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I am a beleiver in Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour, but other than that anything is up for grabs, and I tend to have my own beleifs, and I look to God for anything else. I love to hear others take on things whether I beleive them or not. It is just really cool to learn about the diversity of the world. I love every person and respect all other beleifs, and never knock others for not beleiving the same as myself, but I always hold true to my own. The bible is a book written and put together by men, so who knows exactly how accurate it is. The best way to search for the truth is to search you heart, PRAY to God that he will guide you, study ALL religions, and come to your own conclusions. Conforming to a religious doctrine is not the way to learn truths, nor is denying higher deities a way to go either. Science is beautiful, and I love it, but it cannot prove or disprove everything. People have to learn to admit that they don't know everything. No one has all of the answers.

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