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  • Why my boyfriend giving me a cheap gift?

    He is working in a moving company and one time he was working a house and he grabbed the things which is allowed and gave it to me as a gift. 

    I knew it was trash but he gave as a gift cause its free.

     I dont know how to react and all i can think about is only am i this much valuable person to him?

    Any thought why he giving free stuffs and saying he bought these?

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  • What does it mean when a guy asks you if you are sick of him yet?

    Im seeing a guy and he and I were hanging out 3 days until today in a row like whole day. 

    And I met him again after i had dinner with my friend but he asked me if i am sick of him yet because we were hanging out three days and i sleep over his house one night.

    My question is why is he ask me that? Does that mean he is sick of me ?

    Any thought?

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  • Why a guy asks you if you are lesbian?

    We were having a dinner together and the guy constantly asking me if i like girls and i told him that im not interested in girl.

    He said he was joking but he told me it is fine if im a lesbian just let him watch.

    Because he went to the party and saw two girl kissing each other and he thought it was really hot.

    Is this mean that he wanna have three-some or just he was joking?

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  • Is it normal if a guy ask you to hang out with his friends when you casually seeing him?

    At first date, he took me to his place and introduce his brothers to me and when we met second time, he took his friend’s house to hang out. 

    Is it normal? For me, I don’t introduce to anybody until the relationship is settle down.

    Any thought?

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  • What does it mean when a guy says it is okay if you seeing someone else?

    I met a guy on tinder and we have been hang out over a month and I asked him if he seeing someone else.

    He said he just seeing me in the moment and he knew that i was seeing someone else too and it is okay. 

    Does that mean he is not attract to me enough or he seeing someone else too ?  

    Any thought?

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  • How can I end the relationship?

    I met a guy on tinder and it has been more than a month. 

    I hang out but nothing happened more than a good bye hug and we are still text each other every day. 

    But I think me and him is not going to work out so consider this relationship to stop but just don’t know how to end.

    Any thoughts?

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  • What should I do if a guy likes you because you are from korea.?

    I think he is into k-culture and I think it is great but he always says korean eyes are pretty and he likes it.

    And I saw he has another korean girl’s picture in his phone. I don’t know what to do. He does not know that I know. 

    Should I ask him if he seeing others ? 

    Besides, we have known for a month 

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  • How can I start a conversation about if he seeing someone else?

    We known each other for a month and I think he is seeing someone else too and it bothers me really a lot.

    So how can I start the conversation without being awkward.

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  • When should I talk to him of if he seeing other ppl at the same time?

    I met him on tinder and we have been texting each other around a month and I hanging out 3 times.

    I already met his brothers and friends.

    But I kind of sensed he maybe seeing others at the same time too but I don’t have proof. 

    When is it good time to talk ? I was trying to talk to him in the face yesterday but couldn’t. So I might gonna ask him in text.

    Any advice? Thought? 

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  • When guy calls you have innocent looking, what does it mean?

    i went on the date and it ended at his house.

    I met his brother and later he and his brother told me that Im nice and have innocent looking.

     But I don't understand Is it good thing? What does guys really mean by that?

    Any thought? 😭

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  • How can I reject him without being rude after first date?

    I met a guy and he was cute but I did not feel anything more than a friend.

    But I keep asking me to hang out more but I wanna stop here before he gets too deep.

    Any idea?

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  • why guy constantly ask you how you get home ?

    we met for a dinner for the first time and after we were walking in the park, he keeps asking me how I get home, how long it takes and why do I live there so far away from my work etc.. 

    Is he asked me about it because he wanna go home? or have interested in me?


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  • why guy does not text me after first time meet up?

    I met him in tinder and we were texting each other over three weeks.

    He asked me to meet up this week so we met on Thursday near my workplace restaurant.

    So we had dinner together and he paid. So I bought the coffee and went to the park and walk there.

    I thought we were having a good time because whatever I said he laughed and I liked it. 

    After the park, he dropped me off at the station nearby and he said 'let's meet up again." But he has not been texting me after the day we met until now.

    I know it's only one day passed but does he going to text me later? or this is it?


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  • I don't know how he feels about me.?

    I met him at the cafe and we start going out, text, and call each other.

    When we are only known for a week, he got really sick and I worried about him so I started to call him and help him to calm down. 

    Now I got sick after I hang out for almost a month, he started to call me and ask how I am doing and then when I told him I am okay now he does not reply or read my message.

    My question is do you guys contact each other a lot? or less than one message or call each day? I don't know it is cultural differences but in my country, guys text a lot almost whole day but he doesn't.

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  • How can you tell you are in a relationship with someone?

    I have been seeing a guy around three weeks and me and him definitely not in the friend zone but not sure where we are at.

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