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I believe there are 3 kinds; Those who make things happen Those who watch things happen Those who wonder what just happened While I've walked all 3 paths, I enjoy the first 2 when I can. They offer the rewards I need in life! WHY THE NAME CHANGE;_ylt=AtctamZyklib5_sGw0oZE97sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100218134953AAm6k0A Urantia Foundation Is this Earth your true spiritual home? Download E-books What the mind can conceive, believe & achieve lucid dreaming Brainy Quote THE DEATH OF THE RELIGION OF JESUS Dance Like No One's Watching Quote Garden Biblos Bible research

  • With the Great Lie of Thanksgiving upon us, "How do I help teach the truth"?

    I had 2 sites I thought were good, but I was corrected on one of them, and informed that I should ask my Contacts here. Well, I know most of the "LIE" is from the Civil War. I have a respect for the person who shared, "the story of Thanksgiving is a hypocritical whitewashing of the early settlers". Granted this is taken from a much longer sentence, but even out of context it has great meaning.

    I invite my informed contacts to share their favorite sites with me. Remember that (As I forgot to) the manataka site is not a good source.


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  • If I had a nightmare while daydreamin again, and it was of a religious nature, would that qualify as a vision?

    Where is it written that there are never to be any more religious visions!

    I welcome all opinions and viewpoints as any Recovering Christian would.

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  • What is YOUR Opinion of the Winter Solstice Poem, "The Trolls of Christmas"?


    Here is a wonderful bit of history.

    The Trolls of Christmas

    Hang your homes with garlic! The werewolves are abroad

    From the last day of November, when vampires roam the road.

    Saint Andrew's Day, they call it still, in Romania they say

    The spirits of the dead will rise and winter's on its way.

    The sun slides into darkness, at midwinter stands it still

    And out the trolls of Christmas come from hollow cave and hill.

    Since Saturn penned the Titans imprisoned in the earth

    The children of the gods return to walk the winter earth.

    Shrieking and capering down they whirl

    When the veil is thinned to the underworld.

    Kari, Frosti, Brim-Thursar come from Sweden's snows afar.

    Black frost, snowbank, drifting snow, giants o'er the fields do go.

    Mountain wind from hall and town shrieks the winter darkness down.

    Shouting and galloping down the sky

    Comes Odin's band, the Jolerei.(Yol-er-eye)

    'Tis Death to see them, thunder rolls

    O'er this poor lost band of hungry souls.

    See where he comes, the firedrake

    King Arthur himself with his Gabriel Rache (pronounced rake)

    The fireghost dogs and the Mari Llywd (Mah-ree lood)

    Welsh horse of the Hunt King Gwynn Ap Nudd. (Gwin ap Nood)

    The hunt is up and they ride abroad

    In search of souls for the underworld.

    At Christmas Eve the ghosts come in to hold their revels once again.

    At hearth and hall your offerings leave that you your loved ones may not grieve.

    Crockery shattered and feasts spoiled sorry

    This must be the work of the callicantzari.

    From down the Greek mountains these winter trolls scurry

    To carry off children born of winter's hurry.

    If you'd ward off their mischief, build your Christmas fire big

    And hang upon your mantel the jawbone of a pig.

    Julnissen, jultomten, Christmas lads

    They'll pinch and poke, unruly cads.

    Steal your sausage, scatter grain

    Snuff your candles, cause you pain.

    Beware you boys who ski at night

    Old Stalo will steal you in cold moonlight.

    But leave a rock into your place

    And steal away with winter's haste.

    The tomten leave gifts from their packs

    But leave with children stuffed in sacks!

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  • Can you honestly say that had this Native American been BLACK the whole world would have known?

    The caption reads: Its Sick Out Here: Seattle Police Execute Innocent Man On The Street! (Dash Cam Footage)

    While on the other side it has: Description:

    "A dash cam video from the officer who shot and killed Native American woodcarver John T. Williams was released Friday, showing Williams ambling slowly across the street in a crosswalk before the officer opens fire. " - KOMO

    Please share Your Opinion of how this speaks for the Spiritual Health of OUR Nation!

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  • You think Oedipus had a problem? Wasn't Adam Eve's mother?

    Outside the box opinions welcome.

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  • What is Your opinion on this view of how the victor has written history to hide the TRUTH?


    Every schoolchild in the United States has been taught that the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony invited the local Indians to a major harvest feast after surviving their first bitter year in New England. But the real history of Thanksgiving is a story of the murder of indigenous people and the theft of their land by European colonialists–and of the ruthless ways of capitalism.

    * * *

    In mid-winter 1620 the English ship Mayflower landed on the North American coast, delivering 102 exiles. The original native people of this stretch of shoreline had already been killed off. In 1614 a British expedition had landed there. When they left they took 24 Indians as slaves and left smallpox behind. Three years of plague wiped out between 90 and 96 per cent of the inhabitants of the coast, destroying most villages completely.

    The Europeans landed and built their colony called “the Plymouth Plantation” near the deserted ruins of the Indian village of Pawtuxet. They ate from abandoned cornfields grown wild. Only one Pawtuxet named Squanto had survived–he had spent the last years as a slave to the English and Spanish in Europe. Squanto spoke the colonists’ language and taught them how to plant corn and how to catch fish until the first harvest. Squanto also helped the colonists negotiate a peace treaty with the nearby Wampanoag tribe, led by the chief Massasoit.

    These were very lucky breaks for the colonists. The first Virginia settlement had been wiped out before they could establish themselves. Thanks to the good will of the Wampanoag, the settlers not only survived their first year but had an alliance with the Wampanoags that would give them almost two decades of peace.

    John Winthrop, a founder of the Massahusetts Bay colony considered this wave of illness and death to be a divine miracle. He wrote to a friend in England, “But for the natives in these parts, God hath so pursued them, as for 300 miles space the greatest part of them are swept away by smallpox which still continues among them. So as God hath thereby cleared our title to this place, those who remain in these parts, being in all not 50, have put themselves under our protection.”

    The deadly impact of European diseases and the good will of the Wampanoag allowed the settlers to survive their first year.

    In celebration of their good fortune, the colony’s governor, William Bradford, declared a three-day feast of thanksgiving after that first harvest of 1621.



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    The quotes I look at several times a day are:

    An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. ~Arnold Glasow

    If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. ~Albert Einstein

    We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

    The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus. And I put them in a book. If you don't like their rules, whose would you use? ~Dale Carnegie

    So, I was wondering, who else has a quote to share?


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  • Are you ready for God's show? Spectacular Perseid Meteor Shower Due Wednesday...?

    Every August, just when many people go vacationing in the country where skies are dark, the best-known meteor shower — the Perseid meteor shower — makes its appearance.

    The "shooting stars" promise to deliver an excellent show this year to anyone with clear and dark skies away from urban and suburban lights.

    The best time to watch for meteors will be from the late-night hours of Wednesday, Aug, 11 on through the predawn hours of Aug. 13 – two full nights and early mornings. Patient skywatchers with good conditions could see up to 60 shooting stars an hour or more. [Top 10 Perseid Meteor Shower Facts]

    Excellent prospects this year

    According to the best estimates, in 2010 the Earth is predicted to cut through the densest part of the Perseid stream sometime around 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday.

    The best window of opportunity to see the shower will be the late-night hours of Wednesday on through the first light of dawn on the morning of Thursday, and then again during the late-night hours of Aug. 12 into the predawn hours of Aug. 13.

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  • How do you celebrate May 5th where you are?

    Children's Day (Japan & South Korea)

    Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)

    Christian Feast Day: Angelus of Jerusalem; Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice; Hilary of Arles

    Constitution Day (Kyrgyzstan)

    Coronation Day, commemorates the coronation of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 1950. (Thailand)

    Europe Day (Council of Europe)

    Feast of al-Khadr or St. George (Palestinian)

    Indian Arrival Day (Guyana)

    International Midwives' Day (International)

    Liberation Day (Denmark & The Netherlands)

    Lusophone Culture Day (Community of Portuguese-speaking countries)

    Martyrs' Day (Albania)

    Men's Day or Ziua Bărbatului (Romania)

    Patriots' Victory Day (Ethiopia)

    Senior Citizens Day (Palau)

    Sneak in the first Bar-B-Q of the season

    Take the Family to a Movie

    We're looking for how we are going to have FUN on Wednesday!



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  • Is there a problem with the Yahoo Answers E-mail?

    I have tried to send a Thank You to those who have awarded me Best Answers recently, and I keep getting an "Oops" a problem has occurred message.

    I'm just paranoid enough to wonder if somehow they have locked my account from sending e-mails without letting me know or not... I tried to send to others I regularly message, and those do not work either.


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  • What is YOUR SPIRITUAL OPINION of this not being allowed to view older answers past the first page?

    have just tried to access some of my answers from a few days ago, as I have been doing every day for a couple of years now, and it says "No answers yet"... Seems to me that many people will be leaving YA over this one. I have older answers I spent days researching, like one on forgiveness, that I refer to from time to time... SO ARE THEY NOW GONE OR WHAT?

    i HAVE ALSO POSTED THIS QUESTION IN Yahoo! Products > Yahoo! Answers ...

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  • How can we find the truth behind the manataka and the information they share?

    I once had New-Age Rainbow Warrior after my name here on Y/A and was told that "this rainbow warrior thing is a sham. the hopi have no such prophecy. its a bastardization of some of their actual teachings."

    There was other information as well, and I received it from someone who I have respect for, so within 30 minutes I changed everything I could connected with the lie I was living.

    PLEASE SHARE YOUR FEELINGS ON THIS MATTER, as well as how I can track down the truth.

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  • Where can I get a small turbine engine for a car?

    A few years back someone came up with a small turbine engine that would run on any fuel with magnetic barrings. The engine was very simple, and yet very powerful. The company was put out of business, and the engines were sold off one by one. I was told recently there might still be some available, but I cannot find any information on them. Where should I look?



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  • What are the Scandinavian folklore Stories of Christians warding off trolls?

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    These trolls have a human-like appearance. Sometimes they had a tail hidden in their clothing, but even that is not a definite. Many of these trolls had a single lock of hair that no human could comb, whereas the rest was generally messy. A frequent way of telling a human-looking troll in folklore is to look at what it is wearing: Troll women in particular were often too elegantly dressed to be human women moving around in the forest. They could attract human males to do their bidding, or simply as mates or pets. Later these would be found wandering, decades later, with no memory of what had happened to them in a troll woman's care.[citation needed]

    More often than not, though, the trolls kept themselves invisible, and then they could travel on the winds, such as the wind-troll Ysätters-Kajsa, or sneak into human homes. Sometimes you could only hear them speak, shout and make noise, or the sound of their cattle. Similarly, if you were out in the forest and smelled food cooking, you knew you were near a troll dwelling. The trolls were also great shapeshifters, taking shapes of objects like fallen logs or animals like cats and dogs. A fairly frequent notion is that the trolls liked to appear as rolling balls of yarn.[citation needed]

    Whereas the large, ogrish trolls often appear as a solitary being, the "small" trolls were thought to be social beings who lived together, much like humans except out in the forest. They kept animals, cooked and baked, were excellent at crafts and held great feasts. Like many other species in Scandinavian folklore, they were said to reside in underground complexes, accessible from underneath large boulders in the forests or in the mountains. These boulders could be raised upon pillars of gold. In their living quarters, they hoard gold and treasures. Opinion varied as to whether or not the trolls were thoroughly bad or not, but often they treated people as they were treated. Trolls could cause great harm if vindictive or playful, though, and regardless of other things they were always heathen. Trolls were also great thieves, and liked to steal from the food that the farmers had stored. They could enter the homes invisibly during feasts and eat from the plates so that there was not enough food, or spoil the making of beer and bread so that it failed or did not end up plentiful enough.

    The trolls sometimes abducted people to live as slaves or at least prisoners among them. These poor souls were known as bergtagna ("those taken to/by the mountain"), which also is the Scandinavian word for having been spirited away. To be bergtagen does not only refer to the disappearance of the person, but also that upon returning, he or she has been struck with insanity or apathy caused by the trolls. Anyone could be taken by the trolls, even cattle, but at the greatest risk were women who had given birth but not yet been taken back to the church.

    Occasionally, the trolls would even steal a new-born baby, leaving their own offspring – a (bort)byting/skifting ("changeling") – in return.

    To ward off the trolls you could always trust in Christianity: Church bells, a cross or even words like "Jesus" or "Christ" would work against them. Like other Scandinavian folklore creatures they also feared iron. Apart from that they were hunted by Thor, one of the last remnants of the old Norse mythology, who threw Mjolnir, his hammer, causing lightning bolts to kill them. Though Mjolnir was supposed to return to Thor after throwing, the imprints of his hammer could later be found in the earth (actually Stone Age axes) and be used as protective talismans.

    Trolls in America

    In the US and Canada, the old belief in trolls is paralleled by a modern belief in Bigfoot and Sasquatch.[citation needed]

    Many statues of trolls adorn the downtown business district of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, leading to the town being dubbed The Troll Capital. There is also a park on the northeast side of Fargo, North Dakota which is named Trollwood.[7]

    Residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, known as Yoopers, refer to their lower-peninsula counterparts as "trolls," because they live "Under the Bridge" (Referring to the Mackinac Bridge.)[8][9]

    Northern Central California (Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Yuba City and Marysville) Hispanic residents tell their children tales of the "Colupe" (KOH-LOO-PEH), the little man that lives in the walls who comes out at night stealing away the breath of its sleeping victims. This story was made famous in Stephen King's movie "Cat's Eye".



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  • What are the special ways you spend Boxing Day (The name derives from the English tradition giving seasonal?

    gifts (in the form of a "Christmas box") to less wealthy people. In the United Kingdom this was later extended to various workpeople such as labourers, servants, tradespeople and postal workers.)

    Here in the States we have a show called M.A.S.H. and one of the more memorable episodes had the classes switching stations on Boxing Day... Is this just something that some writer thought up, or do some of the Military actually do this, and for that matter, perhaps some of the more proper gentles?

    What is your Boxing Day tradition? I have a group of 16 people with very different Religious and Spiritual beliefs, and we go through and do things on each other's holidays... As I am the Token Christian of the group, I have been asked to research this day, as one of them wants to try this class changing for the day.

    So... Help?

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  • How often do you review your old questions to see if someone has left a comment for you?

    I just did mine again, and was shocked to realize I had let myself get out of the habit. I found a few I should have answered months ago. Come to think of it, I think I will take a day or two to go over all the questions I have ever answered for the same thing one of these days soon.

    I would add that I always give a thumbs up to every answer as I read it, so I know if I have already viewed that answer or not. I also star every question I answer so all those who are in my contacts can share in the question I have found. It is not a good way, not a bad way, but it is my way... I will start staring all those old questions I find in my contacts profiles I find interesting as well... esp. the older ones!


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  • What is the Spiritual reward of peacefully answering a spiteful question only to find it deleted as you post?

    I have found this many times, where I thought an honest answer (and worked hard on that answer) to their question could go a long way towards healing the hate, only to get the "This Question has been deleted" screen! I have such mixed feelings afterward... Please share with me how you cope with the mixed feelings of what amounts to feeling betrayed by this.

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  • With Veterans Day the day after the USMC Birthday, where it belongs, did you know:?

    Unknown Soldier Identified

    On Memorial Day (which honors U.S. service people who died in action) in 1958, two more unidentified American war dead, one from World War II and the other from the Korean War, were buried next the unknown soldier of World War I.

    A law was passed in 1973 providing interment of an unknown American from the Vietnam War, but because of the improved technology to identify the dead, it was not until 1984 that an unidentified soldier was buried in the tomb.

    In 1998, however, the Vietnam soldier was identified through DNA tests as Michael Blassie, a 24-year-old Air Force pilot who was shot down in May of 1972 near the Cambodian border. His body was disinterred and reburied by his family in St. Louis, Missouri.


    There is a lot of history on this site...


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  • With the USMC's 232nd Birthday on the 10th, did you know:?

    It’s “AARUGHA!” not “oohrah.” In 1953, or so, "A" Company, 1st Amphibious Recon Battalion is thought to be credited with the birth of "AARUGHA!", or, as bastardized now by some, " OOORAH!". When Recon Marines were aboard the converted WW II fleet submarine USS Perch (APSS-313) about to dive, they would hear the words, "Dive! Dive! Dive!" followed by the klaxon horn sounding the "AARUGHA, AARUGHA, AARUGHA" (just like on the old model A cars).

    Sometime between 53 and 54, while on a conditioning run and singing out their cadence chants, someone in the company formation imitated the Klaxon diving horn sound, "AARUGHA", and it was a natural for the Recon Marines from then on.

    Former Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, John Massaro, was the Company Gunny of 1st Amphibious Recon Co in the late 50's when he was transferred to MCRD, San Diego as Instructor at the DI school. He took "AARUGHA" with him and passed it on to the DI students as they ran and they, in turn, passed it on to the recruits, who brought it to the rest of the Corps. So, now you have the whole story. 5. Finally, offered is General Conway’s birthday message with the question: Can you live up to his challenge, and to remain faithful to the challenge of living up to our ghostly brethren watching over us?

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