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  • Please help justify this mac nonsense.?

    Hello Yahoo Answers community, I have a point to prove to my dumb, arrogant, mac book "smart" sister. She has a habit of getting off her mac during a game just to kick me off MY COMPUTER so she can find help on her game online. I tell her that she does not need to be doing this. She knows she can just do it on her mac. All she has to do is go to the desktop and bring up Safari.

    She says she can't because it'll "ruin her game", That is a load of c**p. I know Mac has the function to show the desktop during a running program. If I can show the desktop on my Windows 7 computer while playing a game, why can't a Mac do the same.

    So please help in proving myself right. Go ahead and even show the "hot key" or how to do it.

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  • Would you do this with your game consoles and grand kids?

    Say you have bought every kind of generation game console for your children that they have lived through. Then your children go beyond age 18 and you store all the ones they have played through in an attic or where ever. Then you say that you want to give those exact retro game consoles to your children’s children. Would you do that? Would you really do that?

    Think of it. You’re giving your grand kids retro game consoles that they are 90% likely unable to comprehend them or find them fun.

    Would you?

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  • Rise Against for Super Bowl 2013 confirmation?

    I have always loved Rise Against. I believe they are the best. Now i'm not a football fan but I do like the Super Bowl every now and then. You don't have to agree with me, but that last few picked performers for Super Bowl aren't just that great. Now I know Rise Against is a better performer. I don't know why the people who decide how the Super Bowl runs can't see that.

    Now I managed to come across this site saying that Rise Against will play for the 2013 Super Bowl.

    I need to know if this is true and so my question is, Will Rise Against perform for the 2013 Super Bowl?

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  • Ripping music to Xbox 360 help?

    Just recently I tried to rip music from a disc to my Xbox 360. Now I haven't done this in a long time. I know CD-R and CD-RW discs work but I tried with a DVD-R. I searched online if this was possible and it does. I don't know for sure. Now as far as I know Xbox 360 rips .MP3 and .WMA files. Now I burned my music onto the disc as a data cd. I put the disc into the Xbox 360 and the Rip Cd feature was not there. I try again on a new blank disc and burned it as a music disc. Again the Rip CD feature was not there. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Hasbro Star Wars Ultimate FX lightsaber question?

    You know the new lightsabers that came out late last year? Ok well other than the models that are currently available: Darth Vader, Anakin, Luke, and the exclusive Qui Gon Jinn. Does anyone know if Hasbro are also doing Obi Wan Kenobi's, Mace Windu's, Dooku's lightsabers for 2012?

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  • Rewards Card by Chase help?

    Hi I am wanting to know everything about this card. Ok I have done some research on this card but I can understand a partial amount. Now i'm kind of getting around life. I'm 22 and in college. So I want to apply for this card. I do have good credit. Now in this year when you apply for the Rewards Card by Chase you get a $40 gift card. I have owned a Credit Card before from Old Navy and have managed it well. So Lets get down to the things I want to know, because from what I have researched I still don't understand things.

    There are no annual fees. Ok, I got that.

    Monthly bills.

    What? Does the card have it's own bill that you need to pay for having it?

    Is it the same thing when you like buy internet from a company and pay the monthly bill? Is that what it is? That is unheard of.

    I am a regular buyer of Amazon. I like to get things from there.

    It is an ok Credit Card for use?

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  • Needing all your back up on proving issue?

    Hello Yahoo gaming community. I come to ask you all for your back up for an issue i'm trying to prove to my sister. Ok she has an Xbox 360 controller. Now a long time ago I would let my little niece's play with me on the Xbox 360. My niece's would use my sister's controller due to the fact that it's pink. Obviously a girl's controller. Now it has been dropped a few times like only 2 times as I recall it. Now I being the smart one knows nothing could have caused an effect that would mess up the performance of the controller. She starts experiencing random disconnection of the controller. She blames it on me because my niece's dropped the controller. I tell her that is not what's causing the disconnections.

    I even know that the battery pack on all 360 controllers have this sort of issue. Now I show her many game forums and sites talking about how people and their controller's disconnect. It's all because of the battery pack being loose. Now could you all please back me up and help me prove a point that it's the controller's battery pack and not the controller being dropped?

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  • Debate: Immortality and Invulnerability in one. Does that make sense? Is that fair?

    Hello Yahoo community. I come with a very interesting question that I seek your answers to. I would really like to get a lot of opinions and answers as I can please.

    Ok I had friendly war of words with a friend of mine and when it got to a certain point I started to disagree with where he was going. Ok look so he claims that he is "Immortal" and also "Invulnerable". I say that is a load of crap. How can he be both at once? That would be right at all. Plus it's pathetic. I mean think about it. If you're immortal, then why would you want to be invulnerable at the same time or vice versa? That's like having 2 shields. They both protect you and are made of the same strength. If you use one to protect you, is the other going to protect the shield that protects you? In no way should you think of this as double protection. No. Remember they are equally strong. Not even if you combine them together.

