in High School, I would run on the trail during daylight hours and never had anything happen. 

    Being that I am now in college and working virtually starting at 8am, I am considering going on runs at around 6am everyday. The trail is basically only trees for about a mile and only concern is wild animals (like bears or coyotes...but would I even have to worry about that at 6 in the morning?)

    I absolutely hate running in public (Just because I am currently working on self-image issues), I am considering buying a treadmill to put in my garage to avoid these situations..but do you think running on my trail is safe to do at 6am?

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  • Is it worth upgrading your car?

    I have a 2009 Dodge Caliber, paid it off myself for a total of 4.5k last summer (with around 3k total in repairs...wasn't a smart buy).

    It currently has 106k miles on it and, this may sound stupid, but there is a 2011 version of my car that has 50k miles and is selling for 6.5k.....

    I am not well educated on car values and such so I was wondering if that would be a stupid buy to upgrade it to the newer version....?

    I have a fear of my car being older and that stems from other issues so, to me, buying a car with less mileage seems "safe" and it's more so that I want to feel "Safe".

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  • Am I wrong for wanting to upgrade my car?


    So I am now a Junior in college and I bought a used 2009 Dodge Caliber last summer (currently at 106k miles). The car itself seems to run "okay" but I paid around $2000 for total repair months ago. 

    I currently have $8000 in savings. I would like a better car due to the fact that I have 2 jobs lined up in the medical field. I also receive VA benefits from my mom being disabled. I live far from my family so I personally feel that upgrading my car wouldn't be a bad thing..but my family seems to think it is. 

    I have estimated that I would have 8000 (savings) + 1500 (trade-in) = ~$9500

    I also get $1300/month along with working at my I feel like I wouldn't have a problem with struggling to pay.

    I am looking at buying a 2020 vehicle Toyota Corolla which is around $20,000

    Honestly, I am also angry because my 17 y.o cousin got a car paid for when she turned 16...and she just got a used Jeep from my aunt. I feel hurt that I never got treatment like that...and I know that buying a car out of anger is not great...but I also feel that I would be able to handle a car payment also.

    What do you think?

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  • Brown Water in Toilet after Flushing?


    So I live in Summer dorms with my own bathroom and maybe like 2 weeks ago my toilet started to flush for a longer time. Like it would keep pushing water down after flushing any excretions (Not clogged because the flushes were still powerful).

    I ignored it and figured that it would be fine to leave alone as I am moving out in a week. But, I just went to the bathroom and flushed, came back and now the toilet bowl is filled with brown water. I only went Pee. 

    I am in a meeting until 7pm on my laptop and cannot even call anyone until after that. Is this an Emergency? Or is it safe to try flushing my toilet again?

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  • Is there any way to sound-proof a dorm room?

    I live in moved into my University's summer dorms so that I could have faster internet connection and a quiet space for my meetings and classes.

    Ironically, I am on the top floor with neighbors who blast their bass-heavy stereo ALL day (literally). So I have been crying over the fact that I cannot have quietness when I am trying to study. I had terrible roommates last semester that were loud so I think my ability to get work done with noise gets me anxious.

    I have already told my RA and front desk and all they say is: "Just call us and we will knock on their door to tell them to be quieter" Obviously it does not work if they are still doing it. 

    I am so tempted to move out and rent an apartment but that will empty my pockets. Besides playing music in my headphones 24/7, is there any way to sound-proof my dorm room floors/windows? I need help.

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  • Last choice for Maid of Honor?


    So my brother is marrying my sister-in-law and I'm currently 4 hours away at college working and doing online classes. I'm studying to go to medical school so obviously I cannot be at home a lot.

    I would say we have a great relationship as I have babysat my nephew sooo many times, we went on vacation together, and she's basically been my sister. Surprisingly, she asked me to be a bridesmaid and asked if I would be mad about it. I told her no but in reality I was a little sad and was curious as to who it was. I called my mom and told her about it and realized that my cousin (who gets everything handed to her from her dad passing away) would be her maid of honor. I was not mad but just hurt that she did not pick me. So, of course, my mother called my sister-in-law and told her everything I said and so my sister-in-law called me back and said:

    "Your mom got mad that I wasn't picking you so you will be my maid of honor, I am not mad about it but I just wanted *my cousin* to be it since she is helping me out more"  - I cannot help that I actually have a job and school though!!

    My cousin has anxiety and depression and already expressed how she is not comfortable making a speech. So how is she supposed to be the maid of honor??

    I told her to pick my cousin if she really wanted and now I just feel guilty. What should I do?

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  • Are macbooks ACTUALLY good for college?

    Hi there,

    So I am a long-time window user and have never had an apple laptop (but I do have an iPhone).

    I have been looking at a Macbook Pro as my new laptop for Junior year of college but I feel like I get mixed results on these products? I hear that they overheat and can be difficult to use in class since they are different from windows. I also hear that apple products always end up getting broken or stop working. 

    Can I get some opinions on this? The reason I want the pro is because I heard the air is only good for basic things like school-work and watching netflix. I want to be able to edit videos and such.

    Should I stick with my HP windows laptop from Freshman year or should I go ahead and buy a macbook?

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  • My car squeaks when I drive and stops when I brake?

    2 days ago I was driving my car home from the store and all of a sudden, I rolled down my window and was hearing a squeaking sounds as I was driving down the street. The noise continued until I got to the parking lot and applied my break to slow down...

    I went to an auto shop today and told them about the noise but all they did was change my oil (which was not needed). I know, I should have asked them but I am not used to going to an auto shop alone.

    They lifted my car and everything so I figured there was nothing wrong. Low and behold as I am driving home, the squeaky noise starts again! But it started 5 minutes down the road as I was in the Starbucks Drive-Thru and continued after that.

    Anyone know what is wrong?? And why the auto-repair shop did not fix it?

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  • Should I buy a new car?


    So I am a University student and I have a long back story.

    I bought a car for the first time Last Summer for $4500. I did it out of anger being that I worked since I was 16 and was not given a new car while my younger cousin was given a new car (without working) when she turned 16 (keep in mind, my parents gave her a car but not their own daughter).

    I currently have $13,000 saved up but I already have an Invisalign appointment so I can get my teeth fixed (Hoping to finance them with payments). I just am throwing that out there because it is an extra expense right now.

    Before anyone goes off on me, I have 2 jobs (one working at my university and the other in the medical field). I also am supposed to be getting $1,000/month from the VA from my mom's disability. So right there, I can afford to pay $400-$500 monthly payments.

    My whole family is telling me to not buy another car so quickly but, I feel that if I am working my butt off, and after paying off the loan to my $4500 car, I should get a new one? Especially since I will be driving 30min to and from my workplace once school starts.


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  • How long did it take you to save up for a new car?


    I thought I would ask you guys who have bought your own car...about how long it took to save up? I recently got 13k from my mom's veterans disability and I really would love to get a Jeep Wrangler (But they're about 30k lmao). I have 2 jobs lined up in the med field. Also, did you pay it off fully or do a payment plan after putting a down payment?

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  • Best Program to speak fluent Spanish in 1 year?


    So I took 2 years of French in High School, although I still cannot speak it fluently, I realized that Spanish would be most beneficial for my application to med school.

    I am currently using Duolingo to practice but does anyone recommend any programs? Or should I meet someone in my area? Any methods to actually be able to speak Spanish?

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  • Can drug tests results be emailed?

    I took a 10-panel urine drug screen test for my job and it requires that I send all my forms in today...along with my drug screen results. Long story short, I cannot remember where I put my receipt of my test. If I were to call the lab, are they allowed to send me my results via email????

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  • Are dependent college students eligible for stimulus checks?

    I received a call that my grandmother and cousin both have a pending stimulus check for their accounts due to COVID-19. I am a full-time college student who has worked part-time since I enrolled in school and have done my taxes. But, my schooling is basically free from my mom's VA benefits and I also claim myself as a dependent on my tax refund...even though my mom does not do taxes (Idk why but I just know she doesn't).

    Do I even qualify for a stimulus check?

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  • iPhone vs. Android: Which one is better?

