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  • I’m not at all gay but . . . ?

    I’ve never once looked at a guy and found them attractive , never felt love for a guy , i’m Attracted to women 100% , i’m A typical guy when it comes to the being attracted to the female form . So why do I fantasise about gay sex acts apart from kissing .

    I’m so confused 

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  • Big kids and defensive mothers ?

    I’m 40 and so is my partner ,My partner has three kids , the eldest is 16 and is 6ft and built like a huge rugby player , he also has a very short fuse and a right temper .

    I’m not afraid to admit he’s very intimidating and could easily kick my **** if he wanted to . 

    He’s also very lazy and ungrateful and sponges off his mother a lot , will often say “i’m Going out can I have some money “ , we want him to go and get a part time job before college but since we are in the middle of the covid is it wise ?

    I’ve been with my partner for about 6 months and taken on a paternal role but her eldest is already on the verge of being an adult so there’s no chance he’s gonna listen to me .

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  • Is our child becoming a bully or something worse ?

    Is my step daughter (11)turning into a monster ? .

    She loves to torment her little autistic brother , I can see a menacing look on her face when she does it , it’s like she thrives off it. She will push and push and push him and focus on the things that make him freak out and when he retaliates in anger she then goes running to mummy and puts on the tears to try and get him in trouble.

    She treats pets like toys and has tantrums when they don’t do what she wants .

    Our dog turned on her and now growls every time she comes close .

    She use to lock the dog in the bedroom with her, I have a pet python and she tries to hold her and shouts “ its my go now “. I won’t let her anymore coz she’s gonna end up getting bitten , my python isn’t as patient as our poor dog .

    She seems to have zero empathy about anything and has no friends because she is just so cocky and sassy no one wants to talk to her .

    Her behaviour is appalling aswell , has a major attitude problem and will never listen .

    The only time she is ever nice is when she wants something .

    She’s 11 and i’m dreading her turning into a teen 

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  • Why don’t I like trying even the simplest of things new ?

    Ok I seem to have this thing where I really don’t like trying anything new but it can be the smallest of things like

    I’m very hesitant to -

    ,watch a new film even though I really like the look of it

    ,watch a new season to a series I really like

    ,play a new game on my Xbox 

    ,try new food

    ,go somewhere new

    ,listen to a band someone suggests

    ,learn a new song on the guitar

    ,eat somewhere different 

    ,meet someone new ,

    Basically anything out of my normal routine 

    It really holds me back to a point where I will get nervous and agitated especially if someone tries to just encourage me

    It’s so frustrating

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  • I think i’m In love but she’s a fair bit older and i’m not very attracted to her.?

    Ok I just wanna say straight from the off that I know looks shouldn’t matter if your in love with the person and yes it makes me shallow but I can’t help how I feel.

    Let’s just call her Scarlett . I’ve seen her around town for years ,in tescos , Wetherspoons , Asda and I think I saw her in primark once . She works in the hospital as an oncology nurse .

    Scarlett is 45

    I am 39

    I’ve been talking to her online for a few weeks now and we got on really well , when ever she’s sad or upset all I wanna do is jump in a taxi and go to her to hold her .

    In a round about way told me that she wants me and I in a round about way have told her that I want us to be close friends.

    I’m always thinking about her , when my phone pings I get excited thinking it’s her and i’m disappointed when it isn’t her . 

    I can’t seem to get past the fact that i’m not really attracted to her and it makes me feel awful ,i know it shouldn’t be that way . 

    I don’t know what to do , she wears her heart on her sleeve and I don’t want to end up hurting her


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  • Should I contact her or should I risk it and wait ?

    Ok you know you got those times where you meet someone online , you start to message each other the usual niceties and then you realise with each message that you have more and more in common , you find yourself waiting on each ping from your phone , glancing over to see if your screen has lit up or just checking it anyway even tho you know it hasn’t gone off.

    Well I met a girl online and I was going through all of the above .

    I’m not blowing my own trumpet but judging by how things were going , she was enjoying our conversations as much as I was. It got to 7am and then she fell asleep , I know this coz she was really tired anyway .

    I sent her one last message saying 

    “ Awww you fell asleep on me , it’s ok i’ll speak to you tomorrow if you want to , it would be nice to carry on this conversation “

    We were in the middle of an unfinished discussion about each other’s hobbies and habits .

    So anyway I don’t wanna look like i’m desperate but she hasn’t replied yet , I don’t wanna just leave it just in case she’s thinking the exact same thing .

    What should I do ?

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  • Is it ok to continue playing the paternal role to your ex partners daughter ?

    Ok this is something i’m really worried about , I broke up with my ex partner a few weeks ago , I have my own place but we practically lived together.

    I know some might say if I was that concerned about it then why break up at all but it’s very complicated and we just argue all the time now .