    Let's learn about both words.

    Immortality - Not subject to death or decay; having perpetual life. Have unending life.

    Invulnerability - Incapable of being wounded, hurt, or damaged.

    Now you see they're pretty much the same.

    Now as this war was going on I realized I had little chance to defeat him. So if I can't kill him I figured I could immobilize him. So I take out use Medusa's gaze on him. That should have stopped him for good and I know it. He said it don't work because of what he has. Again that is a ton of crap. What do you say?

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  • Where are you dominant Halo Reach players?

    I am issuing a open challenge to any dominant Halo Reach player. Recently I have been beating countless people in matchmaking. I have what you say "blabbered about how great I am" and I have backed up my words. My Xbox Live Gamertag is MandalorianJJM7. I am ready to fight anyone who thinks they are good. Well now is your time to prove it. I will be waiting.

    Message me prior to challenging.

    I know I may get more responses but I challenge each of you 1 at a time. As for answering this question I will select a single answer and add those who may have beaten me.

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  • What connecter cable is this and where can I buy one?

    I am looking for this special cable for the Xbox 360 where you can hook it up to the cable outlet from a tv. You know that kind of cable. Not the standard red, whit, and yellow. Its that connection where you would basically put a cable connection. If you can remember right the SNES had one.

    5 AnswersXbox10 years ago
  • Where is Rocket Race in Halo Reach?

    Ok so I have played Rocket Race before but that was a long time ago. Now I don't know what Playlist in Halo Reach it is in. I still need one more achievement for Noble Map Pack; that being Offensive Driver. So can someone tell me where I can find that gametype in matchmaking?

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  • Windows Phone 7 help?

    Ok I have a lot of questions on this subject being Windows Phone.

    1. There are 5 phones as far as I know. 3 of them are sold by AT&T. What brand is selling the other 2?

    2. Out of all of them which one in your experience is the best one?

    3. I plan to buy one in the near future. I need one that can has my standards recorder

    b.has high storage capacity camera with near highest pixel

    d.advance calculator

    e.customizable ringtones for contacts. Like I want to put a song (MP3 or whatever) for that person.

    With that said which one has all those things I want in a phone?

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  • How do you open an Xbox 360 slim Hard Drive? (Follow up)?

    About 4 weeks ago I had posted a question which shown above in which I was asking how to open a Xbox 360 slim Hard drive.

    The original post link;_ylt=Amxqh...

    I was given no hopeful answers to my question. So I took matters into my own hands and the answer I seeked was proven. You can open the case. I was able to swap out my 250gb hard drive for the slim and put it into the old Xbox 360 console. It worked just fine. Which made me happy. Just to be sure I re swaped them back to their respective places. I placed my slim hard drive into a slim console and it still worked.

    So after this finding I have to say that it is possible because both the old Xbox 360's hard drive and the slim's hard drive are both SATA 2.5 hard drives

    So yes you can open the case with no risks at all. Just be sure to properly handle it.

    Xbox10 years ago
  • What is Novell's Secure Login?

    I need someone to explain what is Novell Secure Login. In your own words.

    1 AnswerSecurity10 years ago
  • How do you open an Xbox 360 slim Hard Drive?

    I want to know how to open the new hard drives for Xbox 360. I have ordered one online but I don't see how to open them. What I want to do is put the 250gb into my old 20gb. I have tried finding guides and videos online but no one seems to have one. So if you know of a guide, video, or you yourself know how to disassemble one. Please tell me. Provide a link if possible.

    4 AnswersXbox10 years ago
  • Help solve this faction?

    Ok I have a fraction problem that I can't understand. It's already answered but I need to know what fraction formation makes this answer.

    My result is a mixed number being 3 and 1 over 4. Of course the improper fraction was 13 over 4.

    Now I have 4 numbers 3, 4, 5, and 6. What order makes this right?

    2 AnswersMathematics10 years ago
  • Composition help: Is this a good draft? Could you spot the Thesis statement?

    Hi I am need help in reviewing this draft I wrote. This has been already graded by my professor and I got a 63. I find that to be pathetic. How can my draft be taken for this grade? I fail to see what is wrong. So as I asked above is my draft good and can you spot my thesis?

    The assigned topic/instructions: Think about a time in your life when someone in a position of authority treated you unjustly. How did you react? Reflecting upon it, what was the most significant lesson/s you learned from it? Write a narrative essay in which you thoroughly recount the situation, your response to it, and the lesson/s you learned. Be sure to include specific details and examples to support your response.

