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  • Can I go to work?

    My sister (that I live with and work with) has been having Covid-19 symptoms. She got tested today and is waiting for her results. She can not go into work until she gets the results. Does that mean I also shouldn’t return to work until she gets her results. As we live in the same home and are we each other all day. Thank you!!

    2 AnswersMythology & Folklore2 months ago
  • Scared to meet the girl I have been talking to online. ?

    I met a girl on tinder a while ago, and have been taking for quite some time. She lives only 16 miles away from me ... which is pretty close but my anxiety has yet to let me meet her. When I think about thr thought of meeting her I get excited & I really want to! But then the anxiety hits and I get really nervous. She is also about 4 inches shorter then me which makes me feel like a giant. I’m just so nervous. Please any advice will help. Thank you!

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 months ago
  • should I go to the youth group sleepover?

    So Basiclly my youthgroup is having a YouthGroup sleepover at our church, and a lot of my friends are going and I want to go. but I heard that a couple of girls from my old school is going (which I had left because they were bullying me) should I still go to the sleepover? I have about 7 of MY close friends that are not friends with any of them going .

    3 AnswersFriends5 years ago