    Trust me it was the right thing to do .

    So I my ex has two teenage children , 17yr old boy and 16yr old girl and I was really close to her daughter .

    I love her like she’s my own and I really don’t wanna lose touch with her but the problem is my ex and I have broke up before and her daughter hated me then .

    She’s changed a lot since then but I still think i’m Not gonna be popular . I haven’t seen her yet but the fact that there has been no contact shows she’s not happy.

    The thought of never seeing her again and her hating me makes me cry .

    I’m planning on sending her a letter but i’m really not sure how to approach this .

    Any advice ?

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  • How do you right a break up letter the kind way ?

    I’m going to leave my GF , I practically live with her but I have my own place , if I was to do it face to face her reaction would be explosive and I wouldn’t be able to get my point across , also I need to get my belongings out as she may kick me out and damage or refuse to let me get my stuff back .

    I’ve decided even tho some think it’s cowardly to write an honest and fair letter and while she in work to get my most of my stuff out and go leaving the letter for her to see when she gets home .

    It’s not kind , it’s not nice but I see it as a way for her to accept it without fighting me in the heat of the moment.

    She’s read the letter , i’m Not there to challenge so she can accept it in her own space . It doesn’t just hurt the one being left , seeing this person breakdown in tears is heart breaking for the one leaving aswell . Sounds like i’m Making excuses but i’m Not. 

    You care about this person .you don’t want to hurt them although it’s inevitable at this point

    But I have a very good reason , my kids with my ex are suffering because my ex won’t allow them to come to my partners house and my partner hated me having anything to do with my ex .

    Anyway I was supposed to get straight to the point here but I ranted

    What’s the best way to write a break up letter without being cold or blaming her coz it isn’t all her fault but I need to be honest ?

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  • Breaking up via a letter?

    I’m not gonna go into detail why i’m Leaving my gf , it’s already decided but I need to know how , she’s fiery , highly strung , quick to anger and highly emotional so I fear a face to face break up will be highly volatile and I won’t be able to say what I need to say without it getting explosive .

    I’m not wanting to do it by text , messenger , email or ask a friend . I want to leave a letter . Open , honest and fair .

    I’m not gonna be nasty but i’m Gonna tell her how I feel and why , I don’t want to leave any room for negotiation but I at least owe her an honest explanation , I kind of live with her so it will be a case of grabbing my stuff and going and leaving a letter 

    This has happened once before but we reconciled things which I should of allowed to happen but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I’ve had people tell me it's cowardly , other people have said to me given the circumstances it’s the best way , she’s gonna be hurt either way so not being in front of her making her shout , demand answers and beg won’t help , she has all her family with her for support .

    I just feel awful and need some helpful advice

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  • I need help breaking up with my gf ?

    I’ve decided i’m gonna break up with my GF, I practically live in her house , 90% of my belongings are there basically since she won’t let me go home coz she’s so clingy ,we’ve been together for over a year and just feel like it’s not working anymore , there’s a lot of reasons that I don’t need to go into but i’m Scared of doing it , she’s gonna get really really upset and angry , demand explanations , try to reason with me and fight me on the decision , also make me feel like crap

    How could you do this to me ?

    Don’t you love me anymore ?

    What did I do wrong ?

    What can I do to make you change your mind ?

    You said you were happy

    You promised me you wouldn’t go anywhere

    Why did you lie to me ?

    I can change just tell me what you want 

    Please don’t go 

    I need you 

    I can’t live without you 

    The kids will be devastated 

    I need to be prepared for these , how do I do it ?

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  • I’m fed up with my relationship and I want to get out but it’s gonna very difficult?

    Ok i’ve been in a relationship for over a year , I pretty much live with her and her family because she is soooo needy and clingy , she wants me to play a father role when I have children myself with my own struggles .

    I’ve always preferred my own space and don’t do well with people . 

    Don’t get me wrong she is very caring and would do anything for me but can also be overbearing , she has mood swings and extreme irrational jealousy and I don’t give her any reason to be. I’m not gonna list what IMO is her bad points but I no longer enjoy being with her , my problem is the break up will be explosive , she will get extremely upset and fight to stop it , I pretty much have all my belongings in her home so breaking up wouldn’t be a quick process , i just want to be able to end it and get all my stuff and go . We’ve broke up before but I was weak , I was really ill and ended up in hospital so I let her help me which made me feel crap so I went back  . She tells me i’m The one , and she would die for me and all that stuff . She has two teenage kids , the daughter is troubled but she loves me ,I want out now but I feel so bad because it would really hurt her and here kids .

    Is it wrong to leave knowing that it will be explosive ?

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  • How do you de-escalate an argument with your partner without making it worse ?

    My partner is very fiery and can be very snappy with me , I usually just keep my head down and give her space but recently i’ve Been getting fed up with it and snapping back which just makes things worse , how do I calm her down without making it worse ?