    My Draft

    Corruption and Unfairness

    When I had joined a club called the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club (MMCC) back in the middle of 2010, I had never been so happy to join in a club that I had high interest for. To be in this specific STAR WARS club is a great way for me to do something worthwhile in my life and be a part of a great family. I had finally found that something I have been looking for to make myself more open. Ever since I saw Star Wars episode 2 the character Jango Fett caught my attention and I wanted to have his suit. So this club was the place to make a kit.

    With such a quick introduction and welcoming I found myself in a family that is known as my squad with of course the many members of the club. Amongst my squad leader lead to higher leaders being the council, administrators, and the Mandalore himself; the main leader of the club. Like a family there are things we need to follow thus being a codex. The codex contains the laws and rules which I must abide to. I had gone over the codex very carefully prior to joining the club so that there wouldn’t be any chances of me getting into trouble.

    Along my way into working on my kit, I find myself pondering if there is more to this club than what I have already seen. Excluding the codex there is a different set of laws in my squad that I to must follow. Little did I know was that these laws were still the exact same laws from the codex only written differently for a squad. At first I had agreed to them but, after looking over them I questioned the law about behavioral and interaction. Much to dismay about my decision to disagree about the laws, every member of the club including ones from my squad looked negatively towards my response.

    After one of my brothers asked me why I disagreed, I replied saying that we should be able to have full interaction as to safe combat role playing. Another words the idea of larping in the MMCC. My reply had no avail in giving the other members reason to support my idea. In return I was given a heavy warning “follow the laws or leave.” Each and every one of my family telling me to obey or leave and yet no one understands me. My response was heard through the council and administrators. It was either I do what I’m told or leave the club. I have been betrayed by my own family. I had seriously felt abandon and given little hope. So the only solution was to obey.

    An administrator helped give me a better sense but at the same time I got punishment for my arrogance. It was not fair. I was only lost in the understanding of the laws my squad. I suffered the punishment of a week’s ban. I sought to gain fair trial because it is what is fair as stated in the Codex. In my attempt to reason with the administrator, I learned that he does not tolerate me trying to contact him during a punishment. It is clear that because he had a high authority he can just deny me. I did not know what to do. I had the odds stacked against me like a giant pile of text books. Not a thing I can do to reason with the administrator.

    I sought help from a trusted family member of my squad. He stood by my side at this tough time. A key solution he gave me was that the codex could be used against the corrupt administrator. Now I had a defense. To get right from wrong I had to use what I hold obedience to. So I brought my case to the Mandalore. Only he could make fair judgment. I only hope that the true right is what results from my case.

    What is learned from this is that rules can’t be broken despite what is said about them being broken.

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  • Going beyond for love advice?

    Hello everyone and you the reader. I come to post some questions that I seek your answers/advice. I'm sure you have heard things like this before so I know that i'm pretty much the same. I'm a simple man. I'm 22 years old. I'm in college for another study yada yada. I have had countless girlfriends in my lifetime. I'm going to guess and say i've had 20 something in my life to now. I have met a new love. She is a really great girl. Very much what I would hope for. She has a lot to her. She has a baby. Not that that is a problem. I don't have much experience in taking care of a kid everyday, I try though. See lives far from me. I'm in Texas. She is in Tennessee. We do want to be together. I know these stories like long distance relationships don't work sometimes. Though I intend to go beyond. Thing is I don't know how. It's uncommon for me to do big things in my life i.e. ride a big roller coaster, bungee jump, or even dance. So yeah you can say I am a lame person. Though I strive to do better. I have heard the saying "live life to the fullest." She has a fiance but she has made it clear that she has no love for him. Not that I manipulated her, but because I have shown her respect. I'd do anything for this girl. I want to be there for her more than anything. So what I really ask is.

    Can I do this? What is your answer? What is your advice?

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  • Masturbating Preference?

    Gentlemen, i'd like to get a study of how we masturbate today. Not asking the idea or how to masturbate. With today's advancement in life. What do you prefer using? Your hand(s) or a Pocket Pussy/Sleeve?

    I myself once have used my hand for many years but when I used my first sleeve recently it has sure been a life changer. What say you?

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  • Cell phone transfer software?

    Hi, this is gonna sound crazy but is there a software that let's you transfer a phone's "everything" to another cell phone. Well basically flashing a phone if that's the term. See my mom want her's her old phone to be transferred into another. The other phone has a different number, but she wants the same number. I'm like "I don't think that's possible". So she says my older brother says you can and I still don't believe that. I say why not just take it to a sprint store?

    Anyways just to get to the bottom of this, is there a software that we can use to transfer her phone into a new one?

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