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  • Non-therapist seeks help to council a depressed penpal. Or seeking a rp partner for her.?

    I have a penpal named Ivy and we communicate through kik. She suffers from depression and the only thing she claims will help her is doing roleplays. However, she doesn't play as herself, it must be a character she created. She almost never does original settings, it must be from a show/movie/videogame she's familiar with. It must be a rp and not an interactive story, cyoa, or even D&D campaign. It most certainly not involve sexual content of any kind or else it'll trigger the times she was raped. And of course the partner must be detailed and write in multiple sentences per post.

    Because of this small window of playability, she has had no luck finding someone (except me) that meets all the criteria, after two years of looking. And what's worse, some of the people she does find harass her, or post fake posts that claim she's a slut and is looking for doms to cyber-sex with her. She is finally done searching for partners. But we have different schedules and life styles. So I can't council/rp with her all the time.

    I need help in helping her. Can a professional shed some wisdom on this matter? Or can someone that can fit the criteria listed keep her company when I'm busy. I want her to be happy, but I have exhausted all resources. I need outside help.

    P.S. I also suggested doing another hobby, but she said that she tried pretty much everything, and only rp makes her happy.

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  • Was I a bully back in middle school?

    I wanted more attention from people, due to lack of many friends, and I resorted to being annoying. I would get hyper spontaneously, when I was normally calm and introverted. Which in turn would make people around me uneasy. Or I would fake laugh for a long period of time until people looked at me weird, which made me laugh for real, and continue a cycle of laughing at their confused reactions. Because I was really quiet most of the time, I would also sneak up on my classmates and wait for them to notice me. This would cause them to jump once they saw I was here. And I found it funny to scare people like that. The worst thing I think I did, was learn about a classmate's (Katherine) crush, and drop hints to Zach (her crush) that she likes him, right in front of her. Even though Zach currently is in a relationship as is only good friends with Katherine. Not sure if Zach ever caught on, but it surely got Kathrine to hate me.

    Other than being annoying, I generally kept to myself, and focused on my grades. I was a smart student, and I was liked enough that I was one of the top go-to partners if ever there was a group project in Algebra or Science. And even that young, I loved helping people. I would always pick up supplies if someone dropped them, helped classmates with homework questions,or talk to anyone if they needed to get something off their chest.

    So I'm looking for an outside point of view. Would you consider me a bully, or is this just immaturity? Thank you for your time

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