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  • My daughter is dating a guy who often calls her at 11:45, picks her up at midnight, and drops her off at 3:00 AM. Is this the new 'normal'?

    She's 22, he's a 30 year old 'student' supported by his parents in India. He's been in the US for six years on an expired visa. He hasn't yet earned so much as an associate's degree.

    I'm not intrusive, but I do try to open her eyes to the possibility that she's being used. I'm pretty sure that I haven't gotten so old that booty calls are no longer a thing.

    She says it's not sex, but I feel that even if that's true, it's insulting to her, and rude. It's not like his schedule (which is completely open) requires these odd hours. He tells her he can't usually see her earlier because... get ready for this... he's "studying".  He does call/text often.

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  • Can bank refuse to accept deposit to business account?

    I own a small business, and occasionally a customer sends a check payable to me (rather than the company name). My bank (Chase) is refusing to accept my deposit of such a check, citing FDIC rules. Are they right? Do I need to deposit this into my personal account (even though it is for a payment to the company)? Wouldn't I run the risk of being taxed on this amount (or at least be suspiciously questioned if ever audited)? Thanks in advance


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  • Is there a simple web-based phone msg board for MySQL so that anyone in the office can take a msg?

    I'm running a LAMP server, use PBCS for scheduling (Excellent program; thanks Roalt) but still take phone messages on paper, which inevitably sometimes gets lost. I'd really like to be able to take phone messages on a web screen, so that users at any station can check if they have received calls they need to return, etc. Dunno if I'm searching using the wrong keywords, but haven't found squat (tried mysql web-based receptionist phone message and others, in varied combinations). Ideally, should be open-source or freeware (kudos again to PBCS!) Thanks for any tips!

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