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  • HIV ORAQUICK! Am I the only one? ?

    I had a false positive oraquick 7 months after unprotected sex. However I have had numerous blood draw and finger  prick test up to 5 months . My provider told me that it’s a false positive ! Has this happened before? 

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    Hiv testing ?

    I had over 10 hiv test all were negative expect for this ! My exposure was in December of 2019 ! Help please 

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  • HIV testing???

    Hello! I took and HIV Alere test at 5 1/2 months and it was negative. However I am symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes ? Should I retest ?please HELP!!!!!

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  • Hiv testing ?

    Hello I Took and hiv 1 rna pcr test 8 days after possible exposure it came back not detected <20 copies :) however I am having fevers and esophaguses pain how accurate is this test? What are the chances of it turning positive with the fourth generation hiv test at three months? Thank you and I appreciate it:) 

    2 AnswersSTDs10 months ago