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  • I found condoms but I’m pregnant am I over reacting?

    I found condoms in my bfs room. I’m 7 months pregnant and we also are long distance. I came to visit him a few weeks ago but I’ve been stuck in Chicago due to the whole Covid mess! When I confronted him he said he has them just in case he ran into something he liked and that he didn’t want to have sex raw. I counted the condoms before I confronted him and some are missing but he said he threw those ones out because they were ripped but swears on our unborn child that he hasn’t used them or had sex with anyone. Is this believable because I know pregnancy brain can cause wild hormones? We have been together for 6years but I don’t know what to believe.

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  • Why do I always get upset that my boyfriend talks about his ex’s all the time?

    I’m pregnant and he’s always bringing up memories of his past relationships. We have been together for 7 years and he still does this. He adds them on social media post pics of when they went to concerts together and one of them even made a cake for him. All this happens while I’m pregnant and I can’t do anything but just listen to his stories and not complain because He says it gets on his nerves that I always have something to say about social media. All these girls have moved on and have kids and relationships but he tells me that love never goes away. 

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  • Am I letting a good man go?

    Me and my boyfriend who also my child’s father live together We’ve always lived together since we first started dating but we lived at his moms house We finally got our first place together and it’s been hell! He’s always on his phone and is active on dating sites. I actually caught him on several since we moved into our place and he’s been looking for females in the area! He even met on and she lives down the street Last night I actually drove down there and saw his car and they were smoking. He try’s to down play it as well if I’m crazy and tripping and like I’m the problem He tells me I’m making everything up in my head He just left out and I don’t even know where he’s going. I’m losing my mind I don’t even want to live anymore I’m so confused. Whenever I want to talk about it he doesn’t or he will just ignore me which then leads to me being angry or end up in tears because I have no one in this new town my parents live in another state! I’m so confused! I argued with the girl over fb this morning and she said I’m tripping also and I that I will lose a good man I confronted her weeks ago when I first found out about her and she made it seem like he was definitely the problem and how dare he do this kind of stuff So my anger to her was mainly because she knew we are together and live together with a child so why is she even talking to him still even if it’s only about pot! Why can’t I hang with them if they are just friends. Been together 7 years and he met her a month ago 

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  • Starting a new job leaving my old one ?

    I have been working at a warehouse for about four months now I really hate it I actually dread having to wake up out my sleep at two in the morning to go to work but I did something about that. I have two boys to take care of my youngest is 2 oldest is nine so I got a job working for the airlines, that I start next week. The problem is my child’s father belittles and talks down on my warehouse job saying “that little money I make isnt anything” even tho I pay utilities an money for food during the week which is why I decided to also find another job.I’m tired because after I get off work Im a full-time mom to our two-year-old while he’s at work. I’m tired and I want to take a week off before I start my new job is that wrong? he told me I have to get out if I am taking a week off an that nobody lays around his house! I see it like since my little warehouse checks mean nothing to you then why not let me take a mental physical break for a week before I start my new job... this job will allow me to provide for my sons an take them on trips I’ve always dreamed about. But now my baby father is trying to talk me out of it! My mom says maybe he doesn’t want to see me move forward in life and he wants to keep me low so I can feel useless...

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  • I bought a car from a private owner and he rolled back the miles!?

    I bought a 2011 Nissan Sentra for $3000 2 weeks ago. The only reason I took the car was because of the low miles of 115k. I went to get an oil change the next day an the place I went to get the service told me that based off the vin number this car has been there before but the miles on the dash wasn’t actually the truth, the car actually had 211528 miles... On the paperwork I signed with the private owner it says the miles are 11500 so he lied to me! He’s now telling me if I want to return the car I can but I have to have the original title which hasn’t been mailed to me yet...(That was about a week ago).Now he’s not answering my text to keep him updated that I’m still waiting for the title in the mail. If he doesn’t answer is the car worth keeping?

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