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    Would you buy your “dream car” if it had a broken chassis? ?

    I’ve been driving an old reliable beater Honda for over a decade now but have always liked the appearance of the little 1 series bmw convertibles. After all these years I saved enough cash and found one this week In the color that I wanted with only 75k miles. It was going for $12,000, I test drove it and all was good, except when I’d go up a driveway the car would make a crushing sound. The used car sales guy said it was safe and that was just normal because the bmw’s weigh a lot. He wanted me to sign the papers but I told him I would think about it and come back the next morning. I did a thorough vin research on the car and it has a broken chassis. I told him I have to back out of the offer. I knew when the feeling of finally having my toy wore off and whenever I tried to resell it I could get sued. The following day someone else bought the car, I imagine, unbeknownst to them that it has a broken chassis. If it was your dream toy, Would you still have bought it? 

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