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  • Where did my question go ?

    My question was inoffensive and relevant yet it disappeared , why ?

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  • I feel morally obligated to pay my Partners debts?

    Ok firstly i’d Like to point out that she isn’t selfish , she doesn’t spend her money on drugs , alcohol or anything like that she’s just really bad at budgeting.

    She will walk into a super market saying she just wants a couple of things and will leave with a over flowing huge trolly , it will go from spending a tenner to adding another zero .

    It’s like she’s addicted to shopping but then I start seeing red letters and family members pestering for money back that’s she’s borrowed . I feel morally obligated to give her money but it never seems to be enough .

    How would you guys deal with this ?

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  • Acoustic or electric , that is the question?

    I’m currently learning finger picking style on an acoustic and I really like it but as i’m Getting more and more into it i’m Seeing videos for stuff like Metallica and I really like the sound of that to , should I stick to one for now or get an electric so I can play metal and softer stuff ?

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  • I don’t know my Apple ID and I don’t know the email it’s linked to , HELP !!!!?

    My daughter has an iPad that was bought by my partners ex husband , he set up the Apple ID and the iPad.

    Her ex husband is no longer around and will not be willing to help anyway .

    She has forgotten the Apple ID password and when she clicks the forgotten password option it says it has sent an email but she doesn’t receive any.

    When we try to get any help from the Microsoft website it always askd for the Apple ID , i’ve Tried resetting the iPad but alas , it wants the Apple ID . What can I do ?

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  • My moody missus Help?

    Ok well I know I have to tread carefully with this question lol . I will ignore and delete any nasty replies.

    I’ve been with my partner for almost a year and she has always been fiery but it’s starting to get too much , she snaps at me for silly things and then apologies a couple of hours later , myself and her daughter panic when we know she’s coming home and we run around making sure everything is spot on in the house coz we know we will get our heads bitten off if it isn’t .

    Yes it’s my place aswell to keep things tidy and clean , no argument there but she talks to me like a naughty child sometimes . Only notices what hasn’t been done but never acknowledges what has been done and that one dreaded week a month all hell breaks loose , it’s like i’m Walking through a mine field . What can I do to help this ?

  • The predicament and the promise ring?

    I’ve been with my partner for about 7-8 months , she’s been married twice and they where both horrible and abusive men so she says she has no more interest in marriage , I also am dead against marriage , reason being i’m Very anti religion and I don’t believe a contract has anything to do with love . Yes i’m as romantic as a JCB but we love each other.

    Her birthday is coming up and she’s hinted that she wants something but won’t tell me what it is and she said that if I wasn’t to get her this item then it wouldn’t show her how well I knew her and how little I cared.

    Obviously i’m now panicking and wracking my brains as to what the hell it could be .

    I ended up having to aske her daughter who i’m Very close with if she had any idea what it was .

    She said that she wanted a promise ring.

    This has never been mentioned at all or discussed even once and now she secretly wants one and judging how I feel based on weather or not I buy her one .

    I’m thinking of telling her that I worked it out after quizzing her daughter and asking her why this has suddenly become a factor.

    What does buying a promise ring entail ?

    Do I have to wear one ?

    Do I buy them both ?

    What kind of commitment comes with it ?

    What am I promising?

    Is it a prerequisite to an engagement ring ?

    HELP !!!!!

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  • My partner mollycoddles her son , what can I do ?

    Ok here’s a brief overview

    I’m 39

    Sarah 40 (partner)

    Katie 15 (daughter)

    James 17 (son)

    I’ve been with my partner Sarah for six months and i’ve Practically moved in as she doesn’t like it when I go home.

    She has two kids , Katie 15 and a 17 yr old boy called James .

    Katie is in school in the middle of her gcse’s and son who has ADHD and sits in his room all day playing on his xbox and is waited on hand and foot.

    I bonded with Katie very quickly and I would say we are very close and i’ve Even taken on quite a paternal role with her.

    Sarah claims James has an illness that means he can get migraines and wakes up feeling sick sometimes . He always seems perfectly happy to me but is mollycoddled and enabled with his strange habits whereas the daughter is expected to do chores and even make his lunch , she argues and says why can’t james do it but is always told that he can’t because he isn’t well even though he seems perfectly fine to me and when he is asked to do something he will do it quite happily.

    Whenever I challenge Sarah on it she becomes extremely defensive and compares me to her abusive ex husband who I am a damn site better than . He was a nasty piece of work and I think I am a nice caring guy and am told so by a lot of ppl.

    I just don’t think this is fair on Katie but I seem powerless to do anything about it .

    I also think this is very detrimental to James .

    What’s he gonna be like as he gets older when he has no life experience.

    What can I do ?

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