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  • Air Conditioner - where does the water go?

    I have two "mobile" AC's (on wheels).

    One has a water pan that has to be emptied 3 times a day.

    The other one never has to be emptied.  Like not one time this summer!

    Both cool their areas just fine.

    On the one that doesn't have to be emptied... WHERE IS THE WATER GOING?

    There is no liquid water coming out the 5 inch white hose that goes out the window.

    Is it converting it to vapor and sending it out with the warm air?  If so, why don't they make all ACs do this???

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  • AC vs Dehumidifier?

    I got a portable AC and it works fine.  The fat hose goes out the window.

    When cooling my apt, it collects water that must be drained occasionally.

    I noticed that it also has a "dehumidifier" mode.

    Since it is collecting water all the time, what would it do differently in dehumidifier mode? It still blows cold air in dehumidifier mode.

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  • Mortgage interest = deduction?

    Interest on a mortgage used to buy a rental property is a valid deduction.  Right?

    What about interest on a loan used to BUILD a rental property.

    And if you build a rental with cash, are any of the building expenses deductible?

    7 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 months ago
  • Can you put a Wood Doctor in a shipping container?

    I am considering having a Wood Doctor (outdoor wood furnace) heat my house and large detached garage.

    I hear that they waste a lot of heat and therefore waste a lot of firewood.

    I have several shipping containers around my property.  (many people here call them 'seacans').

    I am mulling over the idea of installing the furnace in the seacan, putting the chimney through the top of the container off course, and the boiler pipes through the bottom and underground to the buildings.

    I thought that this would help to reduce the amount of heat that is wasted and perhaps help the furnace last longer, out of the elements.  Also, wood stored at the other end of the container would be heated, somewhat, and kept super dry.

    I would leave the doors open for ventilation, which will allow some heat to escape, but I can't help but think that less heat would be wasted this way than having the furnace sitting out in the wind and snow.

    It would be located plenty far away from the buildings, so any fire would be self contained.

    Any thoughts?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 months ago