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    Electrical Advice?

    I have an ongoing project that I have been working on for the last month, I am designing a 6" Chandelier using 3D Builder and plan on having it printed. Now I also wish to electrify it using 36 LED Lights which will be connected to a knife switch that will also plug into a wall outlet which has me completely intimidated. I've never worked with wiring and am stumped as to how to connect all 36 lights without creating a giant fireball as an end result. The Chandelier will have 5 ring tiers of the 5 the 3 middle ones will be lighted. Each tier apart from the middle will have 9 lights while the middle has 18. Now I have thought about using fiber optics to simplify it and minimize the amount of lights to be used but i feel that it wont produce enough light to function as both an art piece and a desk or table lamp. I am running out of options as I have have asked many experts for help and none have returned my emails so I'm hoping someone on here might help me. It will have a main support pole which will be hollow and each ring will have 9 support poles (also hollow) for the wire to travel. The image below is the partial design the lighted features aren't part of this model.

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    White passion flower is this?

    So this flower has been misidentified on every site i have found with similar images. They have given it three names P. Incarnata, P. Soi Fah, and P. Caerulea. None of which are correct. P. Soi Fah doesnt even seem to exist and Incarnata is close however the filaments are wrong... Really grasping at straws at this point...

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