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  • Questions about phones that were unlocked ?

    If I buy a unlocked phone from amazon what will I have to do to get it to work on my network? (Metro pcs) I know I have to put my sim card from my old phone in the new one but then what? Do I have to call metro give them any info. Also someone told me even tho the phones unlocked and I change everything when I start it up it will not flash metro it will still flash what ever company the phone was unlocked from like sprint, version. Is this true 

    1 AnswerMobile Phones & Plans4 days ago
  • 4g or 5g ?

    Should I upgrade to a 5g phone yet seeing as I keep my phone on WiFi most of the time 

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans4 days ago
  • Are amazon phones that say unlocked really unlocked ( has any one bought one and it worked)?

    If I buy a phone that says unlocked off amazon. One that says will work on any network. If so how do you get it switched to your network 

    4 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans5 days ago
  • Any one taking buspar?any info from people taking it or who have taken it.?

    I am about to start taking  buspar its still at the pharmacy. I have anxiety of living on my own, making friends, being alone, allot of my anxiety start with what if. What if that happens what if can't do that. What if get there and don't like it. There are times when a thought crosses my mind and gets me all down or worried about something  ( will buspar help me )  

    Mental Health2 weeks ago
  • Therapist medication question?

    I have high anxiety about every thing.  Like I worry to much about everything things that haven't even happened yet. So I was wanted to try a anti anxiety medication (NOT)  any thing like xanax. How do they make you feel. 

    6 AnswersMental Health2 weeks ago
  • Internet speeds questions?

    Is a 1000 Mbps down load speed and 35 Mbps upload speeds good. 

    7 AnswersComputer Networking2 weeks ago
  • Truly cutting the cord ?

    I love to watch TV. When I am bored. I leave the TV on all night to break the silence. So if were to cut the cord as they say which of these  streaming companies should I go with.Netflix,Hulu,prime video,Disney+, not counting  original content would this as good as tv

    1 AnswerMovies2 weeks ago
  • Question about cell phone and charging them?

    Take newer cell phones. Like the galaxy s9 or s9+. Say you mostly use it all day and then turn it off charge it all night but say there are times that your battery is at 20% or 35% and your not sure if that will be enough for where your going so you put it on charge and charge it up to 50% or 75% will that mess up the battery or make the battery not last as long?  

    5 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans3 weeks ago
  • Which phone should I buy?

    My phone is on its way out, so I have to get a new one and am just going to get a unlocked one off amazon. The Samsung galaxy s9 or s9+  the price is so much cheaper on amazon. They call it (renewed) they say  its like( !!!  perfect.  !!!) but what get me is the battery is only (80% good). Now from what I can see the s9 and s9+ all ready use up allot of battery so if the battery is starring off at only 80% good I am afraid that the phone will always be dieing. 

    3 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans3 weeks ago
  • Samsung galaxy s9 and s9+?

    I have a really old phone. Some of my apps are starting not to work because my phone is becoming out of date with the is. So I am thinking of getting a Samsung galaxy s9 or s9+. But from what I red online the battery is not all that great. My phone which is really old will last me 95% of the day and that is with Netflix, Spotify,Bluetooth earbuds, Facebook, texting, so I don't want to spend all this money on a phone to find out I can't even use it all day because of the battery or be worrying that I am using to much battery and my phone is going to die before the days end.   

    2 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans3 weeks ago
  • Question about ssi and gambling.?

    If you win money betting on sports online. And your winnings and how much you have in the bank were no more than 2000.would it not effect your ssi. 

    Gambling4 weeks ago
  • W2g form will my brother get one or have to fill one out?

    My brother is on straight (ssi). Now he maid a few bets online on this sight called draft kings on sports. He won around 1500 over 3 different bets.  Now since he is on ssi he don't file taxes. Will he be sent a w2g form  or how will that work 

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance4 weeks ago
  • Form w-9 for online sports betting. ?

    How much do you have to win for fan duel, draft kings or any online place to send you a w-9? Cuz I won 650$ two different times on draft kings. And 175$ once on fan duel. One of the 650$ winnings was not even my money it was promotion money called  a free bet . 

    Gambling4 weeks ago
  • Draft kings and fan duel?

    What is a W-9 form and if you placed bets on say Dk and FD will you get one from each. 

    2 AnswersGambling1 month ago
  • Had a tooth pulled should it feel this way?

    I had a broken tooth pulled like a week a go. (Not a front one) its been around a week. When I eat or push on the area with my finger it hurts other than that it dont really hurt much. Is there something wrong also where the dentist gave me a shot in the roof of my mouth hurts. Any ideas

    3 AnswersDental1 month ago
  • Have you ever taken a vacation to Las Vagus? ?

    Have you taken a vacation to las vagus? How much did it cost for the whole vacation? And how much did you spend on what?


    Plain tickets.



    Seeing any shoes.

    ( gambling ) 

    Any thing else 

    13 AnswersLas Vegas1 month ago
  • Metro PCs and unlocked Samsung galaxy phones?

    My mother is buying me a phone for me for my birth day. I want a galaxy s9 or s9+. But she lives in Florida and if she bought it there I would have a Florida area code. So I was going to have her buy a unlocked one on amazon and have it shipped to my place in pa. My worry is since it was not sold from a metro pcs store. Not everything will work as it should. Like thongs will be buggy.  

    1 AnswerMobile Phones & Plans1 month ago
  • Bedbug not bedbugs should I freak out ? ?

    I came to stay with my aunt. Rite before I came they found out they had bedbugs and bought 500$ of stuff off the internet to kill them this spray 5gal bucket of this power. They cleaned the whole house washed all the cloths got all new beds,curtains, then treated the whole house every inch it took them a week to spray the whole house inside and out. Laird power every where they could. Then I moved in with very little just pillows blankets and cloths. Months pass and they sprayed the house every month since I been here just to make sure. So today I was sitting on the couch and one bed bug ran across my note book just one. I have been on the look out for them and have never seen any. This was the first one I seen should I freak out cuz of this one bed bug ?

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Bed bugs ?

    A fee months a go we had bedbugs. We went all out to get rid of them. Bought new beds washed all the cloths bought spray, power treated the whole house. Bought bedbug covers for our new beds. We treat the house at least once a month with spray. Inside and out. ( so today I was sitting on the couch and one single bed bug ran across my note book. I killed it but I have not seen any other than that one and no one in the house has. It dident catch a ride in cuz we haven't went any where. Could there just have been one bed bug?  I have been on the look out for them. 

    1 AnswerRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Bed bugs? Moving from one place to another ?

    I am staying at a FAM members place that might have bedbugs. Now when I go to move to my own place what would be the best way to do it with out bringing any bedbugs with me? Its just me cloths blankets pillows and a few bags of personal items that are in the house. 

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago