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My name is Nikki and I'm 22 years old. I'm a male-lesbian or guy-dyke, meaning that I have fantasies about being a female & lesbian. Please try to give me good answers to my questions and don't give me any hate! Swish Swish Motherfuckers!

  • Does anyone know if the government is working on a vaccine for Covid-19?

    I can't stand this sh!t anymore. 

    I'm fed up with being trapped in my house all the time because of this Covid-19 crap!

    What's the government doing, Is Uncle Sam just sitting there scratching his balls?

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  • I'm seeing three very clear paths for America's future?

    I see three paths that we are moving closer to. I'm certain one of these 3 paths will eventually unfold. 

    1. We will end up living in pure 100% anarchy.

    2. We will have martial law.

    3. We will have a progressive leftist/socialistic government.

    Anarchy always leads to dictatorship. If we have martial law, then rioters and probably even peaceful protesters will be reclassified as terrorists, rounded up & shipped off to some corporate owned prison, made to do slave labor.

     If we have a progressive leftist/socialist government (which I think is very unlikely), then that kind of government will have at least 5 things on their agenda list. 1. replace conservative law enforcement with liberal law enforcement, 2. disarm gun owners, 3. pay reparations to black people with white people's taxes, set up some kind of universal healthcare, and of course create hate speech laws, like they have in Europe.

    So which one of those three paths do you think will more than likely unfold?

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  • A question for Russians concerning immigration?

    I want to escape the U.S. before the feces hits the fan blades!

    Someday, America will eventually become a total anarchy, or we will have martial law, or we will have a progressive leftist government. None of these three appeals to me. So now I will ask my questions.

    How lucrative is the Russian economy? 

    What are the requirements for people to immigrate into Russia other than knowing how to speak Russian? Is a skill or education required?

    I know this question is kind of silly, but is there any possibility that I could swap American money for Russian Money? 

    How much would a two bedroom house in a decent neighborhood cost in some place like Moscow or St. Petersburg? 

    I'm being serious about leaving the U.S. someday, because everything in this country is going to hell fast. 

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  • What if we had these three candidates running for office this year?

    1.) Donald Trump

    2.) A well spoken female.

    3.) A glib but well spoken, handsome black man.

    Which one of those these three candidates do you think would win?

    Personally, I think it would be 2. or 3. 

    Being a white male just isn't the "in thing" anymore. Everyone is sick of America going to war and attacking other countries. 

    I think the American people would be much more calm if we either 2. or 3. in office instead of 1.

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  • Attachment image

    Why would a racist white man like officer Derek Chauvin marry an Asian woman?

    Here’s a pic of his wife, Kelly Chauvin.

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  • LGBT: Do you believe that adult/minor sexual relationships will become legal or at least ignored someday?

    It seems like pedophilia is gradually on the rise in my opinion.

    With the way our society is becoming, it seems to me that someday adult/minor sex will either become legal or ignored.

    Pedos argue that as long as the child isn't being tortured or physically injured, then there is nothing wrong with it.

    Pedophilia is especially rampant among older teens. No one is sure as to what is causing it.

    What do you think?


  • Who else has enough sense not to vote?

    You don't actually believe that the federal government puts any value on your life do you?

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  • What’s wrong with being a queer?

    Why are people so closed minded? 

  • Questions for Jamaicans?

    1.) How expensive is it to live in Kingston, Jamaica?

    2.) What happens when the Jamaican police find Marijuana on your person.

    3.) Are Jamaicans generally friendly towards foreigners? 

    4.) Is it true that Swedish women frequently go to Jamaica for sex? 

    Jamaica4 months ago
  • Christians: Which is the most believable to you?

    This question is about human existence.

    Christians, which one of these two arguments makes the most sense.

    1. That humans evolved from chimpanzees.

    2. That a talking snake tempted a naked woman to eat the fruit from a magical tree, that a naked man had been tricked into eating and that we're all descended down from them.

    Please choose either 1. or 2.

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  • LGBT: Someone help me PLEASE?!?!?

    Okay, I’m a male, but I’m like a female underneath.

    I consider myself to be a male-lesbian, that is, I’m a male who is effeminate and dresses up like a female and has fantasies about being a female who does other females.I like to wear dresses or miniskirts whenever I dress up and go out in public with my girlfriend.My girlfriend thinks I’m kinda weird but is open minded and accepts me as I am.I could have a sex change but I want to keep my meat.Anyways, whenever we go out into public, people (mostly guys) point and laugh at me and tease me.What can I do to make them leave me alone?

    How can I make them stop teasing me?

  • Are husbands really just mall mules?

    Women usually marry men who have cash to spend? 

    Does your wife use you like a mall mule?

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  • Would you ever cuckholded your husband?

    You know, like screwing a black dude in front of your hubby?

    Marriage & Divorce7 months ago
  • When eating diner out in public or at a friends house?

    What would be proper etiquette when feeling the urge to cut a huge fart?

    Should I do it right there at the table or should I excuse myself and go somewhere in private?

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  • I have a question for someone who is a neurologist or brain specialist?

    I have kind of a crazy story to tell.

    Years ago, I came across a book titled Mind Power, The Secret of Mental Magic, by William W. Atkinson.

    I read and studied this enormous book and began practicing the meditational exercises in it.

    The author mentioned that after one develops the kind of mental power described in his book, that the practitioner would grow additional brain cells for the purpose of using this mental power.

    These additional brain cells prevent the practitioner from being controlled by their own polarity, unlike other ordinary human beings who are controlled by their polarity.

    A person who isn’t controlled by their own polarity doesn’t succumb to things like the illusion of good or evil, positive or negative, left or right.

    So anyways, I was wondering if a knowledgeable person such as a brain specialist could tell me which area of my brain could I have grown extra brain cells that give me the ability to control my own polarity?

    The author didn’t mention which area of the brain would have to develop more brain cells for that purpose.

    I don’t really expect anyone to know the answer to this question because it’s such a tough question.

    Also, is there any way that a person could be tested to figure exactly where those extra brain cells or brain tissue would be located?

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  • Which part of the brain processes subvocalized information?

    For example, if I repeat an affirmation to myself over and over again, which part of my brain would process that information?

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