    So, I made the switch from iPhone to Android 2 years ago when starting college. Ever since then, everyone in my group projects have iPhones and it just makes it harder to communicate -_-

    So, I was curious, which do you think is better?

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 months ago
  • How to Bypass Google Security?

    So I was recently put as a Vice President of a club at my University, and they gave all of the VP's the gmail and password for the group account. I tried logging in and it's telling me to send a verification code to a number. I texted the people in charge and they basically told me that it shouldn't be asking me that at all and that there should be a way to bypass it...I've tried logging out but it keeps telling me that I need to verify. Anyway I can pass this? I have the password and everything??

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  • Medical School: How many hours?


    So I feel like I am going crazy because I kept telling myself that I needed 1000+ hours of volunteering/shadowing/research. I thought that 1k hours was the minimum for most applicants, but as I am looking more into it, a lot of applicants only have around 100+ hours of clinical volunteering?

    Community Service8 months ago
  • Should I allow my brother to drive my car?

    I recently bought a car with a bank, I am making payments every month. I trusted my mom and step-dad to "keep my keys hidden" and no one drives it while I am at University.

    I live 4 hours away and I recently got a call from my aunt saying that my brother was driving my car. I confronted my mom and him...basically, his girlfriend (who has a child with him) left him. So, he needs a car to take my nephew places in case of Emergency.

    I know my brother. He has gotten fired from numerous jobs after a month of working, he drives recklessly, and he uses his "depression" as his excuse.

    Is it my responsibility as a sister to allow my older brother to drive my car for the next 3 months? Although he said he will give me $100 each month, I do NOT trust him. Should I make plans to go back home and park it here at college?

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  • Pre-med: Should I do research or find a job?


    So I am a pre-med student (currently in my sophomore year) and have a part-time job as an academic tutor. I tutor chemistry, psychology, and I am hoping that will look good as well.

    However, I am applying to a summer research project and already had my employers submit their letters of recommendation. As I am looking through the says that I am now allowed to take any classes during the research period (the whole summer). 

    I took a medical scribe training course and was hoping to become certified to be a scribe this summer for shadow hours and such. I also just got an email with a summer job application to be a pre-health advisor (which would build leadership experience).

    Is research THAT important for medical school? Or would they prefer to see someone as a scribe/leader?

    The reason I am so confused is because I am supposed to apply to medical school next I feel like this is the only summer where I can actually get stuff done. 

    5 AnswersHigher Education (University +)10 months ago
  • My neighbors call the police on my German Shepard?


    My old neighbor next door called the sheriff on my dog. My dog (a 1 year-old german shepard) was in-between her house and our house barking. My mom forgot to put her on her leash that time but she didn't even make contact with her.

    The cop came over and said they would have to take her into the pound the next time she called in about her.

    I go to college in a different area, and the old lady called the cops 3 times before that for her baking. It all started when my dog jumped on her (we didn't expect her to overreact and she's a puppy...I mean)

    So, is there a law to where she can call the cops if she happens to fall due to her barking? Because she said that if she slips on ice from her barking, she could sue us. Is this true??

    She threatened my parents before with a shovel and said "my brother will take care of her". We plan on buying cameras and possibly an electric fence...but I feel like that lady is going to lie to the cops next time.

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  • College students: Is it "normal" to get money from parents to help out?


    So I am in my 2nd year of University and live pretty far from home now. In my 1st year, I landed a job at Starbucks and made pretty good money.

    But, now being in my 2nd year, I have more intense courses to take along with volunteering at a hospital and recently getting hired as a academic tutor.

    However! I don't get many hours tutoring so I am barely making $90 every 2 weeks....

    Whenever my dad calls, he always asks "do you need money?" I always say No because I am too embarrassed to say I need help. My mom, however, kind of understands when I am struggling and just automatically deposits money maybe once every month.

    IS THIS NORMAL? I feel like a complete bum, but..

    (1) It's hard getting any job outside of food service that doesn't require credentials

    (2) I am trying to get into medical school, so, I don't want to get a job that requires so many hours

    Tutoring is so fun's not paying me much. Is it "Okay" for college students to just get money from their parents every month?

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