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  • can British people tell different english accents?

    for example say an actor who's not from london but from another part of england was portraying  a character from London, would you be able to tell "oh his london accent is terrible"  

    11 AnswersLondon1 week ago
  • Why do photographers have more rights than their subject?

    A photographer can take photo of someone on the street, get paid and possibly win a pulitzer and the subject of the photo has no right or monetary gain.; they can't ask can that picture be taken down, or anything. if this is true, how is that fair? why do they have more rights then me as a human being. 

    4 AnswersPhotography3 weeks ago
  • why do children stop being cute?/why do we get ugly during pubescent years?

    I noticed that 5-8 years old is around the time where children are very cute and just not ugly but they start to turn 9,10, 11 and they just start looking really ugly. It happen to me. I just can't spot it, what is it that made them lose their cuteness. They don't look anywhere near an adult but they also aren't babyface cute. What is in their face that makes them bad and not cute anymore? and please don't say their attitude. I'm merely talking about pictures. you take an off guard pic of a five year old doing something and it's photogenic and very adorable. you do that with an 11 year old and it doesn't have the same effect.

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  • should you know about your partner's anatomy before having sex?

    many of my friends that are girls have boyfriends who they have sex with and yet the boyfriend still thinks

    1. pee comes out of your birth canal can stop your period at any time you want 

    3. putting a tampon inside feels good and can cause an orgasm

    4. a pad gets stuck 

     sure we can take lack of sex ed into the equation but these men are in their twenties and at some point it just because disrespectful to me that you aren't willing to learn basic facts about the opposite gender's anatomy because yet you have sex with them bc it's not important or you feel you shouldn't have to. i feel this mindset can actually explain the lack of empathy men have towards women when it comes to their health and well being and perhaps more knowledge would allow them to understand what we go through is justified.

    and before anyone hops on my dick, i think it's important people know about the male anatomy as well but 1. it isn't as complex (the genital area at least) as the woman's and 2. men don't have issues getting the help they need for their genital area (ex: you can get condoms just about everywhere at a decent price, ed medicine is readily available, there's no consultation or shame or riots with a vasectomy and refusing to take care of child and the woman is to blame when a man can't orgasm)

    4 AnswersGender Studies1 month ago
  • dermatologist won't help me bc she said my skin “looks good” How do I get help? ?

    asking again bc no responses after a week. I don’t have acne or whiteheads or anything like that but I have really tiny clumps of flesh colored bumps on my forehead and have blackheads with white stuff coming out of my nose. My derm said she wouldn’t prescribe me anything else besides my retinoid because that medicine is only for people with severe problems which I don’t have do I get rid of my blackheads and those tiny bumps?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions2 months ago
  • Got my toilet repaired but now it makes a loud sound when you use it. Company said they will charge me for fixing it a second time.?

    I got my downstairs toilet's flusher fixed. I have four bathrooms in my house. Ever since the guy fixed my toilet, every time you use any toilet  or any water source in my house (the other toilets, washer, sinks, baths) a loud high pitch noise starts singing throughout my house. (like in the pipes or something, idk) I called the company explaining this to them and they said they can come out and fix it but they will charge me another fee because there's no proof that what the guy did caused that sound to be made. It wasn't making that sound before and the guy who fixed my toilet was able to see this because he flushed the toilet before fixing to test it out.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs2 months ago
  • Why do so many people believe we are in a simulation?

    I've listened to so many people on the internet say they think the government has somehow put a chip in everyone and we are all unconscious on some table in a facility and they are pumping vivid dreams into our head which is what we call our reality. Like, where did this ideology come from? You can understand how lions and tigers exist but you think your thoughts and feelings must be fake because someone had a brain fart and forgot what they were saying. And you think that's because we are all robots. 

    10 AnswersPhilosophy2 months ago
  • Isn’t the term minorities racist?

    Everyone but whites are called minorities giving the implication that whites are the majority but there’s no data that has been conducted proving how many whites are on Planet Earth so they may not be the majority. It just proves how the world thinks of someone who isn’t white as second place. 

    3 AnswersPolitics2 months ago
  • So who is in the wrong here?

    This happens a lot to me and everyone else so let me explain: I go to a grocery store to buy Jif peanut butter. There are 20 jars of Jif peanut butter on the shelf and the price tag underneath says Jif pb: 2 for $4 or $2.68 each. I get two and when they are rung up they are $3.01 each. I tell the cash register lady what the price tag reads and the guy in the back says “oh I forgot to change the tag but that promotion is over. There is no 2 for $4 anymore” some people are saying it would be wrong to ask for the 2 for 4 price but some people say that’s what it was marked as and that’s what you should pay. What do you think?

