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  • just slammed and shattered my shower door.?

    Its now in a million pieces. Can I just buy the sliding part, any advice as I need to replace ASAP

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)6 years ago
  • Anxiety ?? (Please Help)?

    I would like to know peoples opinions on this, i think i am suffering from anxiety and it has just ruined my relationship with the woman i love. I am fine when it is just the two of us, but i suffer from strange panicky feelings when we see other people, im a nightmare at parties, i would rather start an argument and not go to any social friends are all good at talking to people they don't know, i just say nothing and end up getting pushed out, i dread going to the pub, im not sure why, but i seem to suffer around people, to be honest, its also with people i do know i cant even go to Tesco's on my own, i think everyone is staring and judging me, when i was with my girlfriend i was just happy to stay in and watch telly, i even hated people coming to our had to be just the two of not jealous of other people, i have had this for some years 40.. i would appreciate anyones advice...should i go to the doctors, and are there pills that would help ?? Thanks for reading

    4 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • How good or bad is Turkey ?

    Im after a little advice, im off to Turkey in july, as ive never been, are there any obvious do's and dont's. How good is the food, and how expensive is it ?

    9 AnswersTurkey1 decade ago
  • Will England win the Euro U21'S?

    What do you think of Englands chances of being crowned European U21 champions, the favourites Spain have been eliminated now, a 2nd choice England held a strong Germany team to a draw. Can we win it ??

    9 AnswersEnglish Football1 decade ago
  • How good is Diego Forlan now ?

    Diego Forlan may not have made a good impression in England, but you cannot knock his record in La Liga. Just how good is he ? Is he better than Eto'o, Aguero, Villa, etc etc

    8 AnswersSpanish Football1 decade ago
  • Who will the premiership 2009/10?

    obviously it will be one of the big four AGAIN.. my money is on United again...Yours ?

    10 AnswersEnglish Football1 decade ago
  • Will Lyon let Benzema go ?

    United want him, and im sure a few more top European clubs would take him, but would Lyon let Benzema leave, if you think they would, how much would they accept.

    9 AnswersFrench Football1 decade ago
  • Who will win La Liga 2009/10?

    Any Spanish football supporters out there ? Who will be favourites for La Liga now Madrid have spent all this money ? Will the addition of Kaka and Ronaldo (and others) help Madrid to take the title from Barca ?

    11 AnswersSpanish Football1 decade ago
  • Does Amitriptyline help with insomnia ?

    I have been suffering with insomnia for sometime now, my Dr has prescribed Amitriptyline which i have been taking for a week, this has had absolutley no effect whatsoever on me, i was given 28 25mg tablets and told to take 1 each night, i admit i have resorted to taking 2 of these but still it does nothing at all !!1 Has anyone else been prescribed this medicine for insomnia ? And if so has it worked for you, because it certainly is not working for me.

    6 AnswersOther - Health & Beauty1 decade ago