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HUGE Barcelona fan. I am an American but my mom was born in Brasil so Im partial to both country's teams. Live in New York Play forward Have a life-long ambition to pass a law saying that cleats can be no more than $20 Joga Bonito Forza Barca!!!! Musical Interests: I am very eclectic. My biggest love is Alternative Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, MGMT, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cold War Kids, Beck, the White Stripes, Muse, etc. but I also like classic rock (rock in general really), hip hop, and jazz/blues. I play piano, guitar, valve trombone (jazz), and can find my way around on the trumpet.

  • Found a new band, what do you guys think of Japandroids (song links included)?

    Its a duo from Vancouver, and I'm really digging their sound. Fuzzy guitar, solid drum work, and wailing vocals. Very low-fi, no frills recording. Here's a couple of their songs.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Reasons to still have faith in music?

    Here's mine. The Eraser by Thom Yorke (Lead singer, Radiohead)

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    What are your reasons?

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  • Name your ultimate rock band?

    Choose as many parts as you want. You want three guitars, you got three guitars, athough that would probably defeat the purpose. Here's the catch. You can only pick one member from each band (Just so no one goes off and chooses Zeppelin or something). Then give your reasoning behind the choices. Here's mine:

    Frontman: Robert Plant (Zep)

    Lead guitar: Jimi Hendrix

    Rhythm guitar: John Frusciante (RHCP)

    Bass: John Entwhistle (The Who)

    Drums: Probably gonna get hate for this, but Dave Grohl (Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

    Ok, Plant is one of the two greatest frontmen of all time, but works better in a rock group than Freddy Mercury. Jimi's basically the man, and I think Frusciante's funk rock sound would compliment Jimi well.

    Dave's has been behind some of the most recognized rock songs today, like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Everlong. He might not be the best drummer ever (cause he's not) but I like his style to go with this group. Entwhistle is the one who brings it all together. Not only is he amazing, he has the ability to make sure the entire band stays on track. (You kind of have to learn to do that when you're in a band with Pete Townshend, Keith Moon and Roger Daltrey).

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  • This week's sign of the apocalypse?

    So, the other day, I flipped on the tv, and on a whim, flipped it to MTV (it was morning) instead of ESPN. Low and behold, they were playing music! Unfortunately, it was Jaime Fox, but I was still kind of excited. I went to ESPN, then went back a couple of minutes later and couldn't believe my eyes.

    MTV was playing music videos, and they were playing Friendly Fires.


    Is this too good to be true, or will this stay?

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  • Best uncommon instrument used in a rock song?

    Some artists like to get really crazy with their instrument selections. This is not a question of bass, guitar, drums, or synths. Looking for an uncommon instrument in rock music, that is used in a rock song and makes it more amazing.

    Banjo, Accordion, and Tin Whistle- The State of Massachusetts by Dropkick Murphys

    Vibes- Doin Time by Sublime

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  • What is the last awesome band you discovered?

    You know that feeling you get after finding a new band you really like, you want to tell everyone!! Well this is your chance. What are the latest bands you have found and want to share with the world? Or at least me?

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  • So how many people laughed their heads off when Kimbo got his *** handed to him?

    He got beat up by a light heavyweight!!! HAHAHAHA Just goes to show people who actually know how to fight can woop Kimbo, all it took last night was a little front kick for seperation and then Slice walked right into fist.

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  • The people's choice-Best 10 artists of all time list?

    Here's how I want to do this. Make a list of who you feel are the 10 best artists of all time. Band or solo artist, whatever genre. However, I will not be picking the best answer, YOU WILL!!! I will assign a points system for each list. For your #1 pick, that band gets 10 points. #10 gets 1 point. You see how this is working? I will make a list at the end of all this with the top points getter grabbing top spot and so on. Best answerer will be the one closest to the final points list.

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  • Songs for Chillaxin...?

    Another 10 song playlist, same as before.

    Children's Story- Slick Rick

    Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve

    Jigsaw Falling Into Place- Radiohead

    Nine In the Afternoon- Panic At The Disco

    Jerk It Out- Caesars

    Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz

    Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Scar Tissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Float- Flogging Molly

    I Miss You- blink-182

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  • If you need to get pumped up, what do you listen to?

    Come up with a 10 song playlist.

    Let it Die- Foo Fighters

    I'm Shipping Up to Boston- Dropkick Murphys

    Heart-Shaped Box- Nirvana

    Jesus Walks- Kanye West

    The Pretender- Foo Fighters

    Can't Stop- Red Hot Chili Peppers

    A Milli- Lil Wayne

    7 Nation Army- The White Stripes

    Salute Your Salution- The Raconteurs

    Bleed It Out- Linkin Park

    Thats just my preference. Whats yours?

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  • Alright, I'm just curious, so hows about a 90's alt-rock list?

    I just read the god awful one on Yahoo Music, and I want to know where you people rank the top 15 90's alternative rock groups. To be fair, here's how I see it. Just a side note- I'm ranking not only on how big their following is or how they did commercially, but also how much they pushed the envelope and changed what rock could sound like.

    15. Soundgarden

    14. Foo Fighters

    13. Sonic Youth

    12. Oasis

    11. Alice In Chains

    10. Pixies

    9. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    8. The Smashing Pumpkins

    7. R.E.M.

    6. Radiohead

    5. Beck

    4. Nine Inch Nails

    3. Weezer

    2. Pearl Jam

    1. Nirvana

    Honorable Mention- The Flaming Lips, Tool, Blur, Green Day, and Beastie Boys (I count them because they often infused rock with hip hop- and used real instruments, more than most hip hop artists can say.)

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  • Who is the most entertaining fighter in MMA today?

    I have to go with Clay Guida. It seems like every match he's in turns into an instant classic, even when he loses. The Roger Huerta and the Tyson Gryffon fights were both amazing to watch. A close second is Urijah Faber though. The guy is just so quick and explosive.

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  • ok, so who has seen Hazlett's armbar on the TUF 7 Finale?

    It was in one of the unseen prelims, and if you haven't seen it, here's a link

    Thats nasty!!! He just jumped right over and locked it in!! Definitely one of the best submissions I have seen.

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  • Your UFC top 10?

    Forget about in all of MMA, cause that just sparks debate about which promotion is better, blah blah. Who's the best pound for pound fighters in the UFC? (And if Anderson Silva isn't number one, you are just a very stupid person)

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  • mouth watering matches in the ufc?

    What is that one match you are absolutely dying to see, whether it has already been made or is your fantasy?

    I really hope they follow through with St. Pierre BJ Penn 2. Now that BJ is taking his career seriously, I want to see what will happen.

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  • What do you make of TUF 8?

    The eighth season features Frank Mir and Nogueria, so I guess that means Mir is getting a title shot. They're doing lightweights and light heavyweights, and the season is coming in the fall. I personally like the two weight class system. More fighters=more fights=better chance of TUF classics. I also like the return of lightweights and light heavyweights, they are arguably the two most entertaining classes in the UFC. I'm not sure I like the coach selections (does Nogueria even speak English?), they showcase how barren the UFC's heavyweight division is compared with others (i.e. Sylvia vs. Emelienenko) what do you guys think of it??

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  • If you were to unleash Martin Taylor on any player, who would it be?

    Come on, I know some of you want to break someone's leg!!

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  • Back to 4 points again?

    Does anyone think that Barca has any hope of winning La Liga, because I officially have no more expectations this year. Lets just not get bounced from the CL by Schalke...

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