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  • How to deal with this neighbor?

    We got central cooling to help us for the winter. A very expensive system but we saved up for years. So basically it’s a little big and it’s on our side of the house. It protrudes 10 inches. So she comes up to my mom saying that water is dripping from it and how it’s leaking her basement meanwhile her basement is like 8ft + from the cooling system. She said she’s scared that during the winter water will leak and she’ll fall but water doesn’t leak when you’re using heating. So we call the guys to run a pipe so water doesn’t leak just in case. She completely goes off on the workers, calling them jackasses and fools saying they can’t do that to her driveway and stuff and she has grandkids and they need to play. It’s on our house not her property. It’s above 6 ft on the wall of our house. I admit it is pretty big. Also our survey says that we have an extra 8 inches in our property the gate from our property is weird and jagged. Which is 8 inches from her driveway which is technically our property. We don’t know what to do.

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