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  • Can you help me find out what's wrong with my computer? ?

    Every 30 minutes (exactly 1800 seconds) my computer randomly shuts off with no warning. I have changed my ram and motherboard, cleaned my computer several times, messed around in my power options and several other things. I can not find out for the life of me why my computer shuts off. It must be some sort of program or something but I just don't know how to find it. Is this a common problem? Is there some way I can fix this without wasting more money? 

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  • Can I transfer Pokemon Sword and Shield data between users on the same Switch?

    My brother an I share a Switch. I used his switch account for everything, no problem. Pokemon Sword and Shield requires you to have friends to participate in max raid battles. I accepted a ton of friend requests. My brother wasn't happy as it was his account. He made me make a new account on the same switch but it seems like I can move the Sword and Shield data from his account to mine. Is there a way or must I start over? Also if I must start over is there a way I can trade the Pokemon from his account to mine even though we only have 1 switch? I'd like to keep the Pokemon I have. A quick answer would be appreciated as he plans to start his own file of Pokemon Shield, but I asked him to wait until I get a definite answer.

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  • What are Islands like? What's Island life like?

    I was curious about Island life so I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to tell me about it. How is it different from the main land, how is it the same? How does society work differently? I'd like to get some links for my own research. I tried earlier, but maybe i was too specific or not specific enough because I couldn't find much except they set up water walls and have solar panel electricity. I'm not interested in the environment only the society and how the island gets resources and functions. About the relationships between islander and islanders with tourists.

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  • My Parents are planning on getting divorced. My father is having trouble paying the bills on his own. What should he do?

    My Mother recently decided she wasn't a happy with my father and decided she wanted a divorce. They haven't officially divorced yet or even filled any paperwork on the matter. My mother moved in with her friend for the time being. Now my father is having trouble paying bills on his own since my mother isn't around so he plans on selling the house. He's started doing the renovations but he can't get much done if the power and water are shut off. My mother refuses to have contact with my father right now so things are difficult. I tried asking her if she would be willing to pay for her part of the bills until he finishes renovations which with me, my father, and my uncle working I don't think will take any longer than 2 weeks.The house was once home to 4 boys (my 3 brothers, me included) so the house obviously needs these renovations so it can be sold. But she doesn't want to and told me that I should just go live with her. But I don't want to leave my dad since he's upset enough as it is and my uncles only around occasionally. Can my mother just up and leave and not pay for the bills even though they're still technically married? Things are just so confusing and I don't know what to do.

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  • Dream Sleep walking but in reality and I was conscious of it?

    I had an experience this morning that was so bizarre. I was walking around the house and seeing the things in my living room and kitchen with my real eyes, but I was also having and extremely vivid dream in my head and they overlapped. I was maneuvering around my house telling myself subconsciously "You don't want to break anything but be careful." but in my dream i'm on an alien airship looking for an exit. I remember walking around and talking to people in my dream but also seeing and hearing my dog bark at me because I was crawling on the floor looking for parachutes to escape. I was awake but not awake at the same time and it felt like there were two of me having separate experiences. I woke up when i wandered into my kitchen, the awakening was sudden and I felt my sense of gravity shift as regained complete consciousness. It was bizarre because that was the first time I felt anything quite like that. I had a similar experience where I was laying in bed paralyzed and had to pee so after 20 minutes of torturing myself i decided to just wet the bed and that i'd clean it up later. As i took the piss I woke up and my sense of gravity shifted and I was sitting on the toilet even though It felt like i hadn't moved from my bed until that exact moment. that months ago. I'd like an idea on what this is as I've had sleep paralysis before and its not like that, also I haven't ever sleep walked until today but I can't say that it was truly sleep as I was conscious of my surroundings.

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation1 year ago
  • I'm having trouble with Pokemon bank!?

    Recently i bought Pokemon bank to send Pokemon from ORAS to my sun and moon games. But every time I go onto Pokemon bank it says the my pass has expired. I've already bought 2 passes that should've lasted me 365 days but i haven't even been able to use them 2 days in a row. Is their some kind of online receipt I can look at? Is this some kind of malfunction? What can I do to fix this? or at least is their a way to get my money back form a service I didn't even get to finish using.

  • My family member was scammed. How can they get their money back?

    My mom was scammed as an email came into her work computer that looked like it was from her boss about buying google play cards for clients. My mom found it believable and bought the cards using her own money. But she didn't send the code numbers though the email but directly to her boss in person who had no idea what she was talking about. She has already scratched them off, how does she get her money back? is it possible?

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  • How can I have a private Steam account when two users of steam have the same computer?

    I think I unlinked my account with my brothers account so i don't know if i just didn't do that properly however i think i did. The issue is whenever i download something his account downloads it too. I would rather him not get what i'm downloading seeing as how some of it is a bit embarrassing such as the game Huniepop (Played for the Bejeweled purposes of course.) I need to know of a way to set my account to private or have things i download only effect my account on the computer. I appreciate all help.

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  • Attachment image

    I need help fixing this issue on my computer.?

    I just need step by step instructions on fixing this windows issue I've been having. Please and thank you.

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • I need help with a program called RandomStats on a program called Jgrasp. Can you help?

    I need this by Friday or i wont be able to go on the senior trip. I very much appreciate the help though.

    The program will generate numbers between 0 and 9. As the numbers are generated, the program should analyze and keep track of how many of each digit were generated. The thing is I must use an array and no more than 2 if statements if needed.

    The end result should look like


    How many random numbers do you wish to generate?

    Me : 25

    3 2 5 2 3 5 0 2 3 7 1 0 7 7 5 1 2 6 6 6 5 1 5 6 4

    Number Occurrences

    0 2

    1 3

    2 4

    3 3

    4 1

    5 5

    6 4

    7 3

    8 0

    9 0



    I need help please I don't understand my teacher doesn't teach just tells me to do.

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design5 years ago
  • What anime should i watch?

    ive watched a ton of anime over 200 series....... soooo i need a handful of series that are really good.

    Please dont say any anime such as, one piece,bleach,naruto,fairytail,sword art online 1&2,attack on titan, or anything that is very popular, because ive probably already seen it.

    i enjoy action anime for example hunter x hunter and darker than black were very good animes.

    Your help is appreciated

    4 AnswersComics & Animation5 years ago
  • Yugioh rulings help.?

    My friend has the field spell necrovalley on the field and he had the monster grave keeper heretic on the field i tried to creature swap but its unaffected. but my other friend said i could. How does this work would i be able to or not?

    Also i attacked a monster with the same attack as the def as one of my superheavy samurais since def is its atk and it atks in def would both my def position superheavy and his monster die or just his?

    Thanks for the help.

    1 AnswerCard Games5 years ago
  • Anime troubles?

    I want to watch the anime Kochikame but i can only find the first two episodes can some one help me, BTW i would prefer English subbed not raw

    1 AnswerComics & Animation6 years ago