    10 AnswersOther - Business & Finance2 months ago
  • help regarding going to Lake Moraine, AB, Canada?

    I've never been to Canada and want to plan a trip to go canoeing at Moraine Lake and snowboarding at Lake Louise but i'm a little confused about Banff National Park. Should I fly into Calgary but stay at a hotel closer to Banff National Park? Then would I take a shuttle to go to the lake and snowboarding as they are 40 minutes away. Would I need to rent a car to get from the Calgary Airport to Banff National Park or are there shuttles? I'm trying to do it the cheapest way possible so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    3 AnswersOther - Canada3 months ago
  • How to convert 4k video to portrait mode without sacrificing quality.?

    I film on my 4k dslr obviously in landscape mode but sometimes I like to show some of my videos on my TikTok and I like full screen and not having those black borders on the top and bottom and so in order to be full screen it has to be portrait I downloaded a converter app and the video lost almost all of its quality. It was like 360p afterwards. Is there an app or something where I don't have to film in portrait mode all the time. 

    3 AnswersPhotography3 months ago
  • Where the hell is Katrin Davidsdottir's accent from?

    She is from Reykjavík, Iceland, she says her dad is British, not sure where her mom is from, but she sounds like a valley girl from California. Don't Icelandic people have their own accents or do they sound like American accents?

    1 AnswerLanguages3 months ago
  • Is a grammatically incorrect script something writers do on purpose?

    For example, I watch TV, sometimes the actors will say "Johnny and me are going fishing tonight" when it's grammatically incorrect and supposed to be "Johnny and I are going fishing tonight" So Is that the screenwriter's choice? 

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 months ago
  • What's your stance on parent's reading their child's diary?

    I've seen countless of children say they hate their parents for it and grew up to resent them or have trust issues and yada yada but what if a child was secretly dating a forty-five year old man, and gave him the address to the house and he came over while the parents were at work and the only evidence of it is her writing it in her diary and the child gets killed or sexually assaulted and you have to live with the regret, "If I would've just looked in her diary, maybe she'd still be alive today." also a lot of school shooters write in their diary the time date and plan of how they are going to kill students. If the parents suspected that the child had a problem but was "respecting their privacy" but not reading their diary, where do you draw the line. No child is going to come forward and tell their parents the bad stuff so ...

    6 AnswersParenting3 months ago
  • why do pet owners care more about pets than human lives?

    I see so many people say they don't eat certain foods and stop wearing certain textures because animals are exploited for it but are the same ones that say it's poor people's fault for not having anything to eat and they should've done well in school and went to college if they didn't want to have a bad life.

    4 AnswersOther - Pets8 months ago
  • I think someone lives in my house. ?

    I live with my mom, dad and my older sister. We have this family joke that a man lives with us in the basement because over the years our belongings have gone missing, cups fall in the kitchen in the middle of the night and etc. We joke that he’s nice because he hasn’t killed us yet and he cleans up after himself but lately our toilet paper has been used more and (we buy in bulk) some of the rolls have gone missing. We come home and there’s a conditioner bottle open on the sink that was in the closet, extra used barn of soap in shower. my bag of lemons in the fridge and our blender cups have gone missing. We have a pretty tight security system with cameras, never seen anything. we’re friends with all of our neighbors, and it’s not alarming because electronics and money aren’t being taken but it strikes me odd. I can’t come up with any explanation. 

    8 AnswersFamily8 months ago
  • What about the brain makes me not remember password to my account until I actually have to put it in? ?

    For example: if someone asked me to write down the password to my bank app write now, I could not. I’d mix up some numbers and letters but once I go to the actual bank app, I unconsciously put my password in without thinking about it so is this because my password hasn’t been stored in my long term memory yet. I’ve had this password for a while.0

    2 AnswersLogin and Security8 months ago
  • why are NFL "Journey To Draft" athletes so surprised when they are drafted?

    I don't know squat about football but I do enjoy watching the combines and those journey to draft videos but they kinda confuse me because the athletes when interviewed behind the scenes say their nervous they won't get drafted and their family is always praying as if the NFL just picks a random no good athlete to make those Journey to Draft videos. I mean they get all dressed up in a suit, and their family waits with baited breath as they wait for a NFL team to call them on stage to wear their hat and hold up their jersey. Like, not everyone is allowed to do that. So why is it such a shock, I feel like if you are featured in NFL and invited to the draft you already know you're gonna get drafted?

  • When is it okay to tell someone they are overreacting over something and when should you empathize with them?

    For example: say my friend gets really sad and upset over something trivial like someone rolling their eyes at them. Would I be a horrible person in telling them "a stranger just rolled their eyes at you. You shouldn't get bent out of shape over something so minuscule" or should I empathize with them and say "while I don't care if a stranger rolls their eyes at me because and see this as something trivial, my friend is clearly upset about it and I should treat it with the same delicacy." Which one is right? Because I know a lot of people who get worked up over (i.m.o) very asinine things but I look like an a**hole when I don't see it that way.

    Friends9 months ago