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  • What should I do with my life now?

    I'm a college grad trying to become a licensed kindergarten teacher. I'm getting very discouraged because my state requires me to pass a series of exams including "core" exams (math, reading, and writing) in order to get licensed. I've taken those exams 8 times now and I still can't pass them. I feel like I'm just wasting my money and time. I tried everything, I took several practice tests, literally everything, and I just can't pass those 3 core exams.... JUST to be a kindergarten teacher.

    Most countries only require a master's degree and field experience, why can't the U.S. be that easy?

    What should I do? Should I move to another country? Should I just go on welfare and screw my life?

    3 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education3 months ago
  • Please Help! What are the personal student assistants called?

    I tried googling it and found nothing.

    An adult (usually a woman), who sits in the back of the classroom and does absolutely nothing all day but acts as a personal assistant who helps guide a mentally challenged or physically handicapped student to each of their classes.

    I was always told they are called a teacher's aide. But when I researched it, a teacher's aide helps the teacher grade papers and answer questions for everyone in a classroom.....but in my school from k-12th, I have always seen a teacher's aide help only one "special" student throughout the school year.

    Some of my regular classes have a "special or physically disabled" student in them, and these "personal assistants" literally do not interact with the rest of the class at all.

    Can someone help me know the proper job title of the personal student assistant in schools?

    1 AnswerSpecial Education3 years ago
  • Are there cheap online college courses?

    Are there any online college courses less than $1,000 that I can take to transfer to my college?

    I need a statistics (or precalculus), genetics, and botany course for credit.

    I can't take them at my college because I can't afford $1,250 for each course. I am not having any luck finding a job or getting a grant/scholarship, or loan. And my parents won't help me either.

    So...Do YOU know of any cheap ones online?

  • Do substitute teacher's and aides get paid even on days they are not substituting?

    Do substitute teacher's and aides get paid even if they are not substituting a certain day....or do they only get paid for the days they are substituting?

    2 AnswersTeaching3 years ago
  • Why can't I log-in to my online college?

    My college just changed the webdesign and now today I can go to the website, but I cannot log-in to access my courses.

    A screen keeps coming up saying "This site can't be reached".

    How can I fix this?? Has this ever happened to anyone here?

    I already tried contacting my school, but they have have called me back yet.

  • How do you ensure a guy truly loves you?

    I am 24 and have a 25 year old friend who is shy and only tells me "I love you baby" and "I don't want to lose you".....he NEVER goes any deeper than those words.

    How can I be sure he truly loves me? Or if he is just pretending?

    Keep the answers clean please! I will flag anything inappropriate or unrelated to the question!

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How do you convey cultural humility when first meeting someone?

    If someone can give me an example, that will be great! You do NOT have to do the work for me, but at least show me an example of how to do this:

    Imagine you are a health professional greeting someone of a different cultural identity than you for the first time in your health practice.

    What would you say to this person to convey cultural humility and begin to establish CLAS with them?

    2 AnswersHomework Help3 years ago
  • Why does my laptop keep glitching?

    I have a Dell inspiron 11 3000 series laptop.

    Every day and about 3 times per hour of usage, it glitches a black center-screen window popup (like a quick glitch). Sometimes it glitches a small window popup of my screen.

    Why does this keep happening and what can I do to fix it? It is a fairly new laptop. Only 1 year old.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks3 years ago
  • Can you google during Skype video calls?

    I never tried it before (I'm not on Skype often) and I'm curious if you can google and youtube things while you are video calling on Skype?

    5 AnswersGoogle3 years ago
  • What is the best place to sell college textbooks online?

    I don't want to sell them back to my college. I'm looking to get back ALL my money that I spent in purchasing the books. My college will only pay back half of what I spent when I purchased them.

    I already tried luck there.

    Is there anything (perferably online) where I can sell my books and keep the money without a percentage taken out?

  • Good home business?

    I've tried so hard but CAN NOT get a job anywhere (I'm 23 yr old college student).

    The only idea I have left to do is to start my own business, but what is good enough to earn at least 50k yearly?

    People always say, do what your passionate about. But the thing is, everything I am passionate about is not well-paid.

    1. Pencil Artist (not tattoo, I'm not THAT good at drawing)

    2. Yoga/Meditation instructor (they usually don't get paid, or at least not good).

    3. Singing (I SUCK at singing).

    4. Daycare (They hardly make enough money to live on).

    5. Selling things on ebay, etsy, etc. (I've tried, no good results.

    What's left to do?

    4 AnswersSmall Business4 years ago
  • Landlords or unsafe?

    I know being a landlord here in the USA can be dangerous. But how would it compare to other countries?

    Canada, Costa Rica, Japan, Germany, etc. Where you rarely hear of crimes. I would imagine every country has ghettos/bad areas.... but is there anywhere that would be safe where people DO pay their rent without issues?

    6 AnswersRenting & Real Estate4 years ago
  • What do you do if you need money for college and everything is falling apart?

    I'm 23, a junior in college, and still live with my parents. You all know how ridiculously expensive college is here in the USA. I do not have a job even though I have job applications in every place I could think of as well as online applications. I already signed up for career services to help me, but they tell me nothing is hiring....

    I need money to continue college! I can't take out a loan because I do not have a job. I already applied for scholarships and grants, but no luck!

    My parents won't help me pay in any way... With college, I am on my own to pay. I only need about $40,600 (that is remaining tuition plus textbooks for future classes), which I (and my parents) do not have and cannot get. I have absolutely no money left.

    What do you think? Should I quit college or give up in life?....

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid4 years ago
  • Would it be dumb to move out of the USA?

    I was born and raised in the USA. I'm 23 and never been to anywhere else before. Anyway, I feel like my heart and soul belong in a tropical or hot climate (Central America region or even India). I'm currently debating about moving to either Costa Rica, Panama, or India (Chennai specifically).

    I know the USA is more developed and has everything to make life easier (appliances, health food stores, walmart, better traffic laws, etc.) But I'm just not happy here. I feel I do not belong here even though I am a white North American girl.

    7 AnswersOther - Destinations4 years ago
  • Why do I always fail exams?

    I can read a textbook, watch videos and understand it...but whenever i take a quiz/exam, I fail. And the correct answers are the answers that I was thinking abot choosing, or did choose but changed it last minute, etc.. This happens EVERY TIME. WHY??

    It's not that I'm nervous, I stay very calm during my tests and am confindent that I choose the right answers, but when I get my score it's horrible and of course the correct answers are the ones I was thinking about, yet I tend to choose the wrong ones. I don't get it!!!

    2 AnswersOther - Education4 years ago
  • On facebook why are there non-friends liking my stuff?

    Everytime I share a video from a facebook page, there are random people that like it on my profile. I am not friends with those people! This only happens with videos I share. Not pics, not status updates, only the videos.

    I do have my stuff on "public" setting, but I though random people had to look your name up in order to view stuff you post?

    1 AnswerFacebook4 years ago
  • Countries where employees get to keep all their income?

    Is there any well-developed country in the world where workers can keep their whole paycheck without any governor tax taken from it?

    8 AnswersPolitics4 years ago
  • What causes dry scaly patch of skin?

    I have two small patches of dry scaly skin, one beside my belly button and another on my bottom rib (about the size of a nickle). They are not easily visible but I can feel them with my finger tips. No discoloration at all.

    This is the first time I ever experienced this. Anyone know what it may be?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions4 years ago
  • Why are there still 3rd world countries?

    Just out of curiosity, why are there still countries that are very poor and undeveloped? Is it governor greed to keep it that way?

    This one is probably a retarded question lol but....can an average person with "big dreams" buy and own a poor country (like India) and turn it into a well-developed country?

    2 AnswersEconomics4 years ago