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  • Is it that much better to have no student debt?

    I’m currently deciding on what university to go to and I’m deciding between Scotland and Japan. I was born in Scotland and have Scottish Citizenship so would be able to go to university there with free tuition and having no student debt. On the other hand I am extremely interested in Japan and want to move there as soon as possible and going to university there would help me make connections early on but the average student debt in japan is ¥3,430,000. I still have a couple years before university and haven’t decided on a field. If I went to university in Scotland my top pick school would be Edinburgh university and in Japan it would be Waseda university or International Pacific university. Would it give me that much more of an advantage to have no student debt?

    5 AnswersHigher Education (University +)2 months ago
  • What does cultural interests mean?

    I’m filling out an application form and it has asked what are my sporting interests and cultural interests. Does it mean extracurricular activities or hobbies?

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay2 years ago