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  • I hope you like my poem, it's called "Caged"?

    Trapped behind these cold iron bars

    I look up at the clear blue moring sky

    Hoping, wishing to someday be free

    Trapped behind these cold iron bars

    I look up at the soft clouds, the afternoon sky

    Pondering, wondering when I'll get my wings

    Trapped behind these cold iron bars

    I look up at the black starry night

    A single beam of moon slips past

    A shroud is set over the prison

    I dream

    I dream of him

    I dream of you

    I dream of them

    I dream of everything and anything

    That can take me away

    I know one day I'll be set free

    But for now I'll just wsh

    I'll just wonder, I'll just dream

    Until I am flying away

    Away from this jail

    This prison

    My cage

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  • I need help coming up with a title for this one...hope you like the poem?

    Lugging this heavy load

    As I shuffle down the empty road

    Thinking of all the sorrow

    You will cause me just tomarrow

    All these things I can list

    That can turn an optimist into a pessimist

    No way we would ever be together, we could never fit

    It's better off we found someone else, a different relationship

    What? You found another so quickly!

    Me? I'm still waiting, taking this slowly

    All these smiles and laughs around you I have to pretend

    Can we ever really be friends?

    *sucks bit i want to know what you think*

    ~Hara Kantana

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  • Amazingly, This ones not emo...Hope you like the poem! It's called "Mauritius"?

    My ancestors roaming from land to land, plain to plain

    Now theres no real meaning to my family name

    Your plants,your animals,your people,dazzling with beauty

    But one thing i just cant bare,its terrible!The humidity

    How I long to hold your small colored grains in my hands, you are now a national park,my seven colored earth

    Ive only been able to see you once,I am envious of my parents,theyve been here ever since birth

    I long to drown my feet in your clear blue waters

    The air every second gets hotter and hotter

    These tiny rocks as white as rice,can I hold it in my hands

    Your pure tropical snow,the sand

    Look at those rainbows of flowers

    And the waves!They hit the jagged rocks with such power

    Walking through miles of sugar cane fields

    Strolling through the outdoor bazar,seeing delicious fruit,you just have to yield

    When can I visit you again

    When can I see my family whom live on this island

    Can I see you soon

    When the sun is down and out comes the moon


    My Paradise

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  • Haiku's i came up with. Some are supposed to be poems but came out as haiku's?

    Love, incredilbe

    Makes people blithely, lively



    Hate, unfortunate

    Sadness, in the dark alone

    Desolate galore


    Purple, deep and dark

    Just like my hurt, broken heart

    The bruise you gave me


    Fake, yellow plastic

    Replaced the one in the sky

    My smile is gone


    Pencil helps me write

    My heart and soul stays pitch black

    My poetry lives


    Fat and ugly

    That's what you peple call me

    Don't like it, don't look


    Winter winds I love

    So many changing seasons

    Summer sun I hate

    ~~~~~~Deadly Poetry

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  • crappy poem, but what ever...?

    My Heart Broke

    my heart broke when i found out, even though i knew

    my heart broke when you ignored me when i said i'd do anything for you

    my heart broke because i knew you'd never accept me

    my heart is scratched, scraped, wounded, broken

    i'm still in pain, hopefully in time it will be mended

    but i know it will be broken again

    i re-wrote this from another poem i wrote in 6th used to be "my heart would break" was crappy

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  • untitled and unknown...?

    i'm not sure what to name it...can you help?

    i never realized the wound was so deep

    my hollow heart no longer beating, now i weep

    i see you again, walking with that girl

    i never realized how much it hurt

    though she's my friend i feel so happy for her

    i miss your smile

    i miss your laugh

    i miss your strong arms that almost ripped me in half

    someone finally caught your heart

    i feel so torn apart, knowing it wasn't me

    does she love you as i love you?

    does she think of you every second of every day?

    does she cry becuase she knows you wont pick her?

    no, because i do that

    and she will eventually break your heart

    just like you broke mine

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  • The Rain and Me*not that great but watev*?

    sitting here, listening to the peaceful rainfall

    the raindrops tapping on the window

    i think of those rare times you've tapped me on the shoulder

    i think of how i am so like the rain

    the rain and me, like one are we

    my thoughts are like the lingering droplets on the rose petals of soft lips

    so many puddles on the sidewalk, just like my gathered up pain

    when the rain falss from the sky

    its like my heart being dropped

    falling, falling

    it hits the ground without a sound

    bursting into a million pieces

    the sun comes out with a rainbow

    to hide my pain, darkness and sadness

    just so no one can see

    the true stormy side of me

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  • Please Dont Leave Me Alone(hope ya like it!)?

    i feel the salty tears run down my cheeks

    as i huddle in a corner in a place where no one can see mee

    i cant let anyone see me like this

    they think i'm one to not be so weak

    i'm the strong one that keeps them together

    they cant know, they cant know

    if they saw how i was they'd surly leave me

    leave me alone with out anyone to talk to

    without anynone to be near

    they would lable me "freak"

    they would look down upon me

    sneering, now seeing my true side

    even though i try to hide it

    they can see the teardrops on the ground

    they know now

    please dont leave me!

    please, i can explain!


    dont leave me here

    i need you

    please, dont look at me that way

    im not a pathetic as you think

    please...please...dont go...

    my friends......

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