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Enjoy games, sports, TV shows, being a Dad, food. Just the usual guy stuff. I was a top amateur golfer but put the clubs down a few years back as lost interest.

  • I wipe too hard after doing a poop, how to stop. ?

    Don't really know how long I've done this for, but for as long as I can remember.  I think I have this polished anal syndrome where I really clean deep inside the anal area because I want NO Poop to show on the toilet roll.  This ends up leading to an irritated anal area.

    I remember a time where I first noticed a spot of blood after prolonged wiping from a poop and panicked but then realised it was from wiping.  I can remember one time it was actually painful to wipe so I had to go easy for a few days.  

    Now I just used a whole roll of loo roll to wipe my anal and I noticed tiny dote of blood from the wiping and have got myself Into a panic.  I know it's from wiping too much and inserting a finger to wipe, but I don't believe myself.  

    How do I believe myself? 

    How do I wipe better and more efficiently? 

    I just can't stand any bits of poop on the roll at all so I go right up and wipe.  

    I'm a total creep 

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  • Why do some people on here think it's OK to hate others?  Like homophobic people, or people against the LGBT community?

    There are a few people on here, probably trolls with no life, friends or anything really, who use words like phagg, hom0 and all that stuff. 

    Do these people truly believe they are better than others?  That they are so perfect, others are all weird?  Like what has to have gone wrong in their brains for them to be so rude?

    Maybe they are jealous because others are happy and they are just miserable with their own STRAIGHT life?

    P.S I'm not gay or bisexual, I am straight but just think these people are the scum of the earth.

  • I usually take 600mg/800 mg Nurofen Plus every night before bed!?

    I do this because of pain.  Will I just drop dead one day?  Is this a sign I will end up shooting up heroin?  

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management2